John of God – w/aside Regarding Nelson Mandela

Spiritual Company Newsletter

By Steffan Vanel • Astrologer • Tarot  Reader

January 28, 2014

Since I mentioned at the end of November that I would be visiting John of God in Brazil I have had many requests to share my experiences there. I’m sitting now in a cafe in Santiago, Chile where I’ve decided to take the time to share some of my thoughts and experiences with you. (Commentary about Chile should arrive later).

Let me begin, however, with my often repeated, bottom line philosophical belief: “Everything is good, for the people it is good for, until it is no longer good for them.” Hard to argue with, no?

There are many websites, books and DVDs portraying who ‘Joa de Deus’ or ‘John of God’ is, what the historical facts are etc. For that reason I am not going to bother with a lot of that kind of material. This is just my own personal synopsis of what I saw, experienced, and have come to believe as to what is happening at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadania, Brazil.

As a way of brief introduction, for those of you who have no idea who or what I am talking about, John of God is an incorporating medium. That is, he is able to allow disincarnate spirits to enter into his body to speak and perform physical actions. For a number of years these spirits, or as they refer to them there, “entities”, have been performing invisible and, at times, visible surgeries upon people.

I myself first witnessed mediumship early in my life, around 1972. My first experience with ‘psychic surgery’ was in 1982, in the Philippines where I accompanied a friend who wanted to seek help from the ‘psychic surgeons’ who work there. That journey would serve, in itself, as a topic for a whole other article, but suffice it to say, I watched them perform psychic surgery and I let them perform it on me.

The first time I went to Brazil was in 2003. I had gone to attend the 2003 International Rainbow Gathering held in Brazil that year, and to explore some of the mystical activities going on in Brazil at that time.

As part of that exploration I went to see John of God. Actually a lot of participants from the Rainbow Gathering ventured that way after the Gathering. We started calling it the ‘Arco de Iris Blanco’ or ‘The White Rainbow Gathering. This was because when you are at the Casa you are asked to dress only in white clothing. We recognized the same people from the gathering but we were all wearing white.

I didn’t have an acute health problem at that time. I wanted to seek some help for an earlier injury, but generally I wanted to just ‘check it out.’ At that time there were about 40 or 50 people in the waiting room. Last month, there were over a thousand. That’s what happens when you make it on to ‘Oprah!’ In one episode of her show Wayne Dwyer shared his experience of being healed of his leukemia by John of God.

When you are at the Casa, you generally have the choice whether to experience invisible, or you can ask for, a visible surgery. They say that there is no difference between the two and, in fact, the visible surgery is for people who need to ‘see it to believe it.’

After even the invisible surgery, you are asked to rest indoors for 24 hours following the surgery. I can say I was really ‘knackered’ both times I had invisible surgery.
While waiting in the waiting room for your surgery or to go before the entity they show a video of the entities performing physical surgeries. Some of those surgeries take a strong stomach to watch.

Occasionally the entity will come out to the waiting room, onto a small stage, and perform physical surgeries on people in front of everyone. I witnessed this back in 2003 where I watched the entity scrape a woman’s eyeball with a knife. Someone later told me that he takes off cataracts that way. I also watched him take a 6-inch hemostat, hold it up to a guy’s nose and shove it into his head, wiggle it around, and pull out some white stuff. Someone told me that is how he does surgeries within the body.

It was pretty amazing, but I have seen a lot of amazing things in my life, including what saw in the Philippines, in pure daylight, watching the surgeon with short sleeves, working 2 feet away from me.

Early last year I discovered I had a cataract in my right eye. When I was around 7 years old I ran that eyeball into a lit cigarette. That and too much staring at computer screens I imagine may be at least part of the causes.

I remembered the eye surgery performed by John of God, or the entity inhabiting at the time back in 2003, and decided to ask Spirit through my Tarot cards if I should go to Brazil or not. They said yes.

When I arrived at the Casa I was expecting 300 or 400 people, not a thousand. Apparently, in addition to all of the international visitors, a TV show about Joa de Deus had recently appeared on Brazilian television and inspired an additional influx of Brazilians as well.

I was planning on this visit to actually ask for the visible surgery. In the orientation meeting the night before, however, I discovered that you couldn’t ask for a visible surgery if you were over 52, which I am.

That, and the crowded chaos that first morning, made me decide to just go for the invisible surgery when they announced that anybody who had been there before and didn’t feel the need to bring their case to the entity for a decision, could just go and have an invisible surgery. I decided to just go for it. It knackered me harder than it did the first time. I virtually slept 24 hours straight afterwards.
I also discovered if on your paper where you write your health concerns you are asking for help with your eyes then you can’t read or write for 8 days after your surgery.

If it is your first time visiting the Casa they now ask you to come with an official guide, which is a good idea to help you to wade through all the facts and details involved there.

My surgery was on a Wednesday morning. On the next Wednesday I went back for my revision.’ A kind of a ‘check-up.’

While in the line waiting to go before the entity I saw him scrape the eye of a lady in front of me. I decided to ask my translator to mention to the entity that I had a cataract.

The rule on physical surgery is that you can’t ask for physical surgery if you are over 52, but the entity may himself decide that you need one.

