Harvey Weinstein, Sex and Jupiter into Scorpio

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I just thought it was curious that the first allegations about Harvey Weinstein’s proclivity for sexual harassment came out just a few days before Jupiter went into Scorpio. And on the day that Jupiter went into Scorpio:

According to Wikipedia:

In The New Yorker on October 10, 2017, Ronan Farrow reported further allegations that Weinstein had assaulted or harassed 13 women, and raped three of them.

Jupiter is large expansiveness and can be exaggerated, ‘over the top’ and fanatical. Scorpio is the sign of sex, birth and death.

Here is what Hilarion says about Jupiter in Scorpio:

In Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto, Jupiter promotes an excessive interest in the sensation/sexual outlet for energy. Afflicted, Jupiter here will cause the mind to play ceaselessly with the sexual fantasies and will tend to cause the individual to seek out this form of experience to an excessive degree. The major lesson is to moderate and control this tendency. In positive aspect, Jupiter in Scorpio ensures an ability to do well financially, and gives a strong sex drive.

Now I always tell my clients that that last statement, about a strong sex drive being part of a positively aspected Jupiter in Scorpio, shows that Hilarion himself is not a prude. He is not against sex. This tendency, however, to overemphasize the physical aspect of love shows up in about 75% of our charts in one way or another.

Harvey Weinstein's Chart

Harvey Weinstein has a powerful Jupiter in his chart, hence his ‘bigness’ in many ways. It wasn’t in Scorpio but he did have Mars in Scorpio square to Pluto.

I remember Astrologer Liz Greene once saying that Pluto/Mars aspects show up a high frequency of times in the charts of both rapists and rape victims.

Here is what Hilarion says about Mars in Scorpio:

Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and the martian energies have full expression through this sign. In Scorpio, the martian energies are found mainly in the sexual area and thus the lesson is to avoid sexual excesses, regardless of aspect. The worse the aspects, the harder it will be to control the sexual nature. Another point that can usually be made with Mars in Scorpio afflicted is that a karmic loss must be undergone in the life — a separation from someone with whom strong sexual ties have been forged. This is, of course, to prompt the individual to place less emphasis on the sexual outlet for the energies.

A square to Pluto is pretty well afflicted.

As far as that karmic loss, well his wife, Georgina Chapman, announced that she was separating from him on that same fateful day of October 10th.

Jupiter will be in Scorpio until November 2018 and it is bound to bring some expansive viewing of some of the secret Scorpionic energies of our lives and our society. Of course this could also create some juicy energies around positive sexual experience for us as well.

Hilarion says that the way in which we experience sexuality now doesn’t give a glimpse of the power and grandeur it will be for us in the New Age.

Steffan Vanel

Las Vegas and U.S.

As I am about to write this article I have just come out of a Global Meditation event, staged to help heal the recent energies of trauma created in Las Vegas.

This included helping the souls of those who have had to transition out of their bodies in such an intense, shocking, violent way. And yes, even trying to help the twisted, tortured tragic soul who has created such a hellish experience for himself and others.

I am actually in China right now, so I am looking at this with some distance. From here, however, I can feel the incredulous view of the U.S. the rest of the world holds right now. A view of our repeating on-going traumas of gun related mass shootings, to a President who threatens to destroy another nation before a General Assembly of all of the nations of the world.

Our nation seems to be spinning crazily out of control with violent energies. Hopefully something can be learned from this.

If we look at what is happening to the Astrology chart of the U.S. right now we can see collective lessons we are all being faced with in the community of our nation, and the opportunity to grow from it.

And if we look at the Astrological karma of the shooter, Stephen Paddock, we can also benefit from understanding the implicit in-born energies he was born with and the impending Astrological energies which were coming to bear upon him. From this we can also understand and learn. (His Solar Chart: no birth time or surety about birthplace)

Stephen Paddock Astrology Chart

I was initially going to stay in the comfort of my relative distance from the details of this event. But then as I listened to the news on the English language TV station here they announced Stephen Paddock’s birthdate and I got ‘sucked in.’

I knew immediately that Pluto was moving right now into a square to his Sun in Aries. Someone who is Aries, according to Hilarion*, is someone who, in some previous life, risked their own life to come to the rescue of another individual. As a reward for that courageous act they are given an additional energy, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Their challenge is to be able to express this energy in such a way that it does not harm themselves or others through aggressive, violent behavior.

Pluto squaring the Sun is, in any regard, a time when you have to look deep within yourself. A time to see where are you really coming from. Is it from love or is it from fear?

One author described it this way:

Pluto square Sun transit means you are in for a test of your character for a couple of years. The Sun represents your sense of self, your authority and power. The challenging square aspect from Pluto brings extreme forces in the form of other people and circumstances which mean you have to stand up and be counted.

This can be a time of crisis or breakdown as Pluto totally transforms your ego, identity and life direction. Pluto is basically throwing down a challenge so that you master your own personal power. Pluto can be ruthless in its effect so it can make you ruthless in achieving your goals. Power conflicts are common with this transit and these can be not only with authority figures like the law and bosses, but also in personal relationships. (Astrologyking.com)

And I would say as well that when Pluto squares your Sun, if you have not really been owning the energies of your Sun, of your soul essence, who you really are, then Pluto will force you to, one way or another.

Of course there are numerous other Astrological factors at play here in this man’s chart, too numerous for me to want to devote all of the time and energy it would take to elucidate them all.

To briefly hit the main points, however:

  • Most people know by now that Stephen Paddock’s father was a criminal on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list. His father, Benjamin Paddock, was in prison for the first three years of his oldest son, Stephen’s, life.
  • When Stephen was 7 (the time of Saturn squaring his natal Saturn) his father was arrested for a string of bank robberies. The neighbor took Stephen swimming while the BFI searched their house. The neighbor later stated to the newspaper: “We’re trying to keep Steve from knowing his father is held as a bank robber. I hardly know the family, but Steve is a nice boy. It’s a terrible thing.”
  • When Stephen Paddock was 15, around the time of Saturn opposing his natal Saturn, his father escaped prison and an FBI poster appeared stating that his father had been diagnosed as psychopathic. That has got to be rather intense for a hormonally-charged teenage Aries boy.

In Stephen Paddock’s natal chart, however, he has an Aquarius Moon opposite to Pluto. This is relatable to the apparent attempt to maintain some cool, detached, airy, Aquarian mental atmosphere in his childhood in order to avoid the deep, dark, hidden intense Plutonian reality of the man who, in part, led to his creation in this life. This is how Hilarion describes the affect of this afflicted Aquarian Moon:

The more afflicted the Moon, the more one will find a sense of emotional control and suppression, even coldness, at the heart level…. there tends to be taken from the early home situation a trait of self-control at the emotional level, a dislike of emotional display or extremes, which can produce a difficulty in the individual’s own later home/marriage pattern, particularly if he becomes involved, as he usually does, with someone who requires more in the way of emotional responsiveness than the Aquarian Moon is prepared to give.

That opposing Plutonian reality to that cool detached afflicted Aquarian Moon never went away from the dynamics and reality of his own unconscious psyche.

And those Saturn transits hitting his own Saturn at 7 and 14? Well his natal Saturn was conjunct Neptune and they are both, Neptune and Saturn, opposite to his Sun in Aries.

The Sun, in Psychological Astrology, represents the Father/Male principle in a chart. Saturn difficultly aspecting the Sun creates a likely restrictive energy involving the relationship with the father. Neptune difficultly aspected to the Sun will create some likely illusion, confusion, delusion, and/or victimhood involving one’s relationship with the father. (For example: Barack Obama has a Sun square Neptune, fatherhood experience in his own childhood.)

Stephen Paddock’s Aries Sun was also square to Uranus, thereby creating a sense of the father that would involve sudden ruptures, and a perhaps crazy unconventionality.

Now early in his life Stephen Paddock chose to be an accountant. Not too exciting, intense or aggressive. More like his cool detached Aquarian Moon and some other factors in his chart.

He worked, however, for a company that became Lockheed Martin, a major military defense contractor. I remember when I happened to be visiting Littleton, Colorado, where the Columbine High School mass shooting took place; I discovered that, although it seemed like a rather idyllic peaceful suburban town, most of the parents in that town worked for Lockheed Martin….

Stephen Paddock’s father, Benjamin, liked to gamble and while he was a fugitive he tried once to run down an FBI agent with his car in, Las Vegas….

So, we have Stephen Paddock, a former accountant moving recently to Las Vegas, gambling sometimes $10,000 up to $30,000 in a day, and starting to collect guns while Pluto was in a period of opposing his Uranus, squaring his Sun and moving into a square to his Neptune and his Saturn. Clearly he was trying to somehow embrace the denied, unintegrated intense reality of his father’s presence in his psyche.

Stephen Paddock really needed deep therapy, intensive meditation or Ayahuasca ceremonies to help him with this. Instead, as Pluto started to hit all of this he chose the violent, explosive Aries way of ‘acting it out.’

If Stephen Paddock had lived in a country where citizens have limited or no access to firearms he may have acted out through some explosive fight with his boss or guys in a bar.

In full disclosure, I myself own a firearm and I have killed with it. Even though I am basically a pacifist/vegetarian, I have a 22 rifle with which I once shot a packrat who had been terrorizing my house all night, every night and was uncatchable by humane ‘catch-em alive’ traps, by traps that kill, and even by poison. (He would build a ‘nest’ of twigs, pine needles and nails on top of the poison!)

I finally took out my rifle and ‘got’ him with one shot. And, I was scared to admit the primal sense of relishing that power and control wielded to me by that weapon, temporarily superseding my compassion for that poor creature.

It does enable me to imagine the potential effect of the force of being in possession of a stockpile of weapons and ammunition with some of those weapons made to be fully automatic upon someone with a dissociated, unstable psyche.

On a lighter note, it does remind me of a comedy routine by the British comedian Eddie Izzard where he repeated the often-repeated statement: ‘Guns don’t kill people. People do.’ To which Eddie replied in that enunciated way that the Brits do so well: ‘Well, I think guns have something to do with it. You can’t just point your fingers and go: bang, bang, bang, bang you’re all dead!’

And for those 2nd Amendment people who always say: ‘Well, if someone in the school was ‘packing heat’ this never would have happened.’ Well, in Las Vegas, in a state with both concealed and open-carry weapon laws, the shooter made sure that he had a distance, and a vantage point, and firepower such that all of those likely handguns in the crowd would be totally useless.

It seems that we are possibly heading towards a nation with metal detectors at all large hotels, public buildings, schools and transportation hubs.

Neptune, up in the sky right now, is squaring the Sagittarian Rising/Ascendant of the United States this year. Sagittarius Rising makes it such that you see yourself as, as Hilarion* says: ‘honest, upright and morally strong, whether true or not.’

Neptune impinging that Sagittarian self-image is creating some ‘illusion, confusion, delusion, and victimhood’ challenges in relation to that normally self-righteous self-image. So I think there is some unease with prior convictions, or an added sense of vulnerability in the way we see ourselves, like the potential for Nuclear War.

The potential benefit of this aspect is to dis-identify with those previously held convictions in order to view them with a non-ego-identified perspective.

Just because an Astrological transit creates this opportunity, however, does not promise that one will benefit from it. There is always going to be resistance, a pushback.

For example, we have ex-Fox TV host Bill O’Reilly posting on his blog in the aftermath of this massacre: “This is the price of freedom.”

There have been many responses, such as this one: “No Bill O’Reilly. Listening to you is the (high) price of freedom. Gun massacres are the price of weak gun laws.”

One last, I feel, poignant Astrological Note:

Stephen Paddock’s Moon was in the 25th degree of Aquarius. The Moon of the U.S.A. is in the 28th degree of Aquarius. The Moon at the moment of the attack Sunday night was in the 26th degree of Aquarius.

The Great American Eclipse was at the 29th degree of Leo, within four degrees of exact opposition to the Moons of Stephen Paddock, the USA, and the Las Vegas Massacre.

Now the US Aquarian Moon has only a positive aspect to it natally and I relate that to the positive Aquarian ideals of freedom and equality the nation was founded upon. And it is unfortunate, but tragedy like this does have the potential to bring us all together as one suffering human family.

The Leo potentially oppositional arrogance to that brother/sisterhood Aquarian potential is, however, evidenced by the previously quoted comment by Bill O’Reilly.

In the spirit of my Libran fairness, however, this arrogance was also evident in the comments of a CBS vice president who was fired after she posted on her Facebook page:

“If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs [sic] will ever do the right thing,” Geftman-Gold continued: “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc [sic] country music fans often are Republican gun toters [sic].”

She has since heartily apologized but of course is now facing numerous death threats.

As I say at my lectures, the self-righteous Sagittarian Rising energies of the U.S. are not limited to the Right Wing. We all have a tendency to be rather obnoxious. It is one reason I really enjoy spending a fair bit of time outside of our country.

I would like to end this article with some wisdom from Hilarion. These are his statements about the nature and experience of karma and reincarnation quoted from his book: ‘Nations’ (which is available as an EBook on Amazon.com).

Steffan Vanel

PS: Even though I am in China right now, I’m not too busy work-wise and would be happy to do Skype readings for anyone who would like that. I can also make free phone calls to the U.S.

From the Introduction by Hilarion to NATIONS

For these things are not governed by chance.

Many imagine that pure hazard decrees where one shall be born, and then they blame an unjust God for His cruelty. Others are so appalled by the suffering that they retreat into apathy. Yet others – often prompted by murky religious concepts – think that some sort of ‘plan’ is being worked out, but are not able to explain that plan in a satisfactory manner.

The key that is missing – the link that can unite all of the apparent chaos and suffering into a just and plausible scheme – is the concept that each individual born into the earth is merely taking on a new physical body (one of many) and that his habits and actions in previous bodies have determined the opportunities and the hardships which are his now.

It is deplorable that the main western religions have turned their backs upon this truth – a truth which was part of the credo of most early Christian writers until the Council of Nicea voted to erase all scriptural reference to reincarnation. (Even so, they did not dare to tamper with Jesus’ own statement that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elias – Matthew 11:14 and Mark 9:11-13.)

What we are saying is that a proper grasp of the principle of rebirth – and the related principle of karma – not only makes reality understandable, but shows God to be just. We see in the near future a great excitement among humanity as the truth of reincarnation gradually spreads among all peoples. Indeed, numerous individuals already acknowledge this principle without even admitting it to themselves. How many have said, in a moment of exasperation, “What did I ever do to deserve this?” Were they not stating the very law of karma upon which cosmic justice rests? It is the same law which Christ was evoking when He said that those who live by the sword must die by the sword. If this statement were taken to refer only to a single life, it would be manifestly untrue – for have not many murderers died peacefully in their beds? Yet, seen in the light of the rebirth principle, the dictum makes far more sense. It asserts that justice shall follow the murderer even if it does not work itself out in the same life in which the misdeed was committed. In some incarnation, now or later, he himself must ‘die by the sword’.

An interesting facet of this karmic principle is its great effectiveness in teaching humanity to have compassion. Let us explain this point more fully.

Everyone is generally aware of the fact that, in ages past, human beings tended to be very calloused and unfeeling towards each other. At the time of Jesus, for example, there was little respect for human life, hardly any consideration for the suffering of another, and absolutely no feeling of any kind for the animals. Children were regularly beaten, tied up, even hung on the wall to keep them out of an adult’s way. A soldier would think nothing of running his sword through a passing stranger, merely to determine whether the cutting edge were still sharp.

These inhuman attitudes persist even today in many of the darkened places of the earth. And yet, particularly in the western democratic nations, one finds many individuals who are polite and considerate, and who feel it deeply when others around them are suffering. This is the essence of compassion. The word literally means ‘to suffer with’ another. This trait has also been called empathy.

It might surprise the earth’s compassionate individuals to learn that their empathetic nature arises because of their own previous suffering! In effect, what happens when one perceives another person in pain is the rekindling of a memory of one’s own previous painful episodes – whether in this life or in a previous one. Hence what one feels initially is a memory-pain which is evoked by the suffering of the other person.

Some individuals merely feel the empathy – they ‘suffer with’ the person who is undergoing the pain. But others are prompted by their own pain-memories to try to relieve the suffering. Initially the person may do this because by relieving the suffering in the other, the source of his own pain-memory will be removed. But repeated episodes of such help will gradually become ingrained into the individual as a habit of compassionate kindness, and the result will eventually be to incorporate that wonderful trait into the soul itself.

It is thus that the karmic necessity to suffer the same pain we have caused others brings with it ‘an automatic antidote to the kind of attitude that gives rise to the karma in the first place. Think of it as a progression: in the primitive stage, the soul is darkened, insular and lacking in empathy; a life is lived during which pain is caused to others through violent actions. In subsequent lives, the soul inhabits bodies which are made to suffer the same pain which the soul once meted out to others. As a result of that karmic ‘meeting of the self’, the soul stores pain-memories which can be evoked by witnessing similar suffering. Finally, the soul has become so sensitized by pain that it reacts immediately to any scenario in which another is seen to be suffering. At first the soul is simply overcome with ‘com-passion’, i.e. it ‘suffers with’ the other. Perhaps the soul will wish to leave the presence of the sufferer in order to stop its own pain-memories. But at a more mature point, the soul learns to reach out a helping hand to relieve the suffering.

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Some Post-Eclipse Comments

Great American Eclipse as seen in Corvallis, Oregon

While waiting for the post-Eclipse traffic to die down, I took the time to write some of my thoughts, insights and experiences, which I though I would share with you here:

It is a couple of hours after the Total Eclipse here in the sunny field in Oregon where I am camping. I feel that I have been through an Initiation. I thought I would go ahead and share some of my thoughts with others. For those who also experienced the ‘Totality’ some of this may be redundant. For those others of you, maybe these comments can help to take you there.

Leading up to today I have been meditating three hours a day. Not because I planned to, but because I have been having twice a day hyper-baric oxygen treatments in a pressurized chamber, equivalent to diving down to 45 ft. below the sea. I made use of the opportunity to deepen my meditation practice, which was greatly appreciated in my experience of the Eclipse.

In the last day or so before the Eclipse somebody sent me a guiding meditation on the Eclipse, encouraging one to recognize whatever elements of darkness within oneself are obscuring the radiance which is always there.

I used this as an encouragement to focus on the darker elements of myself that I know need to be let go of. I remained staring up at the whole unfolding celestial drama almost the entire time, from the first bite into the Sun’s light, to the last.

The magic really picked up as I realized I was watching a Crescent Sun instead of a Crescent Moon. The conscious Solar ego slowly dying away.

When the Crescent became even smaller I saw it as the smile of a super powerful, cosmic, Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat, smiling at the approach of the annihilation of the conscious ego.

And yet, that smile, that Cat, was also being annihilated. It made me think of this Eclipse being in the sign of Leo, the sign of the biggest cat of all, the Lion. Here, witnessing the death of the old Leo Lion previously ruling the brood, (a brood of lions ironically being called a ‘pride’ of lions) to give way to a new, younger, stronger leader. I will return to this Leo theme a bit later.

In the moments of Totality words cannot convey the otherworldly trans-fixation of those two minutes. Looking at the black circle with a white halo, where the Sun once shined. It was like the Eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings. It was a humbling, eerie, cosmic event of Suspended Reality.

Even in that moment of greatest darkness, however, there was still light. In fact it was a light which is there all the time, but we can’t see it until we reach the moment of the greatest darkness. Something many of us know and have experienced.

Seeing the emerging ‘Diamond’ of first sparkling light, was so joyous. A true rebirth. I used it to rebirth myself into light, in a ceremonial committed release of my own darknesses.

As the upper Crescent appeared it was no longer the smile of the Cheshire Cat, but the emergence of a halo or a crown of the newborn king of a higher consciousness.

I then stayed entranced in the rebirth of the Solar Light. It wasn’t until it was two-thirds revealed that I finally felt the returning waves of warmth, displacing the sudden coolness which had descended earlier.

As I mentioned in my previous newsletter on the Eclipse, this Astrological event is conjuncting the Leo self-image of President Donald Trump, and opposing the Aquarian Moon of the United States.

This tension has been obvious in the events leading up to this Great American Eclipse. Notably, the Leonine pride and arrogance of those who feel justifiably superior to races other than white, being in opposition to the true Aquarian idealism of ‘All Men Are Created Equal,’ in the Aquarian birth foundation of the United States of America.

Trump’s, as previously noted in my last newsletter, ‘faking it’ Leo Ascendant makes him an appropriate spokesperson, or at least, an apologist for this Leo element of our society.

To me, the Astrological omens foretell that this tension has to die, has to be resolved and attain a healing integration, and be reborn. Then the unification of ‘One Nation Under God’ may actually come to pass.

I don’t know what is going to facilitate that death.

In 10,000 years I highly doubt that there will be separate races of humanity. Hilarion has said that if there was anything abnormal by a mixing of races their offspring would have genetic defects. The fact that it never does undercuts the belief that the races must be kept separate, and for anyone one race to feel superior to another. Some of the most magical people I know are bi-racial. The Native Americans call them ‘Rainbow People.’

Yesterday, my brother shared with me a bit of a weird joke being spread on Twitter.

That we should keep our Eclipse glasses after the Eclipse is over, because we can then use them to watch the first flash of a nuclear bomb.

A weird joke but, as there are no accidents, there is no accident that this thought or image is passing through the collective psyche at this time. It does make one ponder the world we are in at this time.

Myself, I am keeping my glasses, not for viewing a nuclear bomb attack, but so I can safely stare at the Sun in focused meditation, when it is higher in the sky, and for extended periods of time, with reverence and respect for the Being which is the Solar logos, whose unceasing nuclear reactions gives us all that we are as physical beings. Let us all remember to humbly appreciate the True Light that gives life, and not the illusionary light of the egoic limited self, which inevitably leads to destruction.

May All Beings Be Happy
May All Beings Find Peace
May All Beings Be Liberated

Last night I was listening to a CD by Deepak Chopra called Spiritual Solutions. I highly recommend these CD’s.

In it, I heard the best description of the Leonine phenomenon of President Donald Trump. And of the solution, which, to me, represents a true healing/integration of the leadership quality of Leo and the group conscious humanitarian quality of Aquarius.

Here are a few extracts:

If you want others to follow you make yourself look bigger than life. The bigger your ego the more people will use you as an umbrella. Human nature seems to force those who feel weak to give away even more of their power. But ego is almost as bad in decision making as fear.

One over-estimates dangers while the other won’t admit that dangers exist. Under the sway of ego the person must perform constantly. The one thing the ego is good at is building up an image and images demand that you put on a show that other people will believe in.

It is exhausting therefore to devote so much energy to being a winner. While even more energy must be expended to keep self-doubt at bay.

Good decision makers are considered to be bold and fearless. With that in mind, most of us fake it, trying to appear more confident and sure of ourselves than we really feel. The great frauds in history achieved their success by mastering a look of complete self-confidence.

But in reality, the most momentous decisions are made in the presence of fear and anxiety.

A glance at the photos of Lincoln during the Civil War, and of Winston Churchill during the Blitz of World War Two testifies to their depression, worry and sorrow.

When fear is an inescapable factor the real question is: How to keep it from destroying your mind?

A Solution:

Act from the True Self where ‘I’ is no longer personal. Instead the ego of the True Self is simply a focus of perception. You have a unique perspective without investing in it.

As awareness expands the ego doesn’t die but changes jobs. The old job was to look after number one. The new job is to look out for the whole situation.

You no longer have such a personal stake in the world. Our aim is to benefit our self while causing no harm to others.

Ideally, what you want leads to benefits for everyone.

That ideal is only attained at the level of pure awareness, however. At every other level there is duality and with duality there is a clash between me and you. We pursue separate self-interests.

In expanded awareness you take a closer step toward unifying duality. And as that happens automatically the conflict between separate selves begins to be dissolved.

Former President George W. Bush also has the same Leo Ascendant as President Donald Trump. During his Presidency I saw that Saturn was going to conjunct his Ascendant. I used that to predict that that was when all of his false arrogant pride would likely be humbled.

That conjunction took place within 5 days of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy in New Orleans. And that was when George W. Bush’s poll ratings went into decline, and he never really recovered.

Although, I never thought I would say this, but I kind of miss him now. 🙂

I feel this Eclipse, and the pushback by even members of the Republican Party towards Trump’s comments in the aftermath of the tragedy in Charlottesville, VA., feels like Donald Trump’s ‘Hurricane Katrina Moment.’

I don’t know what scenarios will unfold. Us Astrologers will certainly be looking at key transits to the Eclipse Point degree in the months ahead and I will try to keep you posted, or at least try to understand the Astrological messages underlying events as they occur.

In the meantime, may we all keep faith in the Light which is always there, and do what we can to seek the True Self at the level of which there is no fear.

Steffan Vanel

The Great American Eclipse: August 21, 2017

Imagine it is a time in the distant pre-historical past. You are walking across the high dry plains with the bright Sun rising, mid-way to being directly overhead. The golden globe is rapidly heating the air of another hot summer day. Suddenly you notice a curved shadow at the top of the Sun. Then you witness that shadow moving gradually across the face of the Sun, blocking more and more of its light, until you can only see a brilliant diamond ring of light around the dark spherical shadow. This diamond then reduces down to only a deep red glow. That red glow is finally replaced by a filigreed veil of fine whispery threads of light, flowing, glowing around the dark sphere.

In the meantime the brighter stars and planets of the night have appeared in the darkened sky of the day, and the temperature of this summer day has noticeably dropped.

Imagine witnessing this without a rational scientific understanding of why the Sun, the source of all life and warmth on this planet, is suddenly extinguished in this mysterious way. It would be easy to imagine being greatly fearful that the Great Divine Spirit behind all creation had forsaken us.

In listening to accounts of experienced scientific ‘Eclipse Watchers’ it seems that even the scientific rational understanding of a total Solar Eclipse phenomenon is not sufficient to remove the experience of complete overwhelming awe in witnessing one of these events.

This is where Astronomy and Astrology really find themselves in the same boat.

Of course the Astrologers are going to be particularly energized by this kind of celestial event.

I have invested a fair bit of research in preparation for this article, having read the articles of many other Astrologers, purchased previous lecture recordings, etc. I now know way more about Eclipses than I ever knew was possible.

Of course a lot of this information becomes quite technical, which I am trying to keep to a minimum for the purposes of this article.

One technical point, both physically and metaphysically, however, is the fact that the only reason we have an ‘exact’ eclipse of the Sun is because the Sun and the Moon, from our perspective, appear to be the exact same size.

In science this is called ‘The Great Coincidence.’ No other observable planet has this same relationship with one of their moons. This is rather strange when you think about it, that the Moon would be right at 92 million miles away from Earth so as to appear the same size as the Sun.

The Ascended Master Hilarion*, however, whom most of you know I quote quite frequently, has given an explanation of this phenomenon in his introduction to the influence of the Moon in an Astrological chart, where he addresses the age old debate often paraphrased as ‘Nature vs. Nurture’:

The Moon in astrology denotes an area quite distinct from those to which the Sun relates. The Moon is the closest of the astrological bodies to the earth, and as such it denotes those influences and characteristics which are acquired on the earth itself, usually in the early portion of the life pattern. It is interesting that although the Moon is a small celestial body, it appears as large as the Sun due to its closeness. This is symbolically quite apt, for in the makeup of each incarnated individual, it is common to find that the acquired characteristics loom about as large as those which are inborn and filter down from the soul level. Hence the old argument of psychologists as to which has more importance in the make-up of an individual — the inborn nature or the acquired traits — is perfectly balanced in astrology which declares that in the main, both are of major significance.

Elsewhere Hilarion has stated that the Sun in Astrology:

Denotes characteristics which are a predominant feature of the soul or higher self which has projected the conscious personality.

So, in a Solar Eclipse we have the Lunar, more unconscious, instinctual programs of childhood, in their time of greatest darkness and obscurity, extinguishing the conscious, Solar light of the Soul’s essence.

In Astrological circles it is said that an Eclipse has the same intense effect as an outer planet transit. To my mind, the death/rebirth nature of an Eclipse likens it to a Pluto transit.

Indeed there is a vast databank of Eclipses associated with intense Plutonian-like transformations, as in intense cataclysmic natural disasters, as well as socio-political transformations.

As the Sun represents the King of the land in ancient Astrology, an Eclipse was often associated with the potential death or fall from power of the king.

Australians had their own personal experience of this in recent times:

A solar eclipse appeared the day before the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was deposed on September 14, 2015. Australia’s third longest-serving Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, died on the morning of the previous solar eclipse of March 20 that same year. Fraser’s great adversary, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, passed away three days before the prior solar eclipse of October 24, 2014. Eclipses have long been known to change the political order. (found at www.wellness.com)

Now, the effect of an eclipse on you personally depends on where it lands in your chart, as Astrologer Steven Forrest has said:

Eclipses do not affect everyone equally. You might possibly be immune to this one. Your astrological radio has to be tuned to the station where the broadcast is happening –which in this case is near the end of the sign Leo.

So, if your Sun or other planets are near the end of Leo, or Scorpio, Taurus, or Aquarius, you are going to be affected by a ‘hard aspect’ from this Eclipse on August 21st.

Of course everyone is going to have this eclipse affecting them in some way at this time. Some of us will simply be more ‘dialed in’ than others.

This 29th degree of Leo, where this Eclipse occurs, has become a focal point which Astrologers have been watching and will be watching, especially as transits from the heavenly bodies in the days, weeks, months, even years and decades of years ahead impinge upon that degree.

Now eclipses come in series and various cycles. For example the current series of eclipses this year and next year are in this order chronologically: Leo, Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, Leo, Aquarius, Cancer, Aquarius, and Leo.

Leo and Aquarius are opposite to each other, so clearly, the Leo/Aquarius axis of polarity is being particularly activated in this time period. More about that later.

A Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon, with the Earth’s shadow eclipsing the light of the Sun.

A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon. The New Moon, in itself, is a monthly death/rebirth of the Lunar energies. A Solar Eclipse, as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun from reaching the Earth is, as noted by Steven Forrest: ‘A New Moon on steroids.’ Again, upping the energies of this monthly death/rebirth to a Plutonian-like transformation, involving not only the Lunar unconscious, instinctive energies, but the death/rebirth of the conscious Solar energies at the same time.

The Leo/Aquarius polarities of both the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in this two year time period has extra potency I feel, because we are now moving into the New Age of Aquarius. An Age of true brother/sisterhood, equality, and human group consciousness. So, to my mind, there is a much deeper collective drama, teaching, and lesson being communicated to the world as a whole by this upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.

The fact that the population enabled to see the exact totality of this death/rebirth of our Sun will be in a band spanning the entire continental United States, for the first time since 1918 (in 1979 it was only visible in the Northwest of the US), is why this is being called ‘The Great American Eclipse.’

In fact, this is the first Total Solar Eclipse since our birth in 1776, which is visible only in the continental United States.

For us Astrologers this has really amped up concerns, predictions, and imaginings of the possible ramifications of this Eclipse, especially for the U.S.

This is something really hard not to do when we see that some of the radio stations dialed in to this event are within the charts of President Donald Trump as well as of the United States itself.

Now this Eclipse is also dialed in to the charts of Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Kim Jon-Un of North Korea, Vladimir Putin, and the charts of Russia, Iran and Israel.

It does seem, however, that the most prominent actor on this stage, presently, is President Donald Trump. Listening to the BBC occasionally in the middle of the night, I get a sense of the global quizzical fascination from observers around the world being fueled by the near daily dramas emitting from our White House.

So let us look at what effects could occur upon our President.

First of all, Donald Trump himself is an ‘Eclipse Baby,’ that is, he was born on the day of a total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. This in itself is going to make him resonant with the eclipse theme of death and rebirth more than others.

The likely themes of his natal Lunar Eclipse, death/rebirth, involving opposing Solar and Lunar forces, can be understood in looking at what Hilarion has said about his Sun being in the 10th House, and his Moon being in the 4th house.

Sun in the 10th:

Tenth House This portion of a Natus denotes the Satumian concepts of authority, duty and devotion. The tenth is also a parental house, and usually corresponds to that parent who was seen as having the main authority over the native when a child. Because of these general associations, and due to the fact that one’s work in the present world system (the Piscean) is looked on as an arena where authority, duty and responsibility must be dealt with, the tenth sector of a birth chart has come to designate the “career” in conventional astrological texts. But it is much broader than that. The tenth house really denotes the “role in life” which the person elects to play – whether that role is as a housewife, a teacher, a student, a businessperson, or whatever. All of these are stage-parts which the individual acts out for the world, holds up and says “this is me” to the rest of humanity. And yet, many persons do not strongly identify with their “official roles”. They have no career facade behind which they hide their real selves. Such individuals are those who have learned the lesson of truth — simply to be true to oneself, and not pretend to be something which inwardly one is not. This lesson is perfectly summed up in the ancient edict, “man, know thy-self’, and any who are truly familiar with their own inner truth will not be found among those who waste their life energies projecting a false picture to the world.

We have digressed somewhat, but it was desired to take this opportunity to highlight what we see as one of the more deplorable tendencies found in the world today: namely the area of job/career/work. Man should not define himself in terms of what he does, but rather in terms of what he is. And when men come at last to understand the true definition of the human soul, then all of the charades and all of the pretense will melt away like butter in the sun.

For what is that true definition of man’s soul? It is one known to all the great sages of the world, and it is simple to state as well: Each individual is a child of the Love of God, and each is treasured by the Father even as an earth father treasures his own children. No other definition strikes so clearly at the heart of the matter, for none captures so well the essence of man’s relation with his God.

When the Sun is located in the tenth sector of a Natus, its meaning is that the individual has a strong drive to “project a role” into the world, to achieve something, to make his mark. This tendency is a habit built up in past lives of accomplishment.

Another practical meaning of this placement relates to the parents. Almost without exception, one with the Sun in the tenth will have come under the strong, dominating influence of one of his parents, and this relationship will have been responsible for re-kindling, in this life, the old predilection for worldly success which was assembled in past earth-experiences.

From a lesson point of view, this solar placement shows a need to learn to be true to one’s own inner essence, and not to compromise that truth for the sake of success. The more afflicted is the sun, the more that lesson needs to be learned.

Karmically, the sun in the tenth sector requires the individual to pass through stages of uncertainty and worry in connection with his “role in life”. The degree of affliction to the sun speaks of the seriousness of these episodes. Under great affliction, the Sun here will show one who never seems able to establish the career role he yearns for.

And this is for the Moon in the 4th House:

Fourth House
A fourth-sector Moon is a very powerful significator astrologically, for it points to one whose natural rhythms and desires run in the direction of seclusion, isolation and the domestic routine. However, the life-pattern of this person is arranged by his guides to deny the full realization of such natural yearnings, the denial depending to a large degree on how afflicted the Moon is. The reason for the denial is to prompt the person to venture “out into the world “, and to experience the demands and rewards of the rough-and-tumble existence which the earth plane offers. In a typical case, the individual with the fourth house Moon has spent too many sequestered or sheltered lives in a protective, home-like setting, and has lost his ability to fend for himself in the outside world. In many instances these sequestered incarnations have included lives in a monastery or convent — and although much can be learned and laudable soul-traits can be acquired in such secluded experiences, there is the need to balance that isolation with a period of rugged contact with the grittier side of life that most people experience in an incarnation. We have been speaking of the “lesson” side of this lunar placement.

Karmically, the picture is quite different. The individual with a fourth sector Moon has invariably placed others in positions in which they were exposed before they were ready to the harsher side of earth life. Often this has occurred by ejecting children from a protective home environment, and forcing them to confront the rough realities of the world at an early age. As a result, again depending on the degree of affliction to the fourth-sector Moon, the individual himself usually finds that he has had to undergo a similar experience at a relatively tender age. In the absence of serious affliction (especially from Saturn) the individual may escape such an episode in early life, but will still have to go through some form of (to him) undesirable exposure to the harshness of the world at a later time in his life.

So, in shorthand, here we have someone who wants to be famous and successful, but also always want to go home at night.

In light of the statements by Hilarion regarding a 10th House Sun we can certainly surmise that Donald Trump has experienced, and is now experiencing, some: ‘uncertainty and worry in connection with his “role in life.”

The tensions between these two tendencies, between an outer world role and the desire to retreat into the 4th House of home, family and domestic security, has been really activated for Donald Trump this year as Saturn, presently moving through his 4th House, conjuncted his Moon on December 30, 2016, opposed his Sun January 18 (two days before the Inauguration), opposed his Sun again July 7th, will conjunct the Moon again August 20th (the day before the Eclipse) will conjunct the Moon one last time August 30th, and will oppose the Sun one last time on October 11th.

I am sure there have been, and will be, times when Donald Trump’s Inner Child is saying: “I just want to go home,” or, as has been noted, he will be inclined to take a lot of days off.

And remember, this Sun/Moon opposition in his chart bears the imprint of a total Lunar Eclipse on the day he was born.

This, however, is not the scariest Astrological factor at play in his chart in relation to the August 21st Eclipse. In fact, the Eclipse degree of 29 degrees Leo is going to be in harmonious aspect to both ends of this Sun/Moon opposition, which could help him to greatly heal and integrate these oppositional dichotomies. That beneficial energy, however, might be made available by being removed from the Presidency.

The scarier part of his chart at this time is the fact that the August 21st Eclipse is going to be within one degree of his Ascendant (his self-image), two degrees from his Mars (his will energy) and within one degree of his Progressed Sun (the movement of his identity through the chart).

These factors are what has all of us Astrologers ‘abuzz’ with dire premonitions for our President in the months ahead.

Donald Trump’s Mars being eclipsed, which is technically in his 12th House, but being conjunct his Ascendant, it is easy to recognize its influence being pulled into the 1st House of self-image, involves these two components:

Mars in Leo:

This sign has its greatest problem in arrogance and pride. Mars here, when afflicted, gives a tendency to escalate arrogance into actual dislike or disdain for others. There is a tendency to have a chip on the shoulder, and to be quite antagonistic to those whose interests conflict with one’s own. Often dislikes are taken to others for no apparent reason — merely that “he rubs me the wrong way”.

The major lesson for Mars afflicted in Leo is to be more accepting of others, and to control the feelings of antagonism.

Mars in the First House:

First House When Mars is located in the first house, it is certain that the self-picture is colored by the notions of maleness, assertiveness and athleticism. If afflicted, Mars in the first will bring a strong tendency to conflict with others, to “rub them the wrong way”. The lesson is simply to moderate the assertiveness and aggression to the point where the relationships with others are no longer disrupted by these traits.

These factors are resonant with interpretations found within the canons of traditional Astrology. What no other Astrologer has pointed out, except those few who may be using the Hilarion material, is what Hilarion has said about Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant:

When the sign Leo rises, there will be a tendency for the self-picture to be colored by the notions of elegance, specialness and superiority. A proudness will often be felt internally, even though it usually does not manifest. The reason for giving this Ascendant to an individual is to prompt him to think better of himself than he is in the habit of doing when in incarnation. The rulership by the Sun thus lends to the individual certain bolstering influences in terms of how he sees himself, which are intended to teach him not to underestimate his own worth and not to feel inferior to others. In view of this explanation, it will be understood that those with Leo rising will often find that they are torn between thinking little and thinking a lot of themselves. Through the experience of this inner battle, it is hoped that they will ultimately learn that each person is complete and worthy in his own right, and that none are either superior or inferior.

Now, with all of my clients who have Leo Rising, when I’ve told them that, with Leo Rising, you are not as strong as you look, they all readily admit it. These are people, after all, who are into self-development and are willing to pay me to take a deep honest look into who they really are.

Whereas Donald Trump has stated that he doesn’t like to analyze himself because he might not like what he sees there.

And with that arrogant, aggressive, 1st House Mars in Leo right there on his Ascendant, his response whenever anyone or anything confronts that inner insecurity is to instantly hit back ten times harder, or at least launch a vicious tweet. Being a Gemini, he’s going to be good at quick, edgy, critical communications, although the Saturn oppositions to his Sun mentioned earlier are likely to have a sobering effect there as well.

I would also note that Donald Trump’s continued tendency to divide the world into ‘winners and losers’ is not a good indication that he has learned this Leo Ascendant lesson:

Through the experience of this inner battle, it is hoped that they will ultimately learn that each person is complete and worthy in his own right, and that none are either superior or inferior.

So, this part of Donald Trump’s Astrological curriculum is, with this Eclipse, slated for death and, hopefully, rebirth. Especially as his Progressed Sun, Solar conscious, identity is right there as well.

Also conjunct to Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant at the time of his birth was the fixed star Regulus, one of the four ancient Persian ‘Royal Stars.’ No wonder he thought he wanted to be President. This Regulus, Royal Star will also be one degree from the Eclipse point. Any ancient Astrologer would use that, in itself, to predict the possible death, or fall from power, of the king.

I would like to end this discussion of President Donald Trump with a transcribed conversation between former Secretary of Labor, and now University of California professor, Robert Reich and a former Republican member of Congress.

I found this in an on-line version of The Nation magazine. You can make of it what you want. In light of my previous discussion I find it extremely interesting:

Hill Republicans: Trump is fritzing out

This morning I phoned my friend, a former Republican member of Congress.

Me: What’s going on? Seems like the White House is imploding and Republicans are going down with the ship.

Him (chuckling): We’re officially a banana republic.

Me: Seriously, what are you hearing from your former colleagues on the Hill?

Him: They’re convinced Trump is out of his gourd.

Me: So what are they gonna do about it?

Him: Remember what I told you at the start of this circus? They planned to use Trump’s antics for cover, to get done what they most wanted – big tax cuts, rollbacks of regulations, especially financial. They’d work with Pence behind the scenes and forget the crazy uncle in the attic.

Me: Yeah.

Him: Well, I’m hearing a different story now. Stuff with Sessions is pissing them off. And now Trump’s hired that horse’s ass Scaramucci – a communications director who talks dirty on CNN! Plus Trump’s numbers are in freefall. They think he’s gonna hurt them in ’18 and ’20.

Me: So what’s the plan?

Him: They want him outa there.

Me: Really? Impeachment?

Him: Doubt it, unless Mueller comes up with a smoking gun.

Me: Or if he fires Mueller.

Him: Not gonna happen.

Me: So how do they get him out?

Him: Put someone else up in ’20. Lots of maneuvering already. Pence, obviously. Cruz thinks he has a shot.

Me: But that won’t help them in the midterms. What’s the plan before then?

Him: Lots think he’s fritzing out.

Me: Fritzing out?

Him: Going totally bananas. Paranoia. You want to know why he fired Priebus, wants Sessions out, and is now gunning for Tillerson?

Me: He wants to shake things up?

Him (chuckling): No. The way I hear it, he thinks they’ve been plotting against him.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Twenty fifth amendment! Read it! A Cabinet can get rid of a president who’s nuts. Trump thinks they’ve been preparing a palace coup. So one by one, he’s firing them.

Me: I find it hard to believe they’re plotting against him.

Him: Of course not! It’s ludicrous. Sessions is a loyal lapdog. Tillerson doesn’t know where the bathroom is. That’s my point. Trump is fritzing out. Having manic delusions. He’s actually going nuts.

Me: And?

Him: Well, it’s downright dangerous.

Me: Yeah, but that still doesn’t tell me what Republicans are planning to do about it.

Him: Look. How long do you think it will be before everyone in Washington knows he’s flipping out? I don’t mean just weird. I mean really off his rocker.

Me: I don’t know.

Him: No all that long.

Me: So what are you telling me?

Him: They don’t have to plot against him. It will be obvious to everyone that he’s got to go. That’s where the twenty fifth
amendment really does comes in.

Me: So you think…

Him: Who knows? But he’s losing it fast. My betting is he’s out of office before the midterms. And Pence is president.

This article was originally published on Robert Reich’s blog.

Now I am not using this conversation to validate an Astrological prediction about Donald Trump’s removal as President. I do find it quite interesting in relation to the symbolic Astrological discussion at hand. I also tend to agree with Astrologer Steven Forrest when he says: Astrologers are expected to make predictions. It is the bane of our profession, in my opinion.

What is more interesting for me than just making accurate predictions is understanding and learning the cosmic lessons that our Spiritual Guides are trying to convey through the symbolic language of Astrology, no matter what specific events befall us to facilitate that learning.

To get a sense of what the collective lesson is, especially for us here in the U.S. I want to turn to view the impact of this Eclipse upon the Astrological Birth Chart of the United States of America.

Well, the obvious factor is that this ‘Great American Eclipse’ will be within one degree of exact opposition to the Moon in Aquarius of the United States.

This Aquarian Moon is one of the few planets in the American Astrological make-up which has no difficult aspects on it, natally. As the Moon represents the influence of childhood, I have understood this Moon to represent the Aquarian idealism of humanitarian equality and freedom which was operative in the birth and early life of the United States.

President Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant/Mars in Leo is opposite to this Aquarian idealism. So, he is not the most likely candidate to encourage an Aquarian universal love and unity that can bring us together as one nation of brothers and sisters.

Looking at this Astrological drama, with the Eclipse itself being opposite to the US Moon in Aquarius, I am tempted to summarize it as saying that the forces involved in the likely fall from power of President Donald Trump are likely to create even greater tension on the civil division and discord already threatening our Aquarian humanitarian brotherhood potential.

I feel I already witnessed an example of this as I recently watched a video of radio talk show commentator, Rush Limbaugh, launching a vicious round of attacks against the Republicans in Congress, accusing them of conspiring against Donald Trump’s ability to succeed in implementing his goals and agenda. Clearly ‘firing up the base’ as they say.

In the aftermath of this trauma/drama, however, eventually, I think there is going to emerge some new embrace and embodiment of that Aquarian, humanitarian idealism. Who knows, maybe we will even get to single-payer Medicare for all after all.

The Deeper Collective Teaching

So, the fact remains, the whole world is experiencing this series of Leo and Aquarius eclipses. Each nation, and each of us individually, will be feeling this polarity between the Leo energy of leadership and creative expression, (although potentially arrogant and self-involved), and the Aquarian humanitarian universal group consciousness.

Two of these Leo/Aquarius eclipses are opposite the Pluto in Leo of President Donald Trump. Pluto was in Leo, however, for 17 years, from 1939 to 1957. All of us ‘Baby Boomers’ have Pluto in Leo.

Much can be said about the period when Pluto was in Leo and in the lives of the generation born with Pluto in Leo. The one point I wish to make here is that this has given our generation the karmic lesson of letting go of an expectation or attachment to a great leader to ‘save us,’ whether that was through their actual death (John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King) or their fall from power (Richard Nixon).

Elsewhere in the world one can cite the ‘fall from grace’ of previously revered leaders like Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. These events have hit people in our generation in particular.

One can also sense that a lot of Trump supporters are from our generation, but even on the left, we are feeling bereft of confidence in any Democratic leader currently on the political stage who can save us.

I would say the lesson is to see that no Leo/leader who isn’t in humble service to the greater Aquarian collective need for us to come together as one human family is not going to successfully integrate and bridge the Leo/Aquarius polarity that this coming New Age requires.

Barack Obama, who is a Leo, but has Aquarius Rising, was when we had a twinge of hope of the possibility of that integrated Leo/Aquarius polarity to emerge within our collective experience.

Obama wasn’t perfect, but I do feel he was a good man who really would have liked to succeed as a leader who could have served to unite the Red and the Blue, into the Purple.

The rather likely fall, sooner or later, of President Donald Trump, I feel is indicative of the death of an old, outdated mode of belief in all-powerful Leo strong men, arrogant leaders whose power is based on division rather than unity.

One can already notice much greater instances of congressmen uniting ‘across the aisle’ in political response to the current political uncertainty and chaos. Hopefully, that will become stronger, although I’m not sure under a President Mike Pence.

Still, you have to try to keep the faith, and if it is only the Democratic Party that can align to the Aquarian humanitarian ideal, then I say more power to them.

Yesterday, in the midst of writing this article, I went to see: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Al Gore’s sequel to ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ speaking of the dangers of Global Warming, which premiered 10 years ago.

Now Al Gore himself has Leo Rising, as does George W. Bush. Seeing that at the time of the 2000 Presidential Election had me saying ‘Oh great, no matter what the next President of the United States is going to be basically insecure.’

I’m not sure, but I suspect, that if I did an Astrological Reading for Al Gore he would, at this point, admit that he isn’t as strong as he looks.

In this film, however, much of which was filmed in the mode of ‘Cinema Veritas,’ where two filmmakers followed him around for two years, I feel I witnessed someone using Leo ‘Chutzpah’ to indeed speak ‘truth to power,’ in service to perhaps the greatest global humanitarian (Aquarian) threat facing the human race at this time.

There were many poignant moments in this film. What I wish to note in this article was the footage of behind the scenes events during the Paris Climate Conference, discovering that Al Gore had, on the spot, convinced a Solar Energy company in Silicon Valley to give their proprietary technology for free to India to succeed in convincing India to change from being the only holdout to the global agreement which had already been determined, to being willing to sign on to the deal very shortly before the deadline/end of the conference.

Of course the film also had to present the dismal news of President Donald Trump’s decision to oppose that great global (Aquarian) agreement.

In the film, or the video taped question and answer interview screened following the film, however, there was the hopeful news that enough US State Governors had promised to meet their carbon reduction goals in spite of Trump’s withdrawal, to have made it such that the U.S. is still on track to meet its carbon reduction goals anyway.

Gore also voiced his having had the immediate worry that, following Trump’s announcement, the other nations would use that as an excuse to drop out of the agreement as well. He was heartened, as should we all, by the fact that not one other nation has chosen to drop out of the agreement thus far.

Ironically, the Leo self-involved arrogance of Donald Trump could actually be serving as a catalyst to bring the Global Aquarian Human family together.

The tension with our Aquarian Moon means the same thing could be happening here.

I would say that it is no accident that this movie is being distributed during this time of the eclipse. Indeed, speaking truth to power.

I do have faith, myself, and I do encourage others to keep faith, that the New Aquarian Age is coming. The corporations are not going to stop it. The Secret Government is not going to stop it. The Illuminati are not going to stop it. Even the Reptilian Aliens are not going to stop it.

Hilarion speaks in detail about what is going on and why, and the best perspective to take towards it. Sharing that information is how I have been ending my current lecture that I have been traveling around presenting: ‘The Method to the Madness: Astrological insights into the United States, President Donald Trump, and the Inauguration of January, 2017.’

As this article is already rather long I am not going to launch into yet another discussion. I will, however, be making a recording of this lecture available on the Web soon, I hope.

Special Offer

In the meantime, if you would like to have a short 30 minute Reading for $65.00 to key in on what specific impact the Eclipse will be making on your own Astrological Chart, you can email me at: steffan5515@yahoo.com.

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One word of caution:Between the Full Moon taking place on Monday the 7th and the Eclipse on the 21st is a period of letting things go, before the death/rebirth of the Solar Eclipse. So try to not start any new major projects until after the 21st.

My love and blessings to you all,

The Inauguration Chart for President Donald J. Trump

January 20, 2017 – 12:00 pm – Washington, DC.

Dear Friends, Clients and Subscribers,

I have recently returned to the U.S. from an overseas trip since just before the election. (We vote by mail in Washington State) I have actually been enjoying being out of the country during this time. I have been well aware and keeping tabs on what happened and was happening here, but I was glad that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time commiserating in misery with all of my lefty progressive friends. It did, however, make it all seem even more surreal.

I did receive gusts of the collective angst of the left side of the national divide as I was doing Skype Readings for my U.S. clients who were in anguish and asking if they should sell their stocks or not.

Part of the time I was away I was in China and watching the English Channel TV news station there. It was quite interesting to look back on it all from their perspective. Insights from that will percolate into future articles I expect to be writing.

Since I have been back, watching and hearing the daily news, I definitely feel that I have been thrown back into the thick of it. Through the writing of my book: ‘The Astrological Karma of the USA’, I feel I have set myself up as someone who is trying to make sense of it all. There are times, however, that I can nostalgically pine for the days that I could be more oblivious to it all.

Nonetheless, I accept it as my fate at this time to try to help out in this way. Below I will post a flyer for a lecture I will be giving here in Seattle, where I will be looking at the Astrology charts of the U.S. at this time, the Inauguration and of President Donald Trump. If you are in the Seattle area I invite you to come check it out. I do plan to record it and make it available somehow.

I will also be writing some future articles about the U.S. and Donald Trump Astrology charts. Today, however, I just want to share some insights into the chart for the Inauguration, which is the symbolic ‘birth’ of the Trump Presidency, as I feel it has some very interesting things to say, some of which I can recognize as already manifesting.

As a kind of ‘mission statement’ in response to one subscriber’s claim to my having a bias against Donald Trump; I have no intention of hiding the fact that my personal politics are well left of center. That being said, I honestly feel that anything I would say about Donald Trump’s chart or his Inauguration chart is an expression of what I would say about anyone with the same chart, no matter their political affiliation.

In the interest of trying to make this more clear and obvious I am going to rely more often than usual upon direct quotes from the main source of my Astrological insights, the book: ‘Astrology Plus’* channeled from the Ascended Master Hilarion.

There is a larger backstory to what is going on in the world at large at this time Astrologically. How that has, is, and will be impinging upon the Astrological Karma of the USA is likely to be the topic of a future article, and I will be starting with that topic in my lecture next Sunday.

Today, however, I just want to look at the Inauguration chart. Of course the Inauguration chart is an Astrological ‘snapshot’ of what we are all generally experiencing at this time on Planet Earth, in addition to some of the specifics for January 20, 2017

January 20, 2017 Inauguration Chart
January 20, 2017 Inauguration Chart

The largest Astrological theme of this decade are the Pluto/Uranus Squares we have just come through, and which are still in effect. Pluto in Capricorn, thus deep intense transformation of major organizations, structures, and the world economic system, which has been in tension with Uranus in Aries, i.e. courageous, perhaps rash and impulsive, unconventional efforts of revolution and change, and freedom from old patterns that have outlived their purpose.

These are the themes of hard Pluto/Uranus aspects which can be viewed throughout history when they were occurring, and this is a major factor in the manifestation of these themes in obvious ways on the world stage in recent years. The houses that these planets are performing in, whether in your own chart or a nation’s chart, is more personal and specific as they change every two hours every day. So, we will look at what house this Pluto/Uranus tension falls in in this Inauguration chart.

During this last year or so, however, we have also had the added Astrological theme of some Saturn/Neptune squares. Now, any difficult Neptune aspect will challenge us with the ‘victim/victimizer’ program and a certain ‘test of faith.’ This has been impacting, in particular, the Sagittarian self-image of the United States, and is clearly a major factor in the flavor and results of the recent campaign season.

Now the Saturn/Neptune tension has passed the peak, but this same theme reappears in this Inauguration chart. The Neptune end of this tension was in the sign Pisces, a sign that is ruled by Neptune and also quite prone to the ‘victim/victimizer’ program, increasing the likely intensity of this kind of challenge. Now, even though the Saturn/Neptune tension has eased off, Saturn in this chart, is squaring Venus and Mars in Pisces. And, Neptune, Venus and Mars are all in the house of ‘karma with former enemies.’

In the interest of objectivity here are some Hilarion quotes:

Eleventh House When the planet of love (Venus) is found in the house of former enemies, the significance is clear: that the individual should seek ways of expressing affection for those with whom he feels an echo of the old hatred or rivalry carried over from an earlier life.

Eleventh House When Mars is located in the eleventh house of a natus, there is a clear indication that those souls who in previous lives were cast in the role of opponents or enemies will again be part of this life, and moreover that the old resentments and conflicts with such souls have yet to be resolved. A person with this martian placement would do well to survey individuals who have played “enemy” roles in his life, and to seek ways of resolving those tensions. Even if such opponent souls are no longer in contact, the individual should look within himself and find a way to dismantle any resentment or dislike which he may still be harboring. Remember that if you die to this life with the least shred of resentment or dislike for any other soul, you must inevitably be drawn back into earthly incarnation with that same soul, there again to be put through the same tensions and differences that caused the original estrangement. This law is inflexible and governs all human souls.

So, it isn’t difficult to recognize that the adversarial nature of what has been termed the ‘Divided States of America’ (resonant with the theme of former enemies) is going to be an on-going challenge during this Presidency.

Although there could also be an involvement with other ‘former enemies’ to the U.S. i.e. Russia, China, Islamic ‘Jihadists’ etc.

Fortunately, Mercury in serious Capricorn is in positive aspect to Neptune in this chart. Mercury is coming from the house of belief system and should help us all to make the effort to ‘rise above the fray,’ to understand and communicate the, to my mind, only way out of the victim/victimizer program which is:

Unconditional love, for oneself and for others, total forgiveness, for oneself and for others, and spiritual faith, trust and surrender, to where there are no victims of victimizers, but just all of us little boys and girls trying to do the best that we can….even Donald Trump.

I do make the point that compassion doesn’t necessarily mean that you be a doormat. As every parent knows, you have to be on ‘the razor’s edge’ raising children. You can’t be too soft and you can’t be too hard. Otherwise either you are power tripping them or they are going to power trip you.

So, our challenge is to stand up for what we believe to be right but to not be coming from ego and losing our human capacity for compassion. In this regard I can tell that the next four years will be a ‘great opportunity for growth.’ This kind of opportunity does seem to be particularly evident in this chart.

Now these Saturn squares to Venus and Mars are not the most challenging elements of this chart. Pluto is in the house of belief system, and square to Jupiter in the house of work, service, activity in the world, and Jupiter is opposite to Uranus in the house of the deeper unconscious and past memory, and Uranus, in turn, is square to Pluto, again, in the house of belief system. This completes a ‘T-Square.’ This is where any Astrologer looking at this chart is going to go “Yikes!”

Here are a few quotes about a Jupiter/Uranus tension, which was exact on December 26, 2016, and will recur on March 2nd and September 28th of this year:

The expansive nature of Jupiter, the shocking nature of Uranus, and the antagonistic nature of the opposition mean that there is likely to be particular sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. The more restricted you have felt, then the more upsetting the change is likely to be. (found at astrologyking.com)

Clearly a reflection of what just happened to our nation in the election of Donald Trump, the legacy of which will be an ongoing factor in the unconscious psyche of the nation. Donald Trump himself has a Jupiter/Uranus trine, something he has been using to good effect his entire life.


But their (Jupiter and Uranus) combination can also produce dogmatic conviction of the rightness of their vision. This, as the driving force in challenging outmoded structures, can lead to the breaking down of old ways of organizing human life without regard for the consequences. They can also jointly manifest a restless drive towards innovation or revolutionary change, which cannot leave things alone which may be working perfectly well just as they are. They can also operate together with hubristic arrogance, usually with destructive consequences. (Found at astro.com)

Now Uranus also rules technology and is related to the birth of the Internet. To me this is relatable to the unconscious, not clearly known uncertainty of just how much the Russian computer hacking did influence the election, how much collusion may have existed between the Trump campaign and the Russians, or the Jupiterian, perhaps exaggerated, reaction to Hillary Clinton’s emails and of course, a President who incessantly ‘tweets.’

This Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter T-Square is a clear manifestation of the on-going Uranus/Pluto impulse to ‘throw the bums out’ taking place not only here but around the world.

This Inauguration chart, however, is the birth of an entity which will most likely exist and function for the next four years, which may well indicate an on-going, perhaps behind the scenes, revolutionary Uranus in Aries activity at odds with what is going on in the on-going daily life of the nation. Quite likely this will involve activities on the Left and the Right.

There is also a Jupiter/Pluto tension here, however, which is made more intense due to the fact that the Pluto end of this tension is in the house of belief system, which is ruled by Jupiter.

Here is a quite telling quote about a Jupiter/Pluto square in general:

Jupiter Square Pluto
This indicates that your personal philosophy and attitudes will condition your life, and because they tend to be fixed and dogmatic can serve to bring you into conflict with others. This philosophy or set of beliefs will either be ‘self-created’ or tend to reflect older, more traditional religious dogma; either of them is likely to be out of phase with much of contemporary life and social development. You will either express a peculiarly unique and personally individual outlook, or be willingly absorbed within a traditional structure. Basically, you are likely to be antagonistic to the modern world, believing that it is taking the wrong direction, and will be inclined towards a desire to reform the outer world and people so that they begin to conform to your world vision. There is a tendency towards mental arrogance, a certainty of your own way being right as opposed to the ways of others; and you are unlikely to be receptive to alternative beliefs and new ideas. You will be an active exponent of your way, expressing it forcefully to others, either by a challenging of their beliefs or by attempts at conversion; you feel that you have a mission to perform, and this conviction gives you the inner strength to continue. If rejection occurs, you tend not to use that experience as a means to re-evaluate your beliefs, but inwardly reassert your own sense of righteousness. Whilst it may appear that your own system of belief is intellectually founded, the truth is that it is rooted deep in your emotions, and you feel its personal meaning very intensely, thus whilst attempting to challenge and persuade others, you maintain a barrier to outer challenges against yourself. You are afraid that if your belief structure cracked and began to fall apart, then your inner cohesiveness as a personality would too, as your identity is so intertwined with your own beliefs. To some degree, most people are in a similar situation to yourself, where self-identity is defined by beliefs, opinions, attitudes, thoughts, emotions and body; in defending personal convictions you are defending yourself. It may be that your particular belief is not obviously religious; it could easily be political (Found at astromatrix.com)

Adding that to the fact that the Pluto is in the house of belief system and square to Uranus in the house of being ‘behind the scenes,’ or in the unconscious, adds to the intensity of this T-Square in terms of a pretty major ideological battle, the results of which are anybody’s guess.

When I talk about Uranus with clients I often repeat what I heard Astrologer/Author Liz Greene say at one time:

“Astrologer’s favorite pastime is trying to predict what a Uranus transit will be when it hits their chart, and they are always wrong.”

Now, one more quite telling factor here, especially when you have access to insights given by Hilarion is what he says about Jupiter in the house of daily life when difficulty aspected:

Sixth House
If Jupiter is in the sixth and negatively aspected, the indication is that the native will receive many rebuffs in life due to his inability to interact sincerely with others. The lesson of sincerity is a paramount one for him, and until it is learned, little true personal happiness can be found.

I think we have seen this quite a bit, including quite recent remarks on the part of President Trump and his Press Secretary, i.e. that the feud with the Intelligence community was created by the media, and that the crowds at his Inauguration were bigger than Obama’s when photographic evidence seems to clearly indicate that is a false statement. When I look at this chart I think we can expect more of the same.

And yet, whacky as those statements were, it did take down the headline of 2.6 million people in this country and others in 32 other countries marching in protest to the Trump Presidency from being the top story. Is it just Uranian impulsive wackiness, or clever Plutonian manipulation? In this chart I would have to say, probably a bit of both.

(As I am still working on this article since I wrote the above, we have now the additional apparently fraudulent claim that the reason Trump lost the popular vote was because of voter fraud.)

Adding to the theme of insincerity and dishonesty is the Mercury in the house of belief system. Again, in the interest of absolving myself from the accusation of having a penchant of bias, here is the Hilarion quote:

Ninth House
When Mercury is located in the ninth sector, there is an indication that the individual has forgotten the “precepts of righteousness” which he had acquired in earlier lives. The association of Mercury with an early childlike state is the rationale for this connection. Usually, the soul has passed from a state of “knowing” to a state of “forgetfulness” in terms of the Laws of Being, and one purpose of the present life is to restore the memory that has been eclipsed. The lesson side of this placement is thus obvious. Karmically there is a requirement that the individual pass through various episodes when his attempts to be less than completely honest and above-board will land him in hot water.

Now, fortunately, this Mercury is not difficultly aspected, but in early 2018 and throughout that year, transiting Saturn will be on top of that Mercury. I expect some concrete manifestation of someone landing in ‘hot water’ around then.

And knowing that Uranus is in opposition to the Jupiter in the sixth house penchant for insincerity, I believe we may see surprise revelations, perhaps Internet hacks, that reveal/expose this Jupiter in the sixth house insincerity.

I also tend to feel that this Uranian, revolutionary, potentially liberating force, behind the scenes, hidden away in the twelfth house is relatable to an emerging Progressive backlash to the policies and beliefs being implemented in the daily life of the nation over these next four years, also energized perhaps by duplicity in the conduct of things.

It should make for a quite interesting 4 years!

Toward the end of 2018 Saturn will harmonize with the Neptune in the house of Karma with former enemies, so this ‘hot water’ from the Mercury in the ninth house moral test could lead to some resolution and restoration of faith, compassion and healing between former adversaries.

Saturn is also in the house of other people affecting your money, and in harmony with both ends of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. These positive aspects could bring a bit of a sober, stabilizing influence upon some of this Jupiter/Uranus craziness. Somehow other people, other political parties, or other nations affecting our finances could provide some grounding ‘reality check’ here. This reminds me of an article in the current issue of ‘The Economist’ magazine: ‘China the Global Grownup.’

Pluto, in the house of belief system, is also in positive aspect to the former enemy, Pisces, victim planets, so I think, eventually, some Higher Wisdom may prevail there.

The last, and also very telling, component of this chart I want to mention is in regards to the position of the Sun in this chart.

The Sun is clearly going to represent the President himself in such a chart. In researching and working on this article I’ve discovered that, as a result of scheduling the Inauguration to always be on the exact same date and at the exact same time, to the minute, means that every Inauguration chart has a Taurus self-image (Ascendant) and a Capricorn projected image to the world (Midheaven).

This is what Hilarion says about having these two earth signs on these angles:

This sign appears commonly at the M.C. coinciding with either Aries or Taurus rising. It tends to cause a projection of the more serious and cautious traits of Capricorn into the outer picture. Others will see the individual as practical and hard-working, with little time for play. But play is precisely the right prescription for these individuals, particularly those with Taurus rising. In such cases the preponderance of earth on the angles weighs down the spirit and must be counteracted with light, enjoyable activity undertaken for pleasure alone.

In that light I would venture to say that it is therefore appropriate to make use of the therapeutic benefits of watching Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show, John Oliver and/or Bill Maher over the next four years.

The other consistent factor is that the Sun in our Inauguration charts is always in the first degree of the sign Aquarius, which is helpful in encouraging the potential for embracing a humanitarian group consciousness. The Sun is also always in the house of work, career, ‘role in the world’, again, rather appropriate for a Presidential Birth Chart. It makes me wonder if there was some secret member of the Masonic Lodge with esoteric knowledge involved with these choices.

What is relatively unique about the January 20th, 2017 chart, however, is that the Sun, although it is conjunct the Mid-Heaven, and therefore the most elevated, visible and prominent entity in the sky, it nonetheless has no positive, and no difficult, aspects to it. In effect, it is dangling up there by itself.

This brings to mind what Liz Greene said about having an ‘unaspected’ planet like this. She said that in such a case the planet would tend to live in the unconscious and not be easily integrated into conscious awareness.

I also remember something that Master Hilarion said about having the ‘D’ sound in a name in his book ‘Symbols’:

At the time when the parents are selecting a name for their child, the guides and guardians attempt to influence the choice in order to produce a first name which either a) reflects the traits or karma of the soul which is their child, or b) will influence the pattern of the life in such a way that the karma will be encountered. The latter effect is normally the case for the letter D. In other words, souls who must for karmic reasons go through a period of loneliness and separation from others are “labeled”, so to speak, with the sound D. Of course, not everyone who has the D in his first name will recognize this effect in his life, but comparison with the lives of others will usually show how the effect has manifested.

These two factors give me a sense of Donald Trump’s Presidency, as it progresses, becoming one where he is very isolated, perhaps a figurehead, but other people are really running the show.

In searching for the last time that the Inauguration Chart had an unaspected Sun, I had to go back until 1977, the Inauguration of President Jimmy Carter. It does seem to my memory that President Carter definitely ended up being rather isolated in his views, and rather overwhelmed by the flow of external events and attitudes, giving rise to the Ronald Reagan era.

Of course my liberal side would love to believe that this parallel between the two Presidencies could portend a one-term Presidency for Donald Trump as well. We shall see.

In this light, however, I might note that the most telling event I witnessed, personally, on the day of the Inauguration was when newly Inaugurated President Trump was signing Executive orders, a ceremony where the President normally uses a different pen for each order and gives it to someone present as a memorial gift.

I saw President Trump sign a document and give a pen to Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Ryan, however, put the pen back on the table and left it there. At the end of the signings Trump picked up the pen and tried to give it back to Ryan, but Ryan had turned away and hadn’t taken it. Then Trump, left holding the pen in his hand, tried to find someone else who would take it. At first, no one wanted to take it, and then someone finally did, but they apparently felt uncomfortable receiving it, and ended up giving it to Melania Trump….

In the Congressional luncheon that day I heard Paul Ryan give a glowing speech of praise for Vice President Mike Pence. The combination of that speech, the symbolic incident with the pen, the unaspected Sun in the Inauguration chart, and the fact that most of the cabinet picks are old school Republicans, many of whom have views on issues that are counter to those expressed by Trump himself, gives me a sense that this may become more of a Pence/Ryan Presidency than a truly Trump Presidency.

This reminds me of a joke told during the George W. Bush years: “If Dick Cheney had died, Bush would have become President.”

I do have some additional things to share about collective movements in the soul and psyche of our nation, and specific Astrological ‘exams’ approaching for our new President. These I will reserve for a future article, unless you want to come down and hear me on Sunday.

Steffan Vanel

My Cards Were Right – I Was Wrong: What does it all mean?

Dear Friends, Clients and Subscribers,

I am actually in China now, and quite busy. I have had some requests, however, to share some thoughts about the recent election results, so I have carved out some time to do so.

I must say, watching the election from here in Dali, a small idyllic city way away in Western China, has made what just happened back in the U.S. seem even more surrealistic.

Obviously, the ‘rigid holding pattern’ my cards had predicted for Hillary Clinton’s feelings the day after the election, and the ‘love’ they predicted for Donald Trump’s feelings, were not amenable to the spin my personal political bias was trying to put on them. I was also uncomfortable being virtually the only Astrologer predicting a Trump win, especially with all of the polls indicating a Clinton victory.

What does it all mean?

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton
source: midnightsunak.com

There is so much one can say. We definitely have uncertain times ahead of us. But it seems clear to me the Trump victory is a ‘sign of the times,’ i.e. reflective of the Saturn/Neptune squares of this past year. One can see how people who feel themselves victims (Neptune) feel resentment towards the establishment (Saturn) and are inspired to dissolve (Neptune) that Saturnian status quo structure and put in place their own authoritative strong man (Saturn).

One can see parallels of this around the world: in the British ‘Brexit’ from the authority of the E.U., the rise of various right-wing groups in Europe and specific ‘strong men’ in Eastern Europe and the Philippines.

The dynamic I see involved here is resonant with a travel blog I wrote some years ago from Nepal. Some of you may have read it. The insights that I had shared came from conversations I had had with my Himalayan trekking guide, Yadev. Yadev was a really nice guy and we became good friends during the 10 days of our trek together. At one point I asked him how he felt about the future of Nepal. With a despondent reaction he said “Oh it will go down. There is so much corruption in the government.’ This is, certainly a common refrain in third world nations. But then he surprised me by saying ‘But the people, they expect you to be corrupt. They want you to be corrupt. Even me, if I was a politician, I would be corrupt.’ Now the last part really kind of shocked me because I knew Yadev to be a guy I could trust to be honest, considerate and above board.

The insight that came to me was this: In most tribal societies, untouched by the sentiments of civic duty and social contracts among equal citizens, when they were looking for a tribal leader to help protect them from the other tribes, they were not looking for a civic-minded diplomatic type with a slogan like ‘Stronger Together. ‘ No, they wanted the meanest, bad-ass, self-involved ‘’Alpha’ male. And they were quite willing to overlook some of their personal unpleasantnesses in doing so. It is this archaic ‘tribal spirit’ searching for an alpha male, which was willing to overlook all of the perhaps immoral or unethical components of Donald Trump.

Now as to the sources of this sense of victimhood in the U.S. I’ve listened to a very interesting interview with an Atlantic Magazine journalist, James Fallows, who just spent three years flying his own small plane to small cities around the U.S. In his ‘on the ground’ assessments he really counters many of the reasons being cited for Trump’s popularity. For example, the myth that we are losing manufacturing jobs to Mexico, China and Japan. He said that might have been the case in the early 1990’s. Now, however, most of our (and their) manufacturing jobs are being lost to automation. He saw, however, that most communities have already adapted and moved on with new forms of young start-ups and entrepreneurs. He cited an article to the effect that all Republican congressmen believe the economy is getting worse, except in their own district.

He also made reference to Erie, Pennsylvania, which had a huge Trump rally. Erie is known as one of several ‘gateway’ cities serving as a receptive base for landing and integrating refugee immigrants. With this year’s rhetoric you would think there would likely be a large amount of fear, distrust and resentment towards the Syrian families brought to live there. In interviews with the families and the population at large he actually found none of that.

Seventy percent of the exit polls in this election had people stating that they favored a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

So what explains the discontent? Besides the Neptunian illusion, confusion, and victimhood affecting our Saturnian grasp of reality, I have one last Astrological explanation, and a last sociological, political explanation.

The sociological, political explanation was coined by an author in the phrase ‘The Majoritarian Backlash.’

This author put forth the observation that the previous and present (but dwindling) majority rule of this nation, basically the white race, and in particular, white men, have seen, and can see, the on-going erosion of their privileged position as the dominant force in the political and social culture of the USA, and there is a collective resentment about that decline.

Clearly this is a follow-up to the theme I presented in my last article about the reason for the collective resentment of Hillary Clinton. I would say that it shouldn’t have taken a political genius to see that, after forcing these white males to stretch and try to accommodate a Black President, about the worst thing you could do was to try to shove a female President on them, especially a female as flawed as Hillary Clinton. Hence, the Majoritarian Backlash.

I believe it is this discontent percolating in the collective psyche of this group that made them ready to get fired up about trade, immigration and terrorism when these weren’t really ‘hot button’ issues previously. It’s not too difficult to see the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ as code for ‘Make America White (and Male dominated) Again.’

This is parallel to the fears in Britain’s own ‘Majoritarian Backlash’ fueling Brexit. And, just as there has been a certain amount of ‘Brexit Remorse’ following the results of their election, I wonder if there isn’t some ‘Trump Remorse’ today, after having pulled the lever in protest, thinking that Hillary would win anyway.

A certain parallel has also been made between what just happened in the U.S. and what happened in post-1916 Weimar Republic Germany. That was a time when cosmopolitan Germans in the metropolitan centers were creating some of the most liberal forms of social democracy. They, however, experienced a backlash in the form of the Nazis, whose early support came largely from provincial, rural areas. Although it has also been pointed out that we must remember that populism is not fascism, at least in the early stages.

Now, I know that Hillary actually won the popular vote and clearly there are flaws in our system. But I don’t begrudge the existence of the Electoral College. If we had only a popular vote the candidates and their campaigning and advertising efforts would be focused entirely on the population centers of New York, California, Illinois and Texas. The rest of the nation would be basically irrelevant.

Now, I will end with an Astrological explanation derived from the U.S. chart. This is in reference to our Mars in the Seventh House, the house of relationships, giving rise to an experience of likely conflict and aggression in relationships and a tendency to ‘rush into battle’ when opposed, being square to our natal Neptune, making that Mars subject to illusion, confusion, delusion, victimhood and martyrdom.

USA Chart
USA Chart

I have written about this extensively in my book, and in subsequent articles over the years. For example, when Pluto was conjuncting the Neptune and squaring Mars we were in the delusionary military engagement of Vietnam. When I saw Pluto moving towards a square to Neptune and an opposition to Mars starting in 2003, I predicted the likely emergence of a similarly Vietnam-like manifestation. That of course was the War in Iraq.

When Pluto was activating this during the 1960’s it became characterized by the phrase ‘Hawks (Mars) and Doves (Neptune). Now, I was certainly a dove at the time and remain largely so today. But, as I said in my book, if I were counseling an individual with this same difficult aspect in their chart, I would say: ‘You need to heal and integrate this tension.’ This perspective has led me to feel that, karmically, the U.S. has to do the same. We obviously can’t just do Mars; send in the military, with no Neptune, i.e. no compassion or sensitivity to the reality of the people we are dealing with. But, by the same token, I am of the belief that we can’t just do Neptune without acknowledging there are occasionally times for an appropriate expression of Mars. The trick is to have it truly integrated and not either/or.

George W. Bush was obviously way too Mars. Obama has really tried to bring in Neptune and dissolve and melt away from those Martial wars started by George W., but, by my own assessment, as much as I appreciate and stand behind many of the efforts of Barack Obama, I do think he was too Neptune. I believe he should have stayed much more engaged with what we had created in Iraq, at least diplomatically, if not militarily having left some stabilizing troops there. Instead of disengaging virtually entirely and giving Prime Minister Maliki full sway at suppressing Sunni Muslims thus creating a more fertile ground for ISIS.

And, perhaps Obama could have done more to support moderate Syrians when there were still some around that could be distinguished from the Islamists.

Hillary actually seems to be, to my taste, a little too much on the Hawkish side of things, but she would have been a continuing effort to work on balance and integration of this. However, an animus-possessed woman in a pantsuit was just not Mars enough for Trump supporters hungry for a real martial alpha male warrior.

I think we saw the same phenomenon in the loss of Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan. My Kabbalah teacher, who always spoke of the balancing integration of the Tree of Life, said that because of this eternal back and forth movement of the pendulum, societies will always have a certain amount of ebb and flow between the conservative and liberal view points.

As to my liberal, progressive comrades, it is obvious that when we have a Republican President we do get much more seriously engaged. When we have a Democratic President we tend to just whine and criticize, or spin self-indulgent cocoons of conspiracy theories such that it doesn’t matter whom you vote for.

This is another factor as to why Hillary lost. Neither Hillary nor Trump received as many votes as Mitt Romney did when he lost the election in 2012. Lots of Democrats didn’t vote.

In an interview before the election with one of our great progressive champions, Noam Chomsky, he said any vote not made for Hillary is a vote for Trump. That this is just arithmetic. You can say you are going to vote your conscience but you can’t cancel the factual reality of arithmetic. And the danger of a Trump Presidency is such that you don’t really have a conscience if you don’t vote for Hillary but are just indulging in your own personal feelings.

As I have said in the past, the Sagittarian Ascendant of the U.S., giving rise to a tendency towards ‘seeing oneself as upright, honest and morally strong, whether true or not,’ is not limited to the Right Wing. We are all, in the U.S., prone to that kind of self-righteous ‘know-it-all ness.’

That Sagittarian self-image was getting hit pretty hard this past year. Next year it appears to be worse. And, as I said in my last article, the inauguration chart is also pretty challenging. More about those things later.

In the meantime, may we pray that there can be as much openings as possible in the consciousness and conscience of Donald Trump, and enough truly inspired strength and vision in those who oppose him, to mitigate as much as possible the potential harm that could happen to our society and the individuals within it, and to our fragile planet.

Steffan Vanel

The Reason for the Collective Resentment of Hillary, & Why Trump will be ‘Feeling the Love’

Dear Friends, Clients and Subscribers,

There is a psychological mechanism which one of my teachers, Astrologer and author Liz Greene, paraphrased as “The Velcro Theory of Human Relationships: If it sticks it’s yours”.

There can be many valid, rational reasons to feel antipathy towards someone. When there is that visceral, irrational, ‘over the top’ hatred for someone, however, it is generally a sign that some unconscious psychological complex is being triggered.

I live in the Eastern or ‘Red’ part of the State of Washington. This Fall I put up a Tarot Reading booth at the ‘Cider Festival’ in a neighboring county. It was clearly Trump Country, with a fire engine in the parade festooned with Republican Party signs, with Trump/Pence the largest, most prominent. I saw no evidence of the Democratic Party at that fair at all.

I could also overhear the people in the booth next to mine expressing their hatred for Hillary Clinton. What struck me the most was that the most intense, one might say ‘over the top’ hatred, came from the women.

Now, the male sexism in the Trump campaign has been pretty clear and obvious, with such slogans being displayed on t-shirts and banners unfurled near Hillary Clinton rallies encouraging others to ‘Trump that Bitch,’ or perhaps more frightening, ‘Burn her at the stake.’

To see this same antipathy for Hillary on the part of women supporting Trump, however, women who have failed to be the least bit disaffected by the sexist comments uttered by him in the ‘Access Hollywood’ video, starts to feel like ‘Velcro.’

Those of you who have experienced my special ‘Tree of Life Kabbalistic Tarot Reading’ know that a primary part of that Reading involves looking at the archetypal energies in your deep unconscious around the Masculine Principle, and around the Feminine Principle. This Reading gives me a unique ability to look objectively at how the individual is experiencing those two principles deep within themselves.

From having done so many of these Readings, and in many different countries, I have come to recognize certain collective patterns. Those of you who have read my book ‘The Astrological Karma of the USA’ may remember that I broached this subject there.

The pattern I am looking at here is in relation to the fact that, for many modern women, especially in the U.S., the Masculine side of their Reading is stronger and more identified with, than the Feminine side. In the U.S., statistically, it is around 18 out of 20 readings.

I often share how, when I lived in Europe, I could tell an American woman walking down the street before she said a word. Just by the way she walked. With an assertive, square-edged, masculine energy. As opposed to a curvy, receptive, mysterious feminine energy, which invites a man to pour himself into it, disappear, and see what he discovers. (I wax poetic)

This happens for at least one of three reasons. If the first two reasons don’t get you, the third one always does. Although double and triple ‘whammies’ are common.

The first reason is when a woman, as a child, is not in a close relationship with her mother, as that is a major way for a woman to learn what a woman is, through the female role-model of the mother. If she rejects that role model it will make it more difficult for her to know innately, instinctively, what a woman is, in which case she may develop the masculine as a source of identity.

The second reason is when a woman, as a child, is not in a close, trusting relationship with her father. This is the other way for a woman to experience her femininity, through the polarity with a man. Normally, the first man whom she trusts enough to experience the vulnerability of being female is with her father. If she doesn’t feel that trust, however, she may again develop the masculine, not only as a source of identity, but even as a source of protection from the father.

Of course there are many women who do express having had a closeness with their fathers, but when questioned more closely, we often see that this was facilitated by becoming ‘tomboys,’ as there was still that discomfort with the male/female polarization.

And this leads us into the third reason, the one which will tend to get you even if the first two didn’t, and that is the fact that the modern world seems to be trying desperately to turn everyone into men. Where masculine goals of work and career and intellect are what is valued, and feminine qualities are seen as secondary or inferior.

The pattern does seem to emerge the strongest in the ‘Anglo’ countries: the U.S., Britain, Canada, Australia, etc. My theory about that is that this is because of the long-term effects of British, Victorian Puritanism, where it was virtually impossible for a woman to enjoy being a woman. A situation where a woman was expected to have babies, but to not really enjoy making them. And where she didn’t have the opportunities to go into masculine goals of work, career and intellect. In my verbal rap I often say she was expected to be a ‘dodo.’

And of course this is something which modern women have been rather ‘pissed off’ about, especially in the last 40 or 50 years. It seems, however, that a common way to free themselves from this unfulfilling feminine role has been for women to take on the roles and identities of men. Of course everyone should have the freedom to unfold the male and female parts of themselves, which we all have in varying degrees. There does seem to be a collective compulsivity in this, however, which hasn’t allowed women to see what they are really missing. And it is hard to see because it is something that we have been missing for hundreds if not thousands of years.

This phenomenon is different, however, country to county. For example in France, maybe the Church tried to tell them that sex was bad, but it seems clear that nobody ever believed it.

Now, I have additional socio-cultural theories about this phenomenon and how it has or hasn’t occurred in different nations, but I don’t want to get too far afield from the subject at hand. So, back to Hillary Clinton.

In my research of Hillary Clinton I have noted that the first attacks on the part of Republicans against her were when Bill Clinton first ran for Governor in Arkansas. His opponent launched a major part of his criticisms not against Bill, but against Hillary, for keeping her maiden name and for not staying home to take care of her child.

Later, this kind of judgment came down upon her in the wake in her rather infamous statement about baking cookies and having teas. Here is the account on Wikipedia:

Clinton was facing questions about whether she could have avoided possible conflicts of interest between her governor husband and work given to the Rose Law Firm, when she remarked, “I’ve done the best I can to lead my life … You know, I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life.”

And this is from Time Magazine online in respect of this comment by Hillary:

Many traditionalists—as well as women who might otherwise have supported the Clintons—were outraged. “If I ever entertained the idea of voting for Bill Clinton, the smug bitchiness of his wife’s comment has nipped that notion in the bud,” one New Jersey voter told TIME back then.

Here are another few relevant quotes for this discussion:

McGill University professor of history Gil Troy titled his 2006 biography of her “Hillary Rodham Clinton: Polarizing First Lady”, and wrote that after the 1992 campaign, Clinton “was a polarizing figure, with 42 percent [of the public] saying she came closer to their values and lifestyle than previous first ladies and 41 percent disagreeing.” Troy further wrote that Clinton “has been uniquely controversial and contradictory since she first appeared on the national radar screen in 1992” and that she “has alternately fascinated, bedeviled, bewitched, and appalled Americans.”

University of Pennsylvania communications professor Kathleen Hall Jamieson saw Clinton as an exemplar of the double bind, who though able to live in a “both-and” world of both career and family, nevertheless “became a surrogate on whom we projected our attitudes about attributes once thought incompatible”, leading to her being placed in a variety of no-win situations.

Quinnipiac University media studies professor Lisa Burns found press accounts frequently framing Clinton both as an exemplar of the modern professional working mother and as a political interloper interested in usurping power for herself.

University of Indianapolis English professor Charlotte Templin found political cartoonists using a variety of stereotypes—such as gender reversal, radical feminist as emasculator, and the wife the husband wants to get rid of—to portray Clinton as violating gender norms.

Obviously, Hillary Clinton’s behavior and comments have triggered a resentment which was already moving along in the collective. I have, personally, listened to women express their resentment of NOW, the National Organization of Women, claiming that they look down upon, or feel superior to, women who choose to stay home with their children and not work outside of their home.

This is obviously complex territory with no easy answers. This summer an actress from the East Coast gave a thoroughly engaging performance at our local library entitled: ‘But someone must do the dishes!,’ based upon factual accounts of resistance on the part of women to the movement of Suffragettes who were seeking to attain the right to vote for women.

I have noted myself how Michelle Obama, who has also fulfilled herself previously with a career outside of the home doesn’t seem to trigger this kind of resentment, and in fact receives the most positive marks of all of the figures on the political stage right now. To me she represents a modern intelligent woman who is still able to maintain those more traditional feminine qualities. Michelle Obama speaks from her heart, with Hillary Clinton it seems to be more from her head.

I often share with my clients the following as, what I think, serves as a useful metaphor for the difference and yet equality of male and female power. This was given in a lecture I attended by the noted author and metaphysician, Manly P. Hall.

In this lecture Mr. Hall was referring to what is known as the ‘Iroquois Six Nations Federation’, a collective grouping of tribes and bands in a region of the Northeast in the U.S. I wrote about them in my book as our Constitution derived a lot of its inspiration from their Constitution called the Great Law of Peace or Gayanashagowa.

Mr. Hall said that, before the white man came, this Federation had 500 years of peace, something virtually unheard of in recorded history. 500 years of no bloodshed. The way in which their system worked, however, was such that they had chieftains and sachems from the different tribes and bands of the federation, and these were all positions of governing power which could only be held by men. They were all elected in elections, however, in which only women could vote. The women still had their own circle, but it wasn’t for traveling from here to there and hashing out the boundaries of the hunting grounds etc. They were still honored and revered for their roles and responsibilities as mothers. When they came together it was more for spiritual ceremony. Any man who had stepped ‘out of line’ in the observance of his duty, however, could be taken out of office in 24 hours by a unanimous vote of the women.

Now, I am not suggesting that we should adopt such a system, but I think that it is a useful metaphor for the difference, and yet equality, of male and female power. I sometimes say that women getting men’s power is not what it is really all about. That can just give you Margaret Thatcher.

The French philosopher Voltaire once said: “When women seek equality with men they lose their superiority.”

In my readings, I have seen that there is a large difference between being a strong woman, indicated by having a strong card in the Feminine position, and being what I call: ‘Animus Possessed,’ where there is a weak card in the Feminine position, but a compensating strong one in the Masculine Position.

I think the discomfort with this collective thrust in the American feminist movement is why it has been noted that far fewer younger women are fully enamored by Hillary, when they are expected to being so, as she is the first female Presidential candidate. I feel this is because they are experiencing a bit of a ‘backlash’ against the masculinization of women as a way of getting free of the repressive feminine roles. Many of those women were left cold when Madeleine Albright warned them with the statement: ‘There is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.’

There are some pretty intense Astrological ‘exams’ hitting the Astrology Chart of the U.S.A. in these recent years, and it has been clear to me that the U.S. has been having to face some of its dark shadows, such as by having the first African-American President, resulting in such ‘Velcro sticking’ as evidenced by the incredibly vile invective hurled against President Obama on what I call ‘scream radio;’ clearly spawned by underlying racism.

Of course the next-worse thing to force upon these people, after a Black President, is a Female President. There are no accidents, however. Everything happens for some reason. Maybe in the next election we will have to deal with the reality of an openly gay candidate.

The one thing I would say about Hillary Clinton at this time, Astrologically, is in relation to her being a Scorpio. We have uncertainty about her correct birth time, although of the possible birth times being considered, I have spoken about the one that seems the most fitting to me in the audio lecture posted on my website.

Having been born on October 26, however, there is no doubt that she is a Scorpio. This is what Ascended Master Hilarion* has said about someone born with the Sun in Scorpio:

The Scorpio individual is one who, in a previous life, killed himself as an act of atonement for some act which he regarded afterwards as being so horrible and detestable as to unfit him to continue living. As a result of this self-destructive act, certain of the darker kinds of energies were tapped into by the soul, which on the one hand give to the Scorpio a deep grasp of the meaning of regeneration through sacrifice and death, but on the other hand lend certain qualities of power over others, a win-at-any cost attitude, little patience with ideals of fair play and honor, and in his darker moments, a mocking echo of the self-destructive urges that fueled the original act in the previous life. The great task and challenge for the Scorpio is to manifest the regenerative side of his nature, to rise above the lower self on the wings of an eagle. (The higher animal symbol of Scorpio), and to show to others by his own life, the true meaning of the myth of the Phoenix, rising purified from its own ashes. Few Scorpios succeed fully at this task, especially in the past Piscean Age, when few solid guideposts were available to the seeker after spiritual understanding, and chaos and destruction were seen on every hand. But in the new Age of Aquarius, it will be largely the Scorpio side of individuals (whether Sun-sign Scorpios or not) which will be in evidence. As the understanding of man opens up to the energies of the new age, his spirit will literally take wing and soar to unimaginable heights of wisdom, love and creative power.

So, there is a deep guilt being carried by the Scorpio individual before they were even born. This guilt is usually unknown to themselves. Scorpios are really good at hiding their inner feelings, even from themselves. That sense of secret hidden feelings, and a deep sense of guilt within them, makes them very good hooks for someone to project blame upon. Perfect targets for conspiracy theorists.

Esotericists believe that, of the 12 Apostles of Jesus, the one representing Scorpio, was Judas.

Interestingly, the largest number of American Presidents have been born under the signs of Aquarius and Scorpio. Aquarians would be easy to understand as they are someone who has brought groups of people together and encouraged love and brotherhood among them in previous lives. With the Scorpios one could suspect those “certain qualities of power over others, a win-at-any cost attitude, little patience with ideals of fair play and honor,” Although we can also hope that they were able to experience the ability to “rise above the lower self on the wings of an eagle. (The higher animal symbol of Scorpio), and to show to others by his own life, the true meaning of the myth of the Phoenix, rising purified from its own ashes.”

After the election, if we have a President Hillary Clinton, I will write more about her chart and the influences upon it I can see coming in the years ahead. It is to be noted that Scorpios really don’t like other people having any kind of inordinate secret power or control over them, thus Hillary’s having used a private email server to keep her communications secret. I sense this could also be why Hillary doesn’t just come out and tell us the correct birth time on her birth certificate, or has been quoted as giving different times. She must know that we are dying to know, but, Scorpio that she is, she doesn’t want to make it easy for us to have that secret knowledge and power over her.

As far as a future prognostication, there is one thing I can say right now, and that is that the chart for the Inauguration, often used to represent the ‘birth’ of the new Presidency, looks pretty challenging. Of course the current state of the nation makes it hard to imagine otherwise.

One final note. During my recorded lecture I cut cards for how Hillary would be feeling the day after the election, and one for how Trump would be feeling.

For Hillary I got the 4 of Wands: Completion

Wands are fire or will energy. The four of wands shows a balanced, harmonious will energy, but contained within the limits of a circle, in a kind of ‘holding pattern,’ being somewhat rigid.

Whereas the card for Trump was the 2 of Cups: Love, an emotional harmony and balance creating an aura and sense of Love.

Now at least one Trump supporter on Facebook was happy to use that to say I was predicting Trump would win the election. And the cards I cut after those two did at least encourage that consideration. Now, however, I have come to believe that Hillary will win, but will be feeling like she is ‘on hold’ as she will then have to actually deal with the reality of it all. Or, who knows, maybe she will have to be ‘on hold’ wondering if Trump will accept the results of the election or not.

In comparison, Trump will be ‘Feeling the Love.’

Based on my opinion of Donald Trump’s Astrology Chart, especially his Leo Ascendant, I have joined those who believe that Donald Trump, on some level, doesn’t actually want to be President. I sometimes feel he is like one of the Television Wrestlers, scripted to lose, but having to play it real and tough until the end for the audience.

I feel that he knows he couldn’t really deal with the complicated mess of the current responsibilities of the Presidency. He can, however, cash in on the collective passion, anger, hatred, and the American penchant for conspiracy theories, to set himself up as an on-going spokesman for that segment of the population. I believe it to be quite likely that he will use this popular appeal to create some new media franchise.

Commentators have wondered why Trump seems to be continually addressing his ‘base,’ making little or no effort to woo the independent or moderate Republican voters he would need to win the election.

In essence, I think Donald Trump is a savvy businessperson. He knows the appeal of his ‘brand’ and who its primary market is. He knows that if he changes his brand to widen his market share, he may well lose the undying devotion and loyalty of his primary market.

Donald Trump clearly has no love, loyalty or concern for the fate of the established Republican Party, whom he views as ‘shackles’ upon him. Donald Trump has always gone for what he wants: fame and wealth. Well, he is more famous now than his wildest dreams. And, his coming media empire will likely make him incredibly wealthy.

This will leave the Republican Party in a bit of a mess. It feels a bit karmic though. They have allowed themselves to be an umbrella for those largely motivated by anger and hatred for some time. They have also gerrymandered their districts, using computer-driven hi-tech analysis, to create safe havens for those baser passions to thrive and grow.

As far as what will happen. It makes one think of the evocative Chinese adage: “May you live in interesting times.’

We must remember, however, that everyone, everywhere, needs our love and our prayers that they may be released from all suffering.

Steffan Vanel


My Dear Friends and Clients,

It always takes me a few days to decide whether I want to enter into the fray of commentaries about such a horrific event. It also depends on how busy I am at the time with my own work and travels.

After looking at the Astrology charts involved in this event I felt there were some useful things to be aware of as we process what took place at the Pulse nightclub that night.

I could say that, it seems to me, that the horrific events of June 12th were a long time coming.

There are always two levels at which we can view these kinds of events: the personal and the collective. We can look at what we know about the Astrology chart for Omar Mateen and see what personal dynamics and karma he was dealing with in his life. We can also look at the signs and symbols that give us clues as to what the collective lessons and messages are for us.

On the collective level there are the obvious factors. 49 dead more than that injured in a gay nightclub on Latino night, those being two of the minorities suffering from recent collective judgments and hatred lately. Donald Trump’s invective against Hispanics, and the local state battles against transgender members of the LGBT community’s right to use the bathroom of their choice.

My ‘long-time coming’ comment, however, is derived from an episode I saw on Saturday Night Live several years ago. There was a skit inspired by the televangelist Pat Robertson’s recent warning to the City of Orlando, which had just had a very prominent Rainbow Gay Pride Parade, to beware of having invoked God’s wrath, citing that that area is vulnerable to a lot of terrible hurricanes.

The skit on SNL, which I found hilarious at the time, was an elaborate ‘Christian Weather Report’ covering moral ‘hotspots’ around the country. Now I view the judgmental comments and warnings of Pat Robertson having gone out to a pretty large audience at that time more somberly.

As we know in the metaphysical community, everything is energy. All actions begin at the mental and emotional levels before manifesting at the physical level.

On June 13th, the day after the shooting, the planet Neptune, planet of unconditional love and compassion, but also of confusion, victimhood and martyrdom, stood still. We say Astrologically it ‘stationed, ‘ in this case, turning retrograde. This always gives the planet a much greater depth and intensity at the time of the station.

On June 17th, the day I am writing this, we have an exact squaring of the on-going Saturn/Neptune Square occurring this year. This symbolizes, as I said in my June forecast:

‘A peak moment of this on-going tension between that which you can touch and that which you can never touch.’

I would say that we saw this in the Saturnian hard-edged response of Donald Trump, creating the illusion that with his kind of Saturnian toughness the vulnerability of Neptunian victimhood can be totally controlled and defended against.

Those of us in the more Neptunian experience of the vulnerability of things, acknowledging the fact that no amount of immigration laws or gun control is going to give us complete protection from the kinds of forces which lead to this kind of event, have to face that vulnerability and the Neptunian ‘test of faith’ that that entails.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t try to do something Saturnian, especially around our national insanity around guns. I might point out, however, that Britain, a country with strict gun laws, had to experience the recent shooting of a member of Parliament as this Saturn/Neptune square was becoming exact.

I would also say that the freak event in these same days of a two year old boy being pulled into the Neptunian waters and swallowed by an alligator in the very city of Orlando is also an indicator that Saturnian control over any kind of vulnerability to the unseen and unknown is a complete illusion. The vulnerability is always there, especially as the world seems to be responding all over the place with the challenging ‘program’, which tends to manifest within any difficult Neptune aspect. This program is something I have repeated often. For those of you unfamiliar with what I call the ‘victim/victimizer’ program here is my explanation:

Simply put it is where, if you don’t want to be a victim, you feel your only option is to be a victimizer. And if you don’t want to be a victimizer and don’t see another way out, you tend to identify with being a victim. And to my mind there is no way out of this victim/victimizer program except one. That is the way of the positive side of the planet Neptune, to unconditional love and compassion, spiritual faith and surrender, to where there are no victims and victimizers. There are only us frightened little boys and girls doing the best we can with the karmic lessons we are dealing with.

This Saturn/Neptune square is clearly really stimulating this kind of ‘test’ right now. We can clearly see this in the heated debates in our political arena, the British ‘Brexit’ referendum, diverging attitudes towards refugees and several other instances around the world, and probably, within our own lives.

Hilarion has given us a valuable exercise to help us to avoid being trapped in the ‘victim/victimizer’, which I will share at the end of this newsletter.

In an effort to have some further insight into the significance of this particular event in Orlando we can look at the Astrology chart for the moment of the shooting. In this chart we can see that there was a virtual ‘Grand Cross’ of tension engaging the on-going Saturn/Neptune Square. The Moon was in analytical, at times critical, Virgo, and square, within one degree, to the Sun. The Sun was in intellectual, at times critical, Gemini. The Sun was also in the Gemini 3rd House of mind and intellect, and the Moon was in the Virgo 6th House of practical detailed work and service in daily life.

Orlando Pulse Shooting
CHART: Orlando Pulse Shooting

The Sun was widely square to Neptune and opposite Saturn. And the Moon was widely square to Saturn and opposite Neptune. These wide aspects or ‘orbs’ are warranted because, as Astrologer Liz Greene once said, it is because the Sun is so large and the Moon moves so fast.

At this moment of the first shots Saturn was in the 9th House of philosophy and belief system, which in an individual indicates someone who has, in previous lives, had difficulty in believing anything they couldn’t touch and need to develop a greater spiritual faith in this life.

Neptune was in the 12th House, the house of the hidden deeper unconscious. Clearly this moment catalyzed the personal and collective experience of all of these issues, and this is the ‘birthchart’ for the on-going lessons and legacy of this event.

One ‘clincher’ to this is the fact that the sign rising at the moment of the shooting, the self-image of this event, was the very first degree of the sign Aries, a sign ruled by Mars, the planet of courage and action, but also the God of War and the planet of violence and aggression.

I listen to a lot of National Public Radio and the BBC during my solitary life here in the mountains and I view all of the Gemini/Virgo, 3rd House/6th House energies in this chart as relatable to all of the intellectual, analytical obsession with the technical details and facts over what could have been done or can be done to fix this, all rather oblivious to the need to feel deeply what is really going on in the soul and psyche of the world right now, serving in some sense as a kind of ‘mental smokescreen’ of activity in dissociation to the deeper feelings and realities.

Omar Mateen

We do not have an exact birth time for Omar Mateen but there was a lot going on the day he was born and give us unique insights into the soul and psyche of this man, especially when understood through the Astrological Karmic pronouncements of the Master Hilarion*.

CHART: Omar Mateen

First of all, Omar Mateen was born with a Jupiter in Pisces in square to Saturn. For such an afflicted Jupiter in Pisces Hilarion says:

In affliction, Jupiter here tends to exaggerate sensitivity to the point sometimes of incapacitating the individual. The main lesson is balance and moderation in the emotional responses to the feelings that are picked up due to the increased sensitivity.

This Jupiter , being square to Saturn, would definitely set him up to be challenged by the ‘victim/victimizer’ program. In this present period of his life he was having probably the most intense ‘exams’ on this part of his chart. The Neptune in Pisces square Saturn going on in the sky for all of us, was hitting this Jupiter in Pisces square Saturn in his chart exactly. Neptune was about to conjunct his Jupiter, right after having squared his Saturn. And Saturn, having recently conjuncted his Saturn (the infamous ‘Saturn Return’), was about to square his Jupiter. This would certainly entail a pretty major test of his ability to rise above the victim/victimizer’ program. A test he obviously horribly failed.

There is more, however. The other major tension in Omar Mateen’s chart is a Sun/Mars/Moon ‘T-Square’. The Sun in opposition to the Moon (thus the Full Moon), but both the Sun and Moon are in square to Mars. One thing about that is the likelihood of violence or aggression in his childhood. He was reportedly both bullied by others and had a history of fights and aggression against others (being both victim and victimizer).

We don’t know the houses in his chart without a birth time, but there is nonetheless a very clear Scorpionic sexual theme here. He had the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, conjunct Venus in Scorpio. That’s a lot of Scorpio.

Here are some Hilarion pronouncements for these placements:

Venus in Scorpio:

Scorpio Venus here, whether afflicted or not, is badly placed by sign. Scorpio is the detriment of Venus (opposite a sign it rules), and it is very difficult for the pure love feelings to manifest for anyone with this placement. Instead, the love nature tends to be clouded with physical urges, and the resulting passionate nature can and often does lead to sorrow through loss of the one for whom the affection is felt. The essential lesson here is to realize that love can be complete without having to manifest at the physical level as well. The emotional side of love is an integrated thing and does not need the physical side. This is not to say that the two must be divorced — quite the contrary. When a true love/affection relationship exists for a man and a woman at the purely emotional level, it natural that it should wish to express through the physical body as well. To deny such an expression will actually damage the emotional side in the long run. The trick is to see that the emotional side of love does not depend on or draw any strength from the physical side.

And for Mercury in Scorpio:

Scorpio Mercury here if afflicted brings a tendency to be mentally preoccupied with sexuality to an excessive degree. There is also a tendency to develop an “earthy” or sexy voice. The main lesson is to think less about sexual matters. Well-aspected, Mercury here gives an ability to do well financially.

The Mercury in Scorpio was afflicted by a square to Mars in Aquarius adding to the general theme around thinking and sexuality:

Aquarius Mars here is in a mental or airy sign, but one ruled by the combination of Saturn (original ruler) and Uranus. In the first place, it endows the individual with considerable mental energy, regardless of aspect. In addition, it can lead to a tendency to allow the mind to play excessively with notions of sexuality, sensual fantasies, etc. This is the primary difficulty with the placement, but the strength of the mental gifts is usually such that it suffices merely to become aware of the tendency in order to bring it under control. Generally speaking, this is quite a positive placement.

And while we are on the topic we might as well be reminded of what Hilarion says about someone who has the Sun in Scorpio:

The Scorpio individual is one who, in a previous life, killed himself as an act of atonement for some act, which he regarded afterwards as being so horrible and detestable as to unfit him to continue living. As a result of this self-destructive act, certain of the darker kinds of energies were tapped into by the soul, which on the one hand give to the Scorpio a deep grasp of the meaning of regeneration through sacrifice and death, but on the other hand lend certain qualities of power over others, a win-at-any cost attitude, little patience with ideals of fair play and honor, and in his darker moments, a mocking echo of the self-destructive urges that fuelled the original act in the previous life. The great task and challenge for the Scorpio is to manifest the regenerative side of his nature, to rise above the lower self on the wings of an eagle. (The higher animal symbol of Scorpio), and to show to others by his own life, the true meaning of the myth of the Phoenix, rising purified from its own ashes. Few Scorpios succeed fully at this task, especially in the past Piscean Age, when few solid guideposts were available to the seeker after spiritual understanding, and chaos and destruction were seen on every hand. But in the new Age of Aquarius, it will be largely the Scorpio side of individuals (whether Sun-sign Scorpios or not) which will be in evidence. As the understanding of man opens up to the energies of the new age, his spirit will literally take wing and soar to unimaginable heights of wisdom, love and creative power.

When you read the Wikipedia entry for Omar Mateen there are a number of references to quoted individuals indicating that Omar Mateen was struggling with his own homosexual tendencies:

Sexuality speculation

People who knew Mateen have speculated that he might have been gay or bisexual. A male friend of his from 2006, when the two were in police academy together, said that Mateen went to gay clubs with him and that Mateen once expressed an interest in dating him. Club-goers also recalled Mateen dancing with another man.[52][53] One classmate, who asked not to be identified by name, said Mateen asked him if he was gay.[54][55]

The Orlando Sentinel and The Palm Beach Post reported that at least five regular customers at the Pulse nightclub had seen Mateen visit the venue on at least a dozen occasions. Sometimes Mateen drank in a corner by himself “and other times he would get so drunk he was loud and belligerent.”[2][54] A witness, who recognized Mateen outside the club an hour before the shootings, told investigators that Mateen had been messaging him for about a year using a gay dating app called Jack’d. He gave his phone to the FBI for analysis, along with his login details for the application.[56] A third witness said that Mateen had tried to pick up men at the nightclub.[57] Yet dozens of witnesses told the Tampa Bay Times that they had never seen Mateen at the nightclub.[13] A spokesperson for Barbara Poma, the owner of the Pulse nightclub, called the statement that Mateen had been a regular patron “untrue and totally ridiculous”.[58]
Mateen’s father Sidiqque denied that his son was closeted, saying, “If he was gay, why would he do something like this?”[55] Two days later, after multiple reports questioned whether Mateen was homosexual, Mateen’s father said, “I didn’t see any of it and I don’t believe that was the case.”[59] However, during an interview with the Brazilian television station SBT Brazil, Mateen’s ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, claimed that his father called him gay while in her presence.[60][61] Following the shooting, Mateen’s father stated, in an online video in his native language, Dari: “In this month of Ramadan, the gay and lesbian issue is something that God will punish,” though “the servants of God shouldn’t have anything to do with it.”[62]
The Wall Street Journal reported Yusufiy as saying that “[he] did feel strongly about homosexuality”.[55] Yusufiy, when asked if Mateen was gay, said she “didn’t know” and recalled that he had confessed to going to nightclubs.[52][53][63] Gawker reported that Yusufiy’s fiancé, Marco Dias, told Brazilian media in Portuguese that she had told him that Mateen had “gay tendencies”.[64] He also added that his family and others believed he was gay, and that “the FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media”.[60][61]

Mateen, being born a Muslim, whose father purportedly supported the Taliban, living in Florida, a state with both openly gay communities and a fair bit of Southern Christian homophobia, would relate to all of this sexual energy and thinking about sex being deeply hidden and repressed, especially with that Plutonian propensity for hidden repression.

I believe that this was a large contributing factor, in addition to the Jupiter in Pisces/Saturn tension, to what tests and challenges Omar Mateen was dealing with and led to his choice in how to react to those tests in the horrific way he did.

It does seem, however, that he was also a candidate for manifesting the collective lessons and tensions we are experiencing at this time. This event has made me think of some of the horrible Southern Christian invective I heard on local AM radio stations as I drove through parts of Florida some time ago. I can’t imagine that they can be continuing to proclaim their judgments against homosexuals with quite the same passion. And if they are, they are probably less likely to get a passionate response.

Myself, I am always happy, when I am doing a reading for a gay client, to be able to share with them what Hilarion has said about those who are drawn to a homosexual lifestyle. He basically said that, in most cases, it is simply a situation where a soul has been recently incarnating in a particular gender, but it has been seen that it would be useful for them to move out of the lessons of that gender. And so their guides arrange for them to incarnate in the opposite gender, knowing that they may find it difficult to adapt to the opposite sexual expression. For those who find it too difficult they simply seek physical and emotional nurturing among those of their own sex. He adds that in the eyes of the Creator homosexuality has never been a sin.

One very poignant, positive result from this otherwise horrendous event I heard about: within the outrush of expressed compassion for the LGBT community, was an interview with a professor at Yale who is himself both Muslim and gay. He admitted it engenders somewhat of a dual identity within himself. The poignant moment for me, however, was his reading of a letter by a Muslim woman apologizing for her past judgments against gays, with a hope that this event could cause a dissolving and a healing of this kind of judgment and criticism within the Muslim community itself.

I have heard of a similar kind of confrontation/healing taking place within the Latino community. Apparently some of the victims that night were not yet ‘out’ with their homosexuality with their parents or family.

In ending this newsletter I would like to share two things: a Mahatma Gandhi quote, and the Hilarion exercise I mentioned earlier.

Gandhi was once asked what he thought about Christianity. He said: “I think it’s a great idea. Someone should try it some time.”

We all know that Jesus said to ‘Love thine enemy.’ I do believe that that is the only way to get out of the ‘victim/victimizer’ program and to not be adding to the vibrations of hatred and fear already affecting our collective psyche. Of course this is easier said than done.

To help in transitioning from where we may find ourselves to that level of Love, Hilarion has given us a ‘Love- Generator’ exercise. I haven’t been able to locate in which book this was written, but here is the gist of it:

First of all you visualize in front of your closed eyes the person you love the most in the world. You then visualize a beam of pure love and light moving from your heart to theirs, allowing time for this to reach a kind of peak of purity and vibrancy.

Then you do the same with someone you also feel great love for. Then for someone whom you love but maybe not quite as deeply. And then with someone whom you like a lot. And then someone with whom you feel a casual kindness. And then with someone whom you know but don’t have a strong like or dislike for. In each instance allowing that same peak of purity of light and love to build between your heart and theirs.

Then you move on to someone for whom you have a mild dislike. Then someone for whom you have a stronger dislike. Then someone with whom you may feel challenged by feelings of anger and resentment. Again taking the time to allow the same love to build, knowing that they, as are you, are just a frightened little boy or girl doing the best they can. Ultimately you can carry it to whatever ultimate ‘figures of evil’ you are challenged by on the world stage, such as Omar Mateen, Hitler, or perhaps Donald Trump.

In the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, following the resurrection, Jesus appeared to different spiritual brotherhoods around the world. When he appeared before the priests at Heliopolis Egypt he said to them:

“ I lived to show the possibilities of man. What I have done all men can do, and what I am all men shall be.”

I feel that this exercise is a good way to come a little closer to that ultimate destiny.

Steffan Vanel

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Muhammad Ali: Some Astrological Perspectives

Muhammad Ali - 1967
Muhammad Ali – 1967

Dear Friends and Clients,

Today was the funeral for Muhammad Ali and I thought I would do some research and share some observations with you.

I grew up knowing about Cassius Clay, who later became Muhammad Ali. He was kind of an outrageous character at a time when there were few outrageous characters in the U.S., of any race. To be so outspoken, so proud, so out-front arrogant was pretty amazing in those days.

He refused to go to Vietnam when I was only 15 in 1966. I was just beginning to become a hippy, just starting to feel the winds of protest. In 1966, refusing to go to Vietnam was still pretty radical.

I was never into boxing and I am not an African American, so his influence on me was more at a distance. As I became more and more radicalized myself, however, I came to admire Muhammad Ali, along with anyone with the courage to ‘buck the system.’

I have also noticed in the Astrology charts of those a fair bit older than me (I’m born in 1951), but nonetheless opened to the unconventional energies of the 60’s, that they often have really dynamic outer planet aspects in their charts. In my view, they needed that in order to break free from the conventional programming they grew up with, whereas through my own early life experiences I can say that I stopped believing in the ‘straight’ conventional world when I was quite young.

Muhammad Ali definitely had a lot of dynamic outer planet aspects, especially with Uranus and Pluto, about which Astrologer Alan Oken once said: “With Pluto it is: Change or die!, to which Uranus says: Yeah right!”

I am not going to write a really lengthy detailed analysis of Muhammad Ali’s chart, but I did want to share a few key Hilarion* insights that give some perspective into what made this man ‘tick.’

He was a Capricorn and you can definitely feel that he had that dedicated, self-reliant, material ambition of Capricorn. He told his friend when he was a young child that he knew he was going to be really successful and was going to buy himself and his momma a big house.

As an Astrologer, however, when one contemplated the character and behavior of Muhammad Ali you knew there had to be some Leo energy in there somewhere. Well sure enough, I have yet another name to add to my list of George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Prince Charles, Al Gore and, more recently, Donald Trump. They all have Leo Rising.

For those of you who don’t remember what Hilarion says about Leo Rising, which I shared last in the Donald Trump article, here it is again:

Leo When the sign Leo rises, there will be a tendency for the self-picture to be colored by the notions of elegance, specialness and superiority. A proudness will often be felt internally, even though it usually does not manifest. The reason for giving this Ascendant to an individual is to prompt him to think better of himself than he is in the habit of doing when in incarnation. The rulership by the Sun thus lends to the individual certain bolstering influences in terms of how he sees himself, which are intended to teach him not to underestimate his own worth and not to feel inferior to others. In view of this explanation, it will be understood that those with Leo rising will often find that they are torn between thinking little and thinking a lot of themselves. Through the experience of this inner battle, it is hoped that they will ultimately learn that each person is complete and worthy in his own right, and that none are either superior or inferior.

So often it seems that Leo Rising people are more Leo than Leo’s. That inner insecurity being compensated by Leonine arrogance and pride can really make them want to ‘come out fighting.’

Additionally, Ali had Mars in his 9th House square to his Sun in Capricorn, and square to Pluto in the 12th House. This is what Hilarion says about Mars in the 9th House:

Ninth House Mars in the ninth house lends an aura of strength to the moral righteousness of the individual. He is a crusader for “justice” — whether for people, animals, nature or whatever. There is little to be learned here, except to moderate the extremes of this tendency

And what Hilarion says about Pluto in the 12th House:

Twelfth House When Pluto is located in the house of the subconscious as affected by past-life experience, the meaning is basically that the most recent life was one which witnessed a number of radical changes in the soul. Its attitudes, habits and typical associations when incarnated likely went through a number of profound revisions. As a result, the present personality may be somewhat apprehensive and timid, having only recently adopted many of its present traits. Not having a long string of comparable earth personalities to back it up, the present personality will feel “out on a limb”, hesitant and uncertain. The analyst can help such an individual by explaining that many positive changes were made in the most recent life-experience, and that the present traits of the individual represent a definite step forward in the soul’s evolution.

Pluto being square to Mars indicates the likelihood of violence in that last lifetime.

The Sun in Capricorn in the 3rd corner of this tense ‘T-Square’ was in the 6th House of work, service, activity in the world.

I would say that it was this moral righteousness of Mars in the 9th, combined with the self-reliant, ambition of the Sun in Capricorn in the 6th, and the intense transformation in his last lifetime with Pluto in his 12th House, that made him really ‘fired up’ when he was a child and was refused a drink of water in a store in Louisville because he was black. It was also the desire to physically attack whoever had stolen his bicycle when he was 12 that led him to being told by a Louisville police officer and boxing coach that he better learn to box first.

Now Ali also had his Sun in Capricorn harmoniously trine to Uranus in the 10th House of ‘Role in the World.’ This made him comfortable playing an unconventional role. He also had Jupiter in the 10th House with only positive aspects, usually an indicator of ‘success in one’s career.’

The unconventional Uranus and ambitious Sun in Capricorn are also both harmoniously trined to Neptune. This became more evident as he became older, going deeper into his religion and the compassionate acts of service he was later noted for.

His role as a victim of Parkinson’s disease is perhaps relatable to the deep Plutonian undermining of his powerful Sun/Mars energies. Remember Alan Oken re: Pluto?: Change or die!

Having Parkinson’s pulled him out of the orbit of the Mars/Sun/Pluto intensity and allowed him to open more to the potential of the Neptunian compassionate service and healing.

So, that is the essence of what I wanted to share with you today.

Steffan Vanel

Donald Trump – Part I

My Dear Friends and Clients,

I have been working on this Donald Trump article for some weeks now. Besides taking the time to read his latest biography and other research, I am still having to pace myself more slowly these days due to still being in health recovery mode.

In fact, that and the recurrence of some earlier health issues, has led me to postpone my Spring and Summer travel/working plans this year, taking more time for rest and recuperation and retreat in my cabin in the mountains.

I will still be doing Readings by telephone or Skype, scheduled at a mellow pace, and feel inspired to encourage you to consider one some time as it would help me a lot during this financially tight time. Remember, even my short, 30 minute, economical $55 Reading can go quickly and deeply into an understanding of your current situation and the best way to move forward.

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And now to Donald Trump. It does seem appropriate that when I initially wrote this article it was still uncertain whether he would actually win the Republican nomination. And now, we seem to be guaranteed to be confronted with his looming presence from now until November, at least.

Before I launch into his personal Astrological karma I just want to make note of a few more general things right now. First of all, there is a lot going on in the world at large and in the Astrological chart of the U.S. at this time.

Besides the on-going backdrop of the revolution/transformation tension of the Pluto/Uranus Square, we have the other outer planets, Neptune and Saturn, squaring each other this year as well. This entails a tension between where to be realistic and authoritative, but not cold and restrictive (i.e. Saturn); and where to be sensitive and compassionate, but not deluded and a victim (i.e. Neptune)

An easily recognizable reflection of this kind of challenge is the refugee crisis in Europe or, for that matter, our own challenging relationship with immigrants in this country.

Neptune also relates to drugs, alcohol and other forms of ‘escapism.’ Saturn squaring Neptune brings to my mind the engaged concrete Saturnian, even congressional, attention which is now being focused upon the epidemic of heroin and opioid drug usage across thee U.S. right now.

Neptune also relates to the Sea and to the element of water. Saturn corresponds to the metal lead, which brings to my mind: “Lead in the water.” It seems that the people of Flint Michigan have served as a reflection of this kind of conflict.

In fact, this Saturn/Neptune tension is hitting the U.S. Ascendant, i.e. our self-image of ourselves, directly this year. It was this Ascendant portion of the U.S. Astrological chart which was experiencing the effects of a Pluto/Saturn opposition at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

Our Ascendant is in the sign Sagittarius. Now Sagittarius is a fire sign and fire signs always want to feel inspired and passionate. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius-energized people are particularly ever youthful, enthusiastic and optimistically confident.

Lately, however, Saturn has been going over our Sagittarian self-image, back and forth, and thus the Sagittarian enthusiasm has been feeling a Saturnian restriction and limitation, whether by Bernie Sanders: ‘One-percenters rigging the system,’ or Hillary’s contention with Republican authoritative efforts to haul her into court, or the on-going Republican complaints of suffering under 7 years of Obama’s failed policies and the fear of a Hillary Clinton extension of the same.

This same Saturn, however, is also, as I said, square to Neptune this year; hence we also have Neptune creating tension upon our preferably upbeat Sagittarian self-image, again, a tension between where to be realistic and authoritative but not cold and restrictive (i.e. Saturn) and where to be sensitive and compassionate but not deluded and a victim (i.e. Neptune)

This simultaneous Saturn/Neptune transit upon our Sagittarian self-image of ourselves is most clearly being played out in the current political dramas.

This is especially problematic in consideration of one component of a Sagittarian Ascendant according to the Ascended Master Hilarion*:

“This sign rising will tend to make the individual see himself as upright, honest and morally strong, whether true or not.”

And so, impinging upon our Sagittarian self-image potential to self-righteously see ourselves as honest and morally strong, whether true or not, we have not only a Saturnian heavy, restrictive ‘reality-check’ upon our self-image but, at the same time, we have a Neptunian temptation towards illusion, confusion, delusion, victimhood and martyrdom squaring that self-image.

In summary, the self-image of the United States is going through a pretty major ‘test of faith’ right now. Saturn is the source of not only restriction on our normally ‘up-beat’ positive Sagittarian righteousness, but also the need to become more focused, dedicated and disciplined towards what we believe to be true. Nothing like a Presidential election to bring that about.

The Neptune Square to our Sagittarian self-image, however, makes all of that much more problematic. This is the tremendous sense of victimhood or perceived vulnerability to potential victimhood experienced by both sides of the political divide, and even within the ranks of the two political parties themselves.

For example, the tension between Bernie Sanders, a compassionate grandfather figure with a 1960’s conscience promising us what could be the (illusive or elusive) golden ring (i.e. Neptune) of equality, and Hillary Clinton, the progressive who ‘knows how to get things done’ within the conventional establishment (i.e. Saturn).

Even more resonant is the Republican side of things where we have the near complete dissolving (Neptune) of the Republican Establishment (Saturn) by, basically, an entertainer (Neptune).

Of course Trump himself has set himself up by catering to a mass of angry victims (Neptune) within American society by convincing them he is going to be the one who is going to take charge and be the authority (Saturn) who can free them of their victimhood.

Again, Sagittarius wants to be enthusiastic and passionate. That enthusiasm and passion, however, can be motivated by one of two things: love/compassion or: fear/hate. Unfortunately it is far easier to get a rise out of people using fear and hate. I can only imagine how ‘pumped up’ one of those large Trump rallies really are.

Actually, I just remembered there is a Trump rally going on down the road here in Washington State at this very moment as I am writing this. (Creepy)

Donald Trump: My Astrological View (Part 1)

In full disclosure: I admit to having personally benefitted from the largesse of the Trump Corporation. During the years that I lived in New York City I discovered that the cleanest, most grandiose and freely available rest rooms in mid-town Manhattan were at the Trump Tower, and I availed myself of those facilities on numerous occasions. 🙂

In preparation for writing this article I purchased and spent several days reading the Trump biography: “Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success” by Michael D’Antonio, and I will incorporate several quotes from that book. I wanted to give a well-researched treatment to this article. I am, again, grateful and inspired by all of the appreciation and support I received recently in regard to my health challenges and am happy to put out some extra study and energy to give back to all of you.

Of course this article is going to be the most incredible, amazing, insightful article ever written about Donald Trump, which I know all of you are going to share with everyone you know, and it is going to go ‘viral’ and my reputation as an Astrologer is going to expand exponentially, and thousands of people will sign up for my newsletters, and my practice is going to be ‘off the charts’ with new clients desperate to benefit from my obviously superior skills and knowledge as an Astrologer and, and….Oh My God, …..I am so sorry. I just had a touch of ‘Trump Fever’ there. This is something you have to be careful about if you get too close…and yet,…don’t we all have a little secret wish that we could have that kind of narcissistic grandiose self-promotion?

As Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. said:

“Listen, he’s a polarizing guy. Okay? There is no question. There are not guys out there that probably say, ‘Yeah, Trump’s okay.’ There are guys that say, ‘I love Trump! He’s the greatest guy in the world!’ Or he’s their least favorite human being in the whole world. That said, that person who hates Trump the most still wants to get their picture with him when he walks by. That person still wants to shake his hand. That person is still sort of mesmerized by him in his presence.”

And yet who is Donald Trump really? Here is a quote from Michael Antonio’s book:

But who is Donald Trump really? Even those close to him are perplexed by this question as evidenced by this quote from his ex-wife Ivana Trump:

“Ivana readily recalls happier episodes from the early years of her marriage to Donald, and the details of her successes as his business partner…. But when I ask what she thinks motivates her former husband, she struggles to answer and says, ‘I think he wants to be noticed.’ A moment later, when I ask if she feels she has ‘figured out’ Donald, she first says, ‘Yeah, I figured it out,’ then adds, ‘Well, I really don’t know.’ “


“Obscured by hype, the facts of his life didn’t matter as much as the idea of him. Anyone who tried to grasp the ‘real’ Trump was likely to fail. As the ninety-two-year old doyenne of gossip Liz Smith tells me, ‘I’ve known him forever, and I can’t figure him out.’ “

Those of us familiar with the depth and potential of Modern Astrology know it is the tool par excellence to gain insight into the complexity and personal karmic experience of an individual.

Let me say up front, however, I am not, at this point, going to enter into the ‘predicting game’ as to whether Donald Trump will win the Republican Nomination, or will become President. Either he will or he won’t. We will have to wait and see. I can see that on July 25th of this year, four days after the end of the Republican Convention, Donald Trump will experience one of the most significant Astrological shifts that he is scheduled to experience in this lifetime.

Obviously, regardless of whether he comes out of that convention as a winner or loser of the nomination, it is going to be an incredibly intense experience for him, and therefore easily recognizable as a reflection of that shift I can see ahead for him.

I am also not going to comment on his political policies, which do seem to range from what would normally attribute to the progressive left end of the spectrum, such as his stance against the multinational corporate favored trade policies, and his willingness to declare himself as neutral in Israeli and Palestinian negotiations (both very un-Republican-like) to his militaristic foreign and anti-immigration policies that put him in league with the right wing of the right wing.

The questions I am more interested in addressing now are: What does his Astrology chart really say about him? And, what does this phenomenon of Donald Trump’s popularity say about us?

So, in that light, I will proceed. First of all, for those of you who may not be familiar with my personal approach to Astrology, I want to state that I rely heavily upon the Karmic Astrology information published in the book: ‘Astrology Plus.’ * which was channeled through the mediumship of Maurice Cooke from the Ascended Master Hilarion. This very specific, personal, karmic information provides insights not available from any other source. I will therefore be quoting directly from this book to share with you these unique personal insights.

Donald Trump Chart

On initial glance it is easy to recognize that Donald Trump was destined to be wealthy. One of the most positively aspected planets in his chart is his Jupiter, the planet of optimism, confidence, luck and fortune, in his Second House of money, finances, love and affection.

For Jupiter in the 2nd Hilarion says:

The placement of a benefic planet in the second sector (Venus and Jupiter are the Lesser and Greater Benefics, respectively) always calls into the life a protective influence over the “material resources” of the native.

This Jupiter is in positive aspect to his Moon and therefore relatable to the luck of having been born into a family which would attain some degree of affluence.

But, Jupiter in the 2nd also indicates:

Second House Jupiter in the second sector suggests that love will be a strong part of the individual’s life. If heavily afflicted however, Jupiter in the second will not give the full measure of affectional fulfillment, until the native learns to de-escalate his exaggerated view of sensual gratification.

Now sensual gratification can obviously be sex, food, money and the things that money can buy.

‘The Donald,” as he was named by his 2nd wife, has been known, especially in his earlier days, to have been quite the ‘womanizer.’ He never took to alcohol or drugs but readily admitted to his passion for beautiful women.

“Trump sought to bond over guy talk, said Dowd, almost to the point of annoyance. The man talks and talks and talks – about sports and women. The amount of conversation about sex and women is endless.”

According to his 2nd wife, Marla Maples:

“I saw a real positive light in him, but money and power truly got in the way of the love that we had, to be very honest; if anything, it destroyed it.”

To his credit, Donald Trump also has his Jupiter in the sign of Libra, of which Hilarion says:

Libra In Libra, ruled by Venus, Jupiter always promises an eventual happy marriage (or marriage-equivalent). The extent of the afflictions to Jupiter here suggest the degree of delay or hardship that will have to be borne first. The delays and problems are always for karmic purposes, and the ultimate happy union is also karmically deserved.

And therefore we may hope, for his sake, and the for the sake of his current wife, Melania, that he has finally found that Jupiter in Libra promised marital harmony.

Donald Trump’s problems in the arena of money and finances and love and affection, i.e. the 2nd House, don’t really come so much from this Jupiter. I would say they derive more from his Neptune, also in the Second House, but square, in tension with, his Mercury. Neptune in the 2nd can give one great faith and trust around money, but it can also give a propensity for confusion, illusion, deception, victimhood and martyrdom, in this case, around love and money.

The Mercury end of this tension is in Cancer, of which Hilarion says:

Mercury here if afflicted will make it very difficult for the rational mental processes to operate independently of and unaffected by the emotional life. Negative feelings and emotions will have a way of muddying up the reasoning ability. The main lesson is to separate thought from emotional influences.

Neptune squaring that Mercury is going to heighten the negative Neptunian influence upon what Donald Trump thinks or says, especially around love and money. Of course his experience has been a mixture of the two.

He has often referred to the world as ‘vicious’ and life is about ‘survival’ and all there are only the ‘winners’ and the ‘losers.’

In his book: Trump: The Art of the Comeback he depicted women as sexually voracious ‘killers’ who traded their beauty to dominate men. As he stated:

“The most difficult aspect of the prenuptial agreement is informing your future wife (or husband): I love you very much, but just in case things don’t work out, this is what you will get in the divorce. There are basically three types of women and reactions. One is the good woman who very much loves her future husband, solely for himself, but refuses to sign the agreement on principle. I fully understand this, but the man should take a pass anyway and find someone else. The other is the calculating woman who refuses to sign the prenuptial agreement because she is expecting to take advantage of the poor, unsuspecting sucker she’s got in her grasp. There is also the woman who will openly and quickly sign a prenuptial agreement in order to make a quick hit and take the money given to her.”


“It doesn’t really matter what they write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass”

“People are really vicious, and no place are they more vicious than in their relationships with the opposite sex.”

A bit of fearful, Neptunian victim/victimizerness involving sex and money I would say.

This confusion around love and money is also relatable to the title of his biography ‘Never Enough.’ In fact, the main thrust of the 348 pages of this biography is the convoluted journey of Trumpian financial machinations involving both the Neptunian creative imagination and faith; and incredible Neptunian deception, manipulation, illusion and victimhood. Besides various sleight of hand tricks enabling him to force financial suffering upon his creditors and stockholders through bankruptcies which allowed him to personally escape virtually unscathed, there is also his aggressive victimization of anyone in the way of his financial ambitions.

There is also another frequently appearing phenomenon. An easy way for a journalist to evoke the anger, resentment and vicious attacks from Donald Trump is for them to state that he is not anywhere near as wealthy as he claims to be.

The Mercury end of the Neptune/Mercury tension is in the Eleventh House, which Hilarion has re-categorized as the house of karma with former enemies. As Donald has three planets in this house it is clearly a significant part of his karmic lessons in this life.

These factors, however, do not really explain the incredible ambition, aggressivity, and the secret, hidden insecurity behind it all. Let us now look at other revelatory factors.

First of all, Donald Trump is a Gemini, someone who has in previous lives developed mental abilities at a high degree and level and has used them in the service of others, and has a potential connection to these kinds of qualities in this life. The Gemini’s challenge is to integrate their Higher Mind with their lower everyday thinking mind, otherwise:

“along with the gift comes a responsibility. In the case of Gemini, it is to learn to manifest the mind energy in a way which does not allow the energy to become dissipated and scattered, and which is not turned against others in the form of verbal attacks. Gemini, with its rulership by Mercury, is often compared to the child phase of human development. Many Gemini individuals remain to some extent at an immature level in terms of the mind energies which they possess. It is commonly observed that children, regardless of Sun-sign, tend to be scattered in their activities, with short attention spans and a difficulty in applying themselves to any long-term task with perseverance. This is due to the inability of the immature brain to get into phase with the higher mind impulses. It is also observed that children, particularly when having to live with siblings, develop habits of verbal abuse against each other — often as an alternative form of conflict because the parents inhibit them from actual physical combat. In other Sun-signs where the mind energies are not so strongly present, a point is usually reached where these tendencies are overcome. But in the Gemini, there is so much mental energy that it is much harder, even in maturity, to conquer these negative expressions of the Gemini pattern. Those who fail are found to be either verbally abusive or scattered in their energies, or both.”

Trump’s Sun in Gemini is in opposition to his Moon in Sagittarius (thus he was born during the tension of a Full Moon). This Gemini/Sagittarius tension is recognizable in the rapid, acerbic, self-righteous criticality he instantly launches towards any attacker. This aggressivity, however, is greatly pumped-up by his Mars in Leo:

“Leo This sign has its greatest problem in arrogance and pride. Mars here, when afflicted, gives a tendency to escalate arrogance into actual dislike or disdain for others. There is a tendency to have a chip on the shoulder, and to be quite antagonistic to those whose interests conflict with one’s own. Often dislikes are taken to others for no apparent reason — merely that “he rubs me the wrong way”.
The major lesson for Mars afflicted in Leo is to be more accepting of others, and to control the feelings of antagonism.”

This proud, arrogant Mars in Leo is technically in his Twelfth House, but it is tightly conjunct to his Ascendant, cusp of his First House of Self-Image, and therefore easily recognizable as having its influence pulled into that First House as well, of which Hilarion says:

“When Mars is located in the first house, it is certain that the self-picture is colored by the notions of maleness, assertiveness and athleticism. If afflicted, Mars in the first will bring a strong tendency to conflict with others, to “rub them the wrong way”. The lesson is simply to moderate the assertiveness and aggression to the point where the relationships with others are no longer disrupted by these traits”.

Trump admits to this aggressive capacity being a major component of his life since early childhood. In speaking about the reasons why his parents sent him to a private military school when he was in the 8th grade:

“Well, I was very rebellious and my parents thought it would be a good idea. I was very rebellious.
I was a very rebellious kind of person. I don’t like to talk about it, actually. But I was a very rebellious person and very set in my ways.
I loved to fight. I always loved to fight.
All types of fights. Any kind of fight. I loved it, including physical, and I was always the best athlete.”

Donald actually gave his second grade music teacher a black eye:

“Because I didn’t think he knew anything about music.”

“When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different.”

But now to the more scary part. What, to my mind, clearly fuels the ambition and the aggressivity on a deeper psychological/karmic level are what Hilarion says about Trump’s Sun in the Tenth House and his Leo Ascendant.

This is what Hilarion says about his Sun in the 10th House:

“When the Sun is located in the tenth sector of a Natus, its meaning is that the individual has a strong drive to “project a role” into the world, to achieve something, to make his mark. This tendency is a habit built up in past lives of accomplishment.

Another practical meaning of this placement relates to the parents. Almost without exception, one with the Sun in the tenth will have come under the strong, dominating influence of one of his parents, and this relationship will have been responsible for re-kindling, in this life, the old predilection for worldly success which was assembled in past earth-experiences.

From a lesson point of view, this solar placement shows a need to learn to be true to one’s own inner essence, and not to compromise that truth for the sake of success. The more afflicted is the sun, the more that lesson needs to be learned.

Karmically, the sun in the tenth sector requires the individual to pass through stages of uncertainty and worry in connection with his “role in life”. The degree of affliction to the sun speaks of the seriousness of these episodes. Under great affliction, the Sun here will show one who never seems able to establish the career role he yearns for.”

For those of you who aren’t that aware of the likely influence of Donald’s father, Fred Trump, it is here easily recognizable as resonant with ‘one with the Sun in the tenth will have come under the strong, dominating influence of one of his parents, and this relationship will have been responsible for re-kindling, in this life, the old predilection for worldly success which was assembled in past earth-experiences.  In these quotes:

“As a boy he had watched his father’s developments rise from rubble-strewn earth to become solid structures of brick and steel that housed thousands of families.”

“He told Scott Pelly that his father was ‘a tough cookie’ – a strict, ‘no-nonsense kind of guy.’

“My father was a businessperson that expected tremendous success out of me.”

“I learned about toughness in a very tough business,” he wrote, from his father, Fred. Whether negotiating with suppliers and building contractors or overseeing work on job sites, Fred was an “unbelievably demanding taskmaster” who “would just pound and pound and pound.”

“He had to be better than his father. We were sent here (the military school) to be the best of the best, and we knew what our job was.

In studying the fuller story of his childhood, however, I think we can recognize another major ‘father-figure’ influence in his childhood in the guise of Theodore Dobias, Trump’s sports coach and ‘drill sergeant’ at the military school he attended:

“Donald Trump came to regard Ted Dobias as his first real role model, aside from his father. Dobias helped him to adapt and thrive in an environment where macho concepts of strength and masculinity prevailed.”


“I coached baseball and football, and I taught them that winning wasn’t everything, it was the only thing….Donald picked right up on this. He would tell his teammates, ‘We’re out here for a purpose. To win.’ He always had to be number one, in everything. He was a conniver even then. A real pain in the ass. He would do anything to win.”

This 10th house tendency to validate oneself in terms of your ‘role’ instead of who you really are, along with some of that Neptunian delusion around love, sex and money would easily relate to these comments by Trump himself:

“I am the creator of my own comic book, and I love living in it.”

“Not the quarry, but the chase; not the trophy, but the race’ inspires Trump. ‘The same assets that excite me in the chase, often, once they are acquired, leave me bored. For me…the important thing is the getting, not the having.’ ‘It’s all in the hunt and once you get it, it loses some of its energy. I think competitive, successful men feel that way about women.”

“I was bored when she (Trump’s 2nd wife Marla Maples) was walking down the aisle. I kept thinking: What the hell am I doing here? I was so deep into my business stuff. I couldn’t think of anything else.”

“In the winter of his life, Donald Trump remains fully committed to his pursuits, which include fighting, consuming, and marking the planet with his name. He finds nothing shameful in this but, when prodded, will admit to just a bit of self-doubt. In one of our talks he asks, ‘Have you ever heard of Peggy Lee? ‘Is That All There Is?’ It’s a great song because I’ve had these tremendous successes and then I’m off to the next one because it’s, like, ‘Huh, is that all there is? That’s a great song”

“When Trump turned to the subject of fame and its effects, he wrote from a unique perspective. Fame, which was part of his business plan, had contributed substantially to his successes even as it exacted a price. It is, he wrote, “a kind of drug, one that is way too powerful for most people to handle.’ ‘Trump: ‘Surviving at the Top’ was filled with firsthand reports on the bizarre behavior of fame-addled celebrities. Trump described Frank Sinatra as screaming to a bodyguard when he was approached by a fan, shouting ‘Get this bum out of here!’ Trump devoted a full page to Howard Hughes, whose eccentricities became pathologies in the years prior to his death. In his youth, the sandy-haired Hughes could have passed as Trump’s brother. Like Donald, Hughes was linked to many beautiful women and operated a gambling business. He was also famously germophobic, a trait that Trump confessed he too possessed. ‘I’m constantly washing my hands, and it wouldn’t bother me if I never had to shake hands with a well-meaning stranger again.’

“Trump’s seeming frank statements about his contamination anxiety and his angst over his financial struggles – ‘My life is shit.’ He declared – give the impression of a man who was willing to reveal himself. But all he copped to were a few missteps and quirks and forgivable sins such as working too hard. Sprinkled into a text that was otherwise an exercise in name-dropping and chest-thumping, these confessions revealed nothing meaningful about the man. The book was savaged in The Times by the prominent journalist Michael Lewis, who observed, ‘He’s not exposing himself so much as he is shopping for new identities.’ Lewis found the book to be ‘a strained, sloppy exercise in façade restoration.”

Additionally, Donald has his Uranus in the 10th House as well, the planet of the unusual and the unconventional, which gives him comfort at being the unconventional character that he is. Being in good aspect to that lucky, affluent 2nd House Jupiter is why Donald is able to ‘think outside of the box’ and find lucky breaks that enable him to remake and rebuild himself. It has been said that a positive Jupiter/Uranus aspect will create a note of ‘genius.’

The fact that he has, periodically, been faced with the need to remake and rebuild himself is relatable to not only his difficultly aspected 10th House Sun (Karmically, the sun in the tenth sector requires the individual to pass through stages of uncertainty and worry in connection with his “role in life”. “The degree of affliction to the sun speaks of the seriousness of these episodes.) but also the karmic lesson associated with a difficulty aspected Uranus in the 10th House:

“When Uranus is located in the tenth sector, it is a clear warning to the native not to “take chances” in terms of the career or job. Speculation and “long shots” are to be avoided, if success in the world is sought. In past lives, others suffered because of the native’s irresponsible attitude toward making a living, and the same trait could surface again now. To combat this, the life pattern is arranged so as to cause speculative and high-risk ventures to run into trouble. Naturally, the problem is more acute with a preponderance of negative aspects to Uranus. But even a mainly positive Uranus will require great care in the job/career area. The conventional meaning of “unusual occupation” also normally applies to this placement, and under heavy affliction to Uranus in the tenth, sudden changes in or losses of position must be expected.”

The Uranus is opposite to his Moon, which is why he quite likely had to start to deal with that lesson about taking risks by observing the ups and downs of his father’s financial fortunes during his childhood.

I, personally, am not sure how comfortable I would be having a President promising financial transformation and a ‘role in the world’ transformation on the level to which it is being promised by Donald Trump, knowing that he has this risky Uranian tension here. When you are President your access to convoluted bankruptcy laws and the machinations of highly paid lawyers when you get into trouble are limited.

Now, however, I come to what to me is the scariest part of Donald Trump’s Astrology Chart. That is his Leo Ascendant, something he shares with George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.

First of all, there is a large difference between having the Sun in Leo and having a Leo Ascendant. Basically, the Sun is who you are, your soul essence. The Ascendant is who you ‘think’ you are, the way you will tend to see yourself. This is why it is often easier to guess someone’s Ascendant or Rising sign than their Sun Sign.

In many cases, according to Hilarion, the Ascendant is arranged to bring in a quality which is not a component of the soul. This is the case with a Leo Ascendant.

For example, this is what Hilarion says about someone having the Sun in Leo:

“Leo The Leo individual is one who, in a past incarnation, showed the trait of leadership and guidance for those who without such help would have perished. From this action comes another gift: in this case, a tap into a spiritual source of initiative and leadership qualities which is always available to the soul, and can be manifested in the personality, filters permitting. But the task which comes with the gift is to express the guidance and leadership without allowing the self to assume too great an importance. These energies are easily misdirected into aggrandizement and pride of self, and constant effort is called for by the Leo personality to avoid these negative traits. The best way to keep the pride and self-centered tendencies from manifesting is to cultivate kindness and consideration for others. But even the kind ones can become enmeshed in a habitual tendency to view life as a kind of play in which they are the principal actor around whom everything revolves. This tendency is again due to the abundance of the energy which is being tapped at the higher level, which comes down as a clear picture of the individual leading others, i.e. at the head of, or in some way above the mass of those who are being led. The best way to deal with the Leo energy is to find an outlet where others are being served at the same time as they are being led or directed. This is why a teaching role is one of the best ways to manifest the Leo nature.”

Now, both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have their Sun in Leo. Although Obama also has his Sun square to Neptune, hence the likelihood of some confusion/victimhood involving the childhood relationship with the father. To my mind this creates some challenges for Obama but is also why he is a bit more humble than Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger or Madonna. Whereas, as I said earlier, both George W. Bus and Donald Trump have Leo Ascendants.

Here is Hilarion’s pronouncement for the Leo Ascendant:

Leo When the sign Leo rises, there will be a tendency for the self-picture to be colored by the notions of elegance, specialness and superiority. A proudness will often be felt internally, even though it usually does not manifest. The reason for giving this Ascendant to an individual is to prompt him to think better of himself than he is in the habit of doing when in incarnation. The rulership by the Sun thus lends to the individual certain bolstering influences in terms of how he sees himself, which are intended to teach him not to underestimate his own worth and not to feel inferior to others. In view of this explanation, it will be understood that those with Leo rising will often find that they are torn between thinking little and thinking a lot of themselves. Through the experience of this inner battle, it is hoped that they will ultimately learn that each person is complete and worthy in his own right, and that none are either superior or inferior.

Now, George W. Bush has his Sun in Cancer, hence in past lives he has developed caring, nurturing qualities, qualities I am sure he is able to express in his family relationships, as well as a reason why he would really rather just be out at his ranch these days.

The ‘faking it,’ potentially arrogant, Leo Ascendant is what gets him into trouble. For those who may be interested, I wrote a chapter about the Astrology of George W. Bush in my book: “The Astrological Karma of the USA.”

There is, in fact, some other parallels between George W. Bush and Donald Trump beyond the Leo Ascendant connection. I have read the accounts of several people who know Trump personally who state that the real Donald Trump they know is nothing like the arrogant, aggressive public persona he portrays. They say he is actually a warm, caring guy at heart.

Well, Donald Trump has a couple of placements in the sign of Cancer (the same sign as George W.’s Sun sign) which would indicate a genuine capacity for a personal warm, caring capacity, especially within a home/family context.

These are the positive aspects of his Mercury in Cancer:

“If well aspected in Cancer, Mercury gives a love of home and especially, warmth for children within the family circle.”

And for his Venus in Cancer:

“Well-aspected, Venus here gives a very warm love-nature, and one that seeks to find its best expression within the context of the home environment.”

So we have two potentially caring, nurturing guys with ‘faking it’ arrogant personas. The thing is, the last time we elected a Leo Ascendant President he led the country into what may be becoming World War III. If we elect Trump, another Leo Ascendant President, I fear he may well ‘carry on the tradition’ of misguided foreign policy and military engagements.

Trump, in fact, has additional factors which, to my mind, make him scarier than Bush. One factor is his Mars in Leo conjuncting that Leo Ascendant. This is recognizable as the ‘hair-trigger’ counter-aggressivity he has been programmed to use to counter any appeared threat to his own insecure self-image. The fact that he was born pre-programmed with these qualities is why they were evident in his character from such an early age.

Now, people can come to terms with these factors and, in fact, most of my clients with Leo Rising are well aware of the fact that they are not as strong as they appear. This, however, requires conscious awareness, honesty and humility. Donald Trump, however, has uttered what, to my mind, are rather frightening statements for someone with Leo Rising to say:

“Trump has offered his observations about the Peggy Lee line to other interviewers (re: the song: Is That All There Is?) which makes me think that he keeps it in reserve for a moment when he’s supposed to demonstrate self-awareness. Later when I read over a transcript of the interview, it becomes obvious that what he says next is more telling. Referring to Lee’s lyric I say, ‘Do you ask yourself that sometimes too?’ He replies: ‘No I don’t want to think about it! I don’t like to analyze myself because I might not like what I see. I don’t like to analyze myself.”

“A linguist or psychologist could write at length on Trump’s conversational style. After the briefest reflection, he slams the door on introspection and turns immediately to consider other people and their failures.”

This whole portion of Donald Trump’s Astrological ‘curriculum