Uranus entering Taurus

As I mentioned in my May forecast, Uranus entered Taurus on the 15th for the first time in 84 years, and will remain there, with brief interludes into neighboring signs, until 2026. So clearly we are looking at a longer collective, global influence here.

Now, I always pay attention to any symbolic events which may take place at the time of an outer planet moving into a new sign as an indication of the new energy field we are moving into.

Uranus itself is the planet of sudden change out of the blue which you don’t expect. It can create ruptures and accidents, but its true purpose is to serve as a liberator from old patterns which have outlived their purpose. It was discovered in 1781, at the end of the American Revolution and on the eve of the French Revolution.

Taurus is an earth sign and there are two things I noticed relating to surprise earth changes around this time of the entry of Uranus into Taurus. One was the sudden eruption of the volcano in Hawaii.

The other took place within hours of Uranus entering Taurus last Tuesday. That was the passage of the unusually large Asteroid 2010WC9 making an unusually close flyby of the Earth. According to EarthSky.org: this was “one of the closest approaches ever observed of an asteroid of this size.”

Now Taurus is also related to money and finances and most Astrologer’s predictions are oriented towards those areas of influence, and indeed, if we look back at previous time periods in history when Uranus was in Taurus, we can see these periods did involve a lot of sudden changes in financial realities.

The most recent time periods were 1934 – 1942 – the deepening of the Great Depression, Roosevelt’s implementation of the New Deal, but also the rise of fascism and the outbreak of World War II.

1850 – 1859 – During this period there was ‘The Panic of 1857’ considered to be the world’s first worldwide economic crisis, but also an outbreak of revolutions and the spread of communist ideology in many nations in Europe.

In America, in 1884, we had the establishment of the Republican Party, whose purpose at that time was to serve as a vehicle for anti-slavery sentiments, leading to the eventual election of President Lincoln and the Civil War.

1767 – 1775 – The Industrial Revolution gets into full swing, the original Boston ‘Tea Party’ and the outbreak of the American Revolution, and, as a prelude to the anti-slavery sentiments arising in the 1850 – 1859 period; Rhode Island becomes the first state to prohibit the importation of slaves. And slavery is outlawed in Britain in this period.

I often feel, however, that most Astrologers don’t fully understand Taurus. Here is what Hilarion* says about someone born with the Sun in Taurus:

The Taurus individual has, at the soul level, a deep understanding of the meaning of love. This is attested to by the rulership of Venus over this sign. The grasp of the right approach to love and its true meaning is again a kind of gift which the soul has given itself — in this case, as a result of an incarnation in which a self-sacrificing love was cherished for another, usually without being fully returned. This act of selfless devotion allows the soul to tap deeply into a wellspring of pure love at a very high spiritual plane, which constantly feeds into the soul a great capacity for love and affection. Again, along with the gift comes a responsibility. In the case of Taurus, the task is to learn to express the love side unconditionally, simply allowing the affection to flow into and through the personality without damming it up, and without attaching conditions to the giving of affection. If there is any damming up or restriction of the affectional impulses, a problem arises due to the desire of this abundance of love to find a suitable object. Denied an external abject, i.e. another person or persons, the love will usually lavish itself upon the individual’s own physical body with its senses the primary focus. It is from this process that the oft-quoted tendency for self-indulgence in the Taurus stems. Another difficulty can also arise if the nature of suppressive habits in the Taurus individual is such as to prevent the thwarted affectiona1 urges from expressing through self-indulgence. In such instances, it is possible for the love to center not on another individual but on possessions or money. This can occur when in the early childhood there was little physical affection shown by the parents. Thus, in the case of Taurus, the task at the personality level is to express love, without allowing the affectional urges to manifest as self-indulgence or an over-stressing of money or possessions.

So clearly the main emphasis here is that this Venus-ruled sign has a deep understanding of the meaning of love at a very high spiritual plane. The fixation on sensuality, money and possessions is simply that love, when it can’t go out, is trying to come back in.

In my research I’ve noticed a fair number of dictators are all Taurus. Saddam Hussein was a Taurus. Hitler was a Taurus. Lenin was a Taurus. Emperor Hirohito in Japan during World War II was a Taurus. And we know they must have had some quality of love to be able to inspire their followers like that, but they have this problem with desiring possessions, like other people’s countries.

As noted earlier, when Uranus was last in Taurus we saw the rise of Fascism around the world.

The emphasis that I recognize in these previous historical periods, however, are not only financial changes but often financial changes forcing economic instituted realities which are not serving in a compassionate way the needs of those oppressed or unfairly treated, to be overthrown, whether that be slavery, the British taxation of the American Colonies, or the lack of government involvement towards those suffering from the Depression prior to Roosevelt.

Behind the economic changes is a need for greater love and compassion for one’s fellow man as manifest within economic realities.

This, my friends, is what I believe we have to look forward to in the years ahead. During the previous years of Uranus in Aries, 2011 – 2018, people felt the dynamic fiery will of Aries combined with the revolutionary spirit of Uranus to overturn things and fight for what they want, whether that was the Arab Spring, British ‘Brexit,’ or Donald Trump.

Now, the Uranus in Taurus energies is where some actual concrete financial structural changes are likely to really take hold. And, it seems that when this revolutionary spirit to transform economic realities manifests, and is stimulating fear and hate rather than love and compassion, it has, and can now, lead to a new rise of fascistic tendencies taking concrete hold of material economic realities.

The recent Uranus in Aries revolutionary spirit, however, also brought about the surprise, never expected, success of Bernie Sanders. I do feel that there is the potential for this Uranus in Taurus period to open the way and inspire a completely new ‘New Deal’ and a transformation of the huge divide between the 1% and the 99%.

Indeed, on May 5th 1818, during the month of Taurus, we have the birth of Karl Marx the founder of communist/socialist ideology. So we can assume that behind his economic theories, which may have been a bit materially focused, was a quality of love at a high spiritual level.

In 2020, in addition to Uranus being in the earth sign Taurus, we are also going to have a triple conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in Capricorn, another earth sign and also related to financial structures.

Obviously, here in America this coincides with the next Presidential election, where I believe the dangers, and the potential, will be tremendous. I pray that we choose wisely.

Steffan Vanel

*Astrology Plus by Hilarion, the book which I am always quoting from and has been out of print for some time, is now available as an EBook on Amazon.