The entity asked me if I wanted him to take out my cataract. I said yes. Immediately they pulled out a wheel chair for me to sit in, and I was told to look up while he started to cut into my eye with a scalpel. It hurt a fair bit and it was difficult to keep my eyeball looking straight up, fighting against the powerful instinct to protect your eye, even though I had faith in the entity. Twice he had to say to me: “Don’t flinch!” And: “Look straight up!”

Finally I was able to muster the courage and determination to keep my eye looking straight up while he finished cutting the cataract, moved it to the side of my eye and lifted it out.

I was in considerable pain that night. For several hours I had to put cotton soaked in ice water on my eye. I was still in pain and couldn’t really open that eye the following day. In the days following the pain slowly lessened and returned to normal. Needless to say, I couldn’t read or write for another eight days. I had to ask friends to read urgent emails to me. and to take dictation in response.

As the pain in my eye subsided I noticed that, as far as I could tell, my eyesight had not changed. I spoke to one of the ’guides’ and he told me that, although I had a physical surgery, that that surgery had nothing to do with an actual physical cataract surgery. That with time, taking the herbs they prescribed for me, a healing of my eyesight may well take place. There is no telling, however, what exactly was cut out of me that day.

I must admit, I was thinking previously that there would be a more tangible physical result if I had a physical surgery, even though they say there is no difference.

What I experienced was definitely tangibly physical. I could literally feel him cutting into my eye and sliding something to the side and lifting it out, as well as his frustration with me as I experienced difficulty keeping my eye stable and vulnerable.

I feel now, however, that he cut something deeply out of my soul. I think the entity knew that the invisible surgery I had had, was already working on me. But when I still felt the need to tell him I had a cataract, he knew I needed to go deeper into a state of surrender and vulnerability and receptivity to my own healing.

Looking back, it felt like a kind of shamanic ritual. A ritual that is obviously not necessary for everyone who goes to see John of God.

I believe that clear evidence of mediumship is always a useful ‘mindblower’ to the materialistic mindset of contemporary society. This in itself is a tremendous service to the thousands of people who visit there every month. To have clear evidence that this physical life is temporary and to experience proof that the soul survives and continues, cuts through a lot of silly attitudes and motivations we otherwise identify with.

Indeed, being in the atmosphere of the Casa, knowing, feeling the spiritual power of the numerous entities working there, especially when you can sit in the ‘current room’ where a congregation of people are sitting in silence, with the entity and other mediums working at one end of the room, special spiritual music playing through various loudspeakers for 4 plus hours at a stretch. There you feel the motivation, the need, to lift yourself, to elevate yourself, into being the best person you can be.

In that atmosphere I became clearly aware of how I have pretty good discipline around what I say or do, but in my actual thoughts I can be rather funky or indulgent, certainly more self-based, than I would like to think of myself. In the rarified atmosphere of the Casa those less than pure energies stand out more starkly.

I realized it was time to engage more seriously in what I now repeatedly call:
‘Time to elevate,’ time to elevate the thoughts and motives behind my thoughts, and elevate the content of my thoughts. This was also an encouragement to engage more deeply with my Vipassana ‘mindfulness’ practice.

Most of the orations given in the waiting room were in Portuguese, so I could only pick up bits of what they were saying. There was a lady, however, who spoke English. I appreciated her encouragement for people, who were clearly there to receive some kind of healing, to look at what causes may have led to their illnesses and to see what changes they need to make, whether in diet and other physical habits, or mental and emotional issues.

I did hear enough stories of miraculous healings people have received from the Spirits of the Casa while I was there, many of very serious illnesses, to know that there is genuine miraculous healing going on there, even for people who receive it at a distance, like with Wayne Dwyer.

If I ever experience a serious threat to my health in the future, I will quite likely return to Brazil. I can say that the irritation and burning I was experiencing in that eye has already been greatly reduced. And although I may very well end up getting a regular cataract surgery, I am really grateful for and feel transformed by the experience that I had there.

Personally, I think anywhere where people are inspired to surrender to a power higher than their own ego, and to look deeply and honestly with themselves, it is a good thing to be happening.

I am also remembering a poignant statement I heard some time ago by the social/spiritual visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard: ‘You can be healed of a disease even if you are not cured. And you can be cured of a disease, but not healed.”

Nelson Mandela

It was during my time with John of God that Nelson Mandela passed away. I wanted to study his chart and make some comments on what may have been involved in the Astrological make-up of such an inspiring man. Because of the reading restrictions for my eyes, however, I had to let the moment pass me by.

As a quick note, I can say that he was a Cancer, so that caring, nurturing Cancerian concern for the well being of his ‘family’ was evidently there.

Curiously, however, based on the best information we have for a birth time for Nelson Mandela, he had a Sagittarius Rising (Ascendant) which brings to my mind the other Cancer with Sagittarius Rising I am always talking about: The USA.

May Nelson Mandela be a good example for us Americans. Sagittarius Rising, according to the Ascended Master Hilarion, gives a self-image of oneself as being honest, upright and morally strong, whether true or not. I would say in the case of Nelson Mandela it was true. In the case of the U.S……not always.

The potential of a caring, nurturing, Cancer Sun combined with an enthusiastic morally righteous engagement with the world is what Nelson Mandela displayed. May he serve as a reminder to the U.S. of her own ‘higher potential.’

Both entities have other complicating factors in their charts. For the U.S., I wrote a whole book about it. For Nelson Mandela, I think I will just leave it there.

Steffan Vanel