Germanwings Flight 4U9525 & Andreas Lubitz

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By Steffan Vanel • Astrologer • Tarot  Reader

March 27, 2015

Interesting to note, the 2015/2016 Astrological reports for Aries, 1, 2, & 3, which I finally completed and uploaded, and are now available for purchase.

Interesting because Aries energy figures prominently in the Astrological view of this horrific event. There were four planets in Aries at the time of the crash, with the on-going Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn in the middle of that.

The major tension in Andreas Lubitz chart is between Jupiter in Aries and Venus in Capricorn.

And, I was told by a German Astrologer years ago that Germany was an Aries country, which does seem to fit.

Here is what Hilarion says about the sign Aries:

Aries We have said that Aries has an abundance of energy available to it. This energy is, in effect, a kind of reward or gift to the Aries individual resulting from acts of courage in past incarnations, when thoughts of self-interest were set aside in order to come to the aid of another. In a sense, the gift is internal rather than external because the very act of courageously facing danger in order to help another person automatically taps deeply into an inexhaustible source of energy, and the soul gains a permanent link with this source of energy. But with every gift comes a responsibility. In the case of Aries, the responsibility is to learn to handle this increased energy so that it does not harm others or the self through aggressive expression and violent behaviour.

I can look at the Astrological chart for Andreas Lubitz and surmise many karmic factors which could lead him to do what he did. We know his birthdate of December 18, 1987 but his birth time on the website has only a ‘C’ rating of reliability at this time.

Also, as Lubitz was not a public figure, we don’t have a lot of easily accessible biographical details to give insight into what was going on in his life and how those elements reflect his birthchart.

I can share a few elements that we know are accurate based on his birthdate. I will follow, however, with some of my feelings about the deeper collective message or lesson behind this event.

First of all, the Venus/Jupiter Square in Andreas Lubitz’ chart,. He had the Pluto/Uranus square approaching it, and his progressed Sun (the movement of his identity through the chart) was conjuncting the Venus and squaring the Jupiter.

Here is what Hilarion says about Venus in Capricorn:


Venus in this sign, when afflicted, tends to dampen the love nature with a certain coldness or distance. This may not be perceived by the individual as much as by others, due to Saturn’s (ruler of Capricorn) often subconscious influence. The main lesson is to show affection and warmth more. In positive aspect, Venus in Capricorn is dedicated, long-suffering and constant in the affections.

And here is what he says about Jupiter in Aries:


In Aries, ruled by Mars, Jupiter always instills a super-abundance of vital force and energy. In affliction, there can be difficulty in controlling and channeling this energy constructively. In positive aspect, Jupiter here shows good physical stamina, the ability to throw off illness, and a positive “conquering” attitude toward life. Obstacles are not much feared as there is the inner conviction that one can easily steam-roller most blockages in the life-pattern.

‘Difficulty in controlling and channeling this energy constructively.’ I would say so.

Having that Jupiterian ‘super-abundance of vital force’ in tension with the Venusian ‘coldness or distance’ would make it such that he would tend to identify with either the Capricorn emotionally suppressed Venus, and not really own or be comfortable with his energetic Jupiter in Aries. Or he would be the positive, upbeat Jupiter in Aries, but in denial of, or repressing, the cold, restrained Venus in Capricorn emotional energies. It has been revealed that he tried to hide his depression from others and especially the authorities at Lufthansa.

Until we heal and consciously own and integrate these tense Astrological energies within ourselves we will tend to project one end or another onto someone else in our relationships.

Apparently Andreas Lubitz had recently had a difficult break-up with his girlfriend, so that would be one factor in bringing this tension within himself to a head. With this configuration I would suspect that either she was, personality-wise, the stable , but cool, restrained Venus in Capricorn, and got tired of his overly energetic, somewhat bombastic, perhaps non-committal Jupiter in Aries.

Or, conversely, she was the Jupiter in Aries personality type and got tired of his cold, emotionally unavailable, but perhaps controlling Venus in Capricorn, always trying to limit her freedom and expansiveness.

This might well explain some of the personal emotional challenges Lubitz was dealing with. It does not, however, explain as to why he would bring down 149 people with him as he tried to escape this tension. That can only be speculated about at this point.

He did have a Pluto/Mars conjunction and the Moon, all in Scorpio, leading to deep, intense, potentially destructive hidden energies.

If we work with the chart based on the, as yet, unofficially confirmed birth time of 10:31 am, this Scorpio line-up falls in his Ninth House, the house of philosophy, travel, religion and belief system. So some dark, intense hidden beliefs could have festered there.

Andreas Lubitz also had four planets, including his Sun, in Sagittarius the sign which rules the Ninth House and a sign that can be morally righteous, open and honest, or a bit fanatical.

In the 10:31 am chart all of these Sagittarian planets and a 5th one, Neptune, fall in the Eleventh House which Hilarion has renamed the house of former enemies. Here is what Hilarion says about the Sun in the Eleventh House:

Eleventh House

The eleventh sector of a birth chart is largely misunderstood among astrologers at present. It is thought to govern friends and acquaintances, while in reality it is the house of enemies. The true house of friendship is of course the seventh, since it pertains to the one who is so close to the native that the latter is prepared to link up in some way with that person. The eleventh house, however, points to those who, in past lives, have been cast in the role of adversaries. In the present life, such former adversaries often are drawn by negative Karmic bonds into associations of one kind or another with the native, and it can happen that a friendship of a sort is struck up. However, it is wise for the individual with heavy eleventh-house influence to be mindful of the background to any of his associations which seem to be designated by eleventh-sector planets. For, knowing that such souls once were adversaries, it is possible to conduct oneself in such a way as to overcome the old frictions, and to bridge any lingering animosity with cords of true affection. For love alone is capable of dissolving the bonds of rivalry and dislike that tie together two souls at odds with each other. And the design of each person’s eleventh house is a gift for his understanding — a signpost that can help him set his feet squarely on the path to spiritual achievement, by learning to do as Christ Himself advised when He said, “Love thine enemies”.

Interestingly, the chart for the take off of the flight from Barcelona has three planets in this Eleventh House, and the chart for the crash has three planets in the Eleventh House, and….all three of these charts have the planet Uranus, the planet of accidents and sudden ruptures, in this Eleventh House of karma with former enemies.

This leads to my sense of the perhaps larger, collective message here. Those of you who have been reading my newsletters have surely noted how I always try to see the larger message behind these tragic events thrust upon the collective psyche of nations and the world.

When I first heard of a crash of a flight between Spain and Germany it immediately resonated with my awareness that there is a fair bit of tension going on between Germany and the EU nations which are in especially difficult economic straits right now. This is most obvious with Greece and their newly elected Syriza anti-austerity party, but the rise of the similarly motivated ‘Podemos’ (We can) party in Spain, which seems poised to also assume some degree of political power in Spain and take on the largely German-led imposition of austerity measures there is a similar seething tension between Spain and Germany.

Interesting to note, in the early 1950s Germany was billions of dollars in debt for which they requested leniency so as to be able to restart their economy. The debt was moved into 30-year loans to aid their recovery, as the US invested into the Marshall Plan to help Europe rebuild.

Is there something in the collective German Psyche, however, which is under attack here? It was mostly Germans on that plane but there were 49 Spaniards as well. Is there something in the collective German Psyche which is so capable of cutting off from their own emotional reality and the emotions of others that would enable them to create a death machine that murdered 12 million people under Hitler, force severe austerity measures on a struggling country like Greece with 26% unemployment (among youth 50%), or produce the likes of an Andreas Lubitz whose emotional/psychological dysfunction could lead him to destroy 149 people along with himself without being really aware or caring?

Now there are also a lot of great things I love about Germany and in my forthcoming book: ‘To Europa with Love’ I will share those things. And I certainly don’t feel that everyone in Germany is in any way capable of doing what Andreas Lubitz did.

But I also see a large dichotomy between the dark and light sides of Germany, something I will explore in greater detail in my book.

If Germany is an Aries nation, then they have had, are now having, or will soon have the Uranus/Pluto Square bearing down upon them. It seems to me that this event is some deep level ‘wake-up call’ for them on a profound psychological level.

Curiously, the flight took off from Barcelona, and the nearest town in the French Alps to the crash site is named Barcelonnette. Something seems to be afoot here.


Steffan Vanel

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Spring, Eclipse, Aries & IAD

Spiritual Company Newsletter

By Steffan Vanel • Astrologer • Tarot  Reader

March 20, 2015

Dear Friends, Clients & Subscribers,

It feels like a pretty potent day today with all of these elements: a New Moon with Solar Eclipse on the day of the Spring Equinox as the Sun moves into the first degree of Aries.

The first day of Aries is the real Astrological New Year’s Day, which various Astrological groups have designated as International Astrology Day, to acknowledge and support the benefit and wisdom of Astrology.

Hilarion has stated this about Astrology:

The astrological system is a direct gift from the highest Creator to mankind. It is a gift which allows him to develop at all levels simultaneously — not only at the physical level where the personality is manifest, but also at the higher mental and astral planes, and those beyond. For it is not sufficient to improve the personality only. There must be an absorption of the improvement at the higher soul level, or what has been termed the higher self.

The planetary energies alone are capable of penetrating through the human being to his higher levels. Without the planetary positions and geometries, as the planets form various angles against the different signs of the zodiac, there would not be the easy communication of lessons and improvements upwardly through the various levels of man’s vehicles to the highest point.

This is also the one time in the year that I remind people that, although my newsletters are distributed free of charge, I do appreciate donations in appreciation of the time, efforts and costs expended in producing and distributing these newsletters.

This year I thought that I would mention that I know most of you are probably a bit like myself, in that we would have an immediate tendency in this situation to assume that enough other people will surely donate such that the appropriate amount of support will arrive. Unfortunately last year after my announcement only 4 people sent in donations. So, if a few more folks could donate, even just $5 that would be great.

You can use the ‘Donate’ button or you can send a check to me at: PO Box 476, Curlew, WA 99118

PS: I am working on finishing up the Aries 1, 2, & 3 – 2015/2016 Astrological Reports and should have them available soon.

I will end with another quote from Hilarion which gives some explanation as to how the Astrological System works taken from the book ‘The Nature of Reality‘:

32: Astrology

The nature of astrological influence is not understood by more than a handful of men at the present time. Astrology is an ancient system of correlation between planetary positions and movements on the one hand, and earth-events on the other hand. This correlation has continued since the beginning and will continue until the end.

Scientists find impossible to accept the notion that the planets of the solar system can have any influence on the pattern of individual lives in the sense of cause-and-effect. In this view they are entirely correct. Nonetheless the correlations between planetary events and the life-patterns of individuals do take place with a regularity and reliability far beyond the realm of pure chance or coincidence.

The way in which the correlation is produced can be understood by the use of an analogy. Let it be imagined that a party of explorers has become trapped in a valley ringed by mountains due to a landslide. There is no means of communication between those inside the valley and those outside, except by a two-way radio. The transmitter within the valley will soon be useless because its battery will become exhausted, and therefore it is desired to arrange a timing system for the airlift of food, medicine and other supplies which can be followed closely both inside and outside of the valley.

It is agreed to utilize the phases of the moon for this purpose. The arrangement involves the airlift of medical supplies at first quarter moon, of foodstuffs at full moon, of clothing at last-quarter moon, and of fuel at new moon. Even with the transmitter out of order, those inside the valley will always be able to keep track of the expected drop times by simply noting the current phase of the moon.

If it is now imagined that the group trapped in the valley consisted initially of a single adult and a number of pre-school-age children too young to have the code system explained to them, and if it is assumed that the adult is incapacitated or killed by an accident, it will be seen that the surviving children will be unable at first to judge when the next drop of supplies will take place, nor will they know what the supplies will be.

After a certain length of time has elapsed, it may be imagined that one of the children, older than the others, notices that whenever the food is dropped the moon is at its full phase. Observation over several months quickly indicates to him the code arrangement for all airlifted supplies. He might assume that the moon itself possesses some intrinsic quality or vibration which “causes” the airlifts to take place and which determines the nature of the substances dropped. This conclusion could be considered quite reasonable in view of the fact that all of the children are too young to remember clearly any life outside of the valley, and the fact that the adult had never explained the system. Nonetheless the child would be wrong in his conclusion.

The actual system of astrological correlation functions in a similar manner, but the code refers not to supplies airlifted into a mountain valley, but rather to the birth of pre-existent souls into physical incarnation.

Before each birth into the earth plane, the characteristics of the soul in terms of basic habits, traits and tendencies are already known from an examination of actions and attitudes in its previous lives. In addition, the basic pattern and plan of the life about to be lived is also determined in a general way, together with the nature of the specific karma intended to be met and set aside during the experience. Using all of this preliminary information, a particular planetary pattern is selected which will best represent this information in coded form to any competent astrologer who erects the astrological chart, and the timing of the “first breath” of the new life is manipulated and adjusted so that it falls as close as possible to a point of time which will yield this best chart.

The actual procedure is somewhat more complex than that just described, but the analogy given above will allow a good understanding of the reasons why astrology appears to “work” as reliably as it does.


Steffan Vanel

The Current Challenges of Pluto & Uranus

Spiritual Company Newsletter

By Steffan Vanel • Astrologer • Tarot  Reader

March 17, 2015

Dear Friends, Clients, & Subscribers,

Yesterday was the final of 7 squares between Pluto and Uranus occurring between 2012 and 2015. In these years things have been rather intense and crazy. To be honest, however, when I saw this period of Astrological weather approaching I was both fearing and hoping that it would be even more intense, challenging, and/or transformative than it has been.

Hilarion* describes Pluto in this way:

The planet Pluto is the great bringer of change. Where this planet is located in the birth chart always designates an area or department of life in which the soul has agreed to undergo pressures promoting a deep-seated alteration in its attitudes, habits or understanding. If the personality resists these pressures, then much stress and difficulty will be felt. Pluto is like the irresistible force, sweeping all before it. The only beneficial approach to this planet’s energies is to move in the direction it indicates. To do otherwise is to invite disaster.

Personally, anything involving Pluto can induce in me what I now call ‘Plutophobia,’ in part based on personal life experiences.

And yet, there has been plenty in the news to resonate with the gravity of this tension between the planet of complete death/rebirth (Pluto) and the planet of revolution and liberation from old patterns that have outlived their purpose (Uranus). Those of you who have been reading my newsletters these past years I am sure have noted my returning frequently to these themes.

There is an historical corollary, however, which leads me to think that an Astrological event like this period of Pluto/Uranus squares is itself the birth of a new energy or consciousness, but not the full manifestation of it.

The historical comparison I have made is with the last period of time in which these two planets were in ‘hard aspect’ with each other. That was when Pluto and Uranus conjuncted each other. Once in 1965 and twice in 1966. These conjunctions are the Astrological ‘signature’ of what we now call ‘The Sixties.’

Just as the prelude period before 2012-2015 saw omens of intense transformative forces approaching, such as the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Financial crash of 2008, so too, prior to 1965/66 we had already experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Kennedy Assassination, the beginning of U.S. engagement in Vietnam, and the fight for Civil Rights.

Having lived in that era, however, I can look back and see that there were things which were being seeded into the collective experience in 1965 and 1966 that didn’t really reach a ‘fever pitch’ until 1967, 1968, and 1969.

For example, the first actual U.S. combat brigade didn’t land in Vietnam until 1965, and the first conventional battle there wasn’t until 1966. At that time things were already bad, but no one could see the real horror that was coming in the following years.

On a more positive note, with popular culture, on of the more exciting things I remember in 1966 was attending a Beatles concert. The experience of this concert definitely made me aware that something really new and different was afoot in the ‘zeitgeist’ of the time. It wasn’t particularly the music they were playing at that time. In fact at that concert I couldn’t hear a single note of what they were performing. As soon as they stepped out onto the stage out there on the racetrack all you could hear were 15,000 absolutely hysterical screaming girls.

Not having grown up with a sister this was a real shock for me. Looking back now I sincerely believe it was a form of ‘mass hysteria’. If you were a young girl attending that concert and you had not been planning to scream, I sincerely believe you would have been unable to not scream.

And although this was a shocking new phenomenon relative to the rather staid, comformative society of that time, I see now that this was just a prelude to what was coming, i.e. many forms of sexual liberation, and the huge psychedelic, Hippie, Anti-Vietnam protesting years of 1967, 68, & 69. A particular peak moment for me was being present and able to hear Jimi Hendrix pay ‘The Star Bangled Banner’ at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969.

I share this analogy as a way of describing my sense of this present period of another intense Astrological ‘signature.’ My sense is that this last square is not the end of something, but the end of the beginning of something.

And, just as we can look back at the years 1965 and 1966 and see the omens of things which were to come later, so too we can take stock at this moment and look for the omens of what is now being born and is likely to increase in intensity in the years ahead.

There are plenty of obvious scenarios at play, but one of my exercises these last few days has been to pay attention to the appearance of any specific messages or synchronistic gestalt images of our current ‘zeitgeist.’

When I am home here in the mountains I listen to a lot of news and interview programs on the radio while I do daily chores, mostly on NPR, the BBC, and Alternative Radio. It is here where I have been listening for these omens. For example on Sunday evening I head about a nihilistic apocalyptic book entitled ‘In the Dust of this Planet’ whose book cover has made it into a famous fashion photo and onto the jacket of JZ in his and Beyonce’s recent video.

Later that same night I heard an interview with the author of ‘Sapiens’ presenting the premise that the next planetary revolution will not be an industrial revolution, or a technological revolution, but a revolution of the human species itself.

Now this second more hopeful scenario also acknowledged the rather apocalyptic backdrop which has certainly been poking its face at us in various guises in these days. Guises such as the fact that climate scientists are no longer speaking of climate change avoidance, but now of climate change adaptation, a hard message for the island nation of Vanuatu as the worst cyclone in their memory, equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane, devastated their homeland in these days of omen-watching.

Yesterday I heard an interview with the author of ‘The Internet is not the Answer’ by a Silicone Valley figure explaining how behind the rosy idealistic view of the Internet there is a growing awareness among some major players in Silicone Valley that the Internet actually promotes some of the basic evils of the early 21st century. The author cites inequality, unemployment, and the arising of the surveillance economy and culture. In his assessment he notes the emergence of a plutocratic elite, and that the ‘cult of the consumer’ espoused by people like Jeff Bezos of Amazon is actually impoverishing us as citizens.

The BBC program ‘Business Daily’ interviews plenty of brilliant thinkers who espouse other rather apocalyptic, Pluto in Capricorn, economic, business world scenarios.

And of course there are the other back drops of Ebola, Ukraine, and to my mind the most potent Gestaltic image prevalent on the word scene today: The Apocalyptic beliefs of the so-called Islamic State.

I have mentioned in a previous newsletter how the Islamic State is the one social/cultural/political entity who has a birthchart with the Pluto/Uranus Square in it. They are a product of these times. Their chart also has a whole lot of other Astrological factors indicative of their intense, violent, and what has been termed ‘death cult’ being and consciousness.

I heard today that part of their belief is that a Messiah will appear, and Jesus will appear as well (a prophet in Islam), and along with ISIS they will carry the final war to Jerusalem. Another rather heavy image to appear on these few days of watching for omens.

A particularly potent event relatable to these few days of prophetic anticipation, to my mind, is the election taking place today in Israel, a peaking moment in the midst of Netanyahu’s speech before the US Congress, the letter to Iran from the 47 Republican Senators, the culminating negotiations with Iran, and yesterday, the announcement by an official from Saudi Arabia that if Iran is allowed to pursue nuclear energy then they, as well as other players in the Middle East, will also insist on the right to develop nuclear energy.

These events feel to me a bit like the first Marine brigade to land in Vietnam in 1965…

I am not going to go into the details now, but Hilarion speaks of this period on the planet as ‘The Tribulation,’ a time of breaking down the old world system to allow the birth of a New Age. He has foretold many things which have and are now coming to pass. If you read his book: Nations, you can see that he has some pretty dire predictions. But at the end of that book he also says the following:

A final purpose for this booklet is to offer an exercise in prophecy – not to prove that we at this level can see the future more clearly than is possible from the earth plane (for this is not so), but rather to demonstrate that prophecy is a complex matter which can misfire, and that prophetic utterance should always be looked upon as if stating probabilities which mayor may not come about, depending upon the reactions of those to whom the prophetic warning is delivered. True occultists have always understood that the best prophet is the false prophet, i.e. the one whose warnings of things to come have so impressed his listeners that they, by altering their hearts and minds, were able to avert the events which the prophet foresaw. Indeed, the only real justification for prophecy is the possibility that it will prompt those upon whose ears it falls to alter their lives for the better, and thus to improve their souls.

For this reason, it will be seen that some of the prophetic statements which we have made in this booklet will not materialize, or will do so in altered form. If the alteration is a lessening of the blow, then we can only be pleased at the result. Indeed, the whole purpose of this little booklet, as well as the other books in the series, is to prompt as many souls as possible to abandon their old materialistic and selfish ways, and to take up the cross of service to their brothers – for by so doing they will kindle within themselves a warm flame which will shield them from the adversity and trouble that is beating even now at the doors.

Whether we will take opportunity to make that kind of change remains to be seen. I feel there is a greatly significant choice being made today in Israel. A choice I feel is more likely to engage Israel into the destiny Hilarion has predicted, and a choice that could alter that destiny…

No matter which choice is made I encourage us all to keep the faith that there is a Higher Reality behind life. Faith that there are higher Angelic beings, Ascended Masters, a spiritual Hierarchy and that things are playing out in the way s they need to for the karmic requirements of everyone involved. But it is all serving the ultimate evolutionary goal of the Divine becoming aware of itself. This being in resonance with the next revolution of the planet as foretold in the aforementioned book: Sapiens.

It is too late for this newsletter to have an effect on anyone voting in Israel today. Nonetheless I feel inspired to share Hilarions’s prediction for Israel:

ISRAEL has lost her Master.

She has forgotten the God who guided her people through the long centuries of affliction and persecution. Because she has forgotten her God, she will be tested in the very center of the crucible when the bitter years are upon the earth. This trial will bring the nation back to God, but only after much has been suffered.

Israel has been the repository of a burning faith and devotion for many centuries. She was meant to carry that flame aloft so that in the Tribulation years new fires could be lighted from it, to bring the world back to a true faith.

Those of her people who remained in other countries have still that intensity of dedication to their religion which can fulfill the stated purpose during the Last Days. But among the people of the new state of Israel there is only a mockery of faith. They do not believe any more. And because of their unbelief they will be forced to drink the bitter cup to the dregs in the years of trouble ahead.

I do believe that not only Israel, but also much of the world has lost their Master. It has been noted that for many of the members of ISIS their inspiration to join was not as a result of economic disadvantages. Many of their foreign fighters come from privileged, educated backgrounds. To my mind the attraction of ISIS is because these people feel the energy of having found their Master. They are experiencing an individual, ego-transcending, collective, spiritually passionate faith and transcendent surrender to a higher reality. Something which is virtually totally lacking within the secular, consumeristic, materially obsessed, hedonistic, and comparatively boring Western world of today.

Unfortunately these ISIS members have been seduced by a Dark Master, what feels like a manifestation of the Anti-Christ energies rather than the Christ energies.

Hilarion has stated that just as the Christ is really an energy, basically the Love aspect of the Divine, so too the Anti-Christ is also an energy. And in order to allow the Christ energy access to the planet they also had to allow the Anti-Christ energy access to the planet.

I do feel hope and faith however. Another interesting corollary between now and the 1960’s: 2008 was the 40th anniversary of the 1968 ‘Summer of Love’ here in the U.S. In respect of that one of the Art House theaters in Seattle ran some interesting films to commemorate the occasion. One was a CBS television documentary about the Hippie Movement. It was quite interesting.

The segment which particularly tweaked me was an interview with a teenage boy who had been place in a psychiatric hospital by his parents after experimenting with LSD. One of his statements ran something like: “All of a sudden I realized that everything was energy and that everything was one and that God was everywhere.”

They then interviewed the greatly distraught mother who was truly concerned about her son’s mental state issuing a statement which, at that time, would have been truly alarming: “He said that he saw God. And of course nobody can see God, not until you die.” And the interviewer acquiesced in commiseration for the obviously crazy irrational statement uttered by her son.

This was a clear illustration of the collective mind-set of that era. Nowadays such a statement is not likely to cause anywhere near the same alarm in the majority of the population. Clearly we have come a long ways. There is, however, a lot more to come, and needs to come, if we are to survive as a species.

Steffan Vanel


Well Netanyahu has won the Israeli election with the promise that there will be no two-state solution to the Palestinian Occupation. Personally I had hoped for a different outcome. Maybe the die is cast. Regardless, I pray for the peace and well-being and liberation of all souls including the Israelis and Palestinians and everyone everywhere.

This Friday there will be a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse with the Moon engaging the Pluto/Uranus Square as the Spring Equinox Sun entering Aries occurs. Another time for ‘omen watching’ and to embrace death and a new beginning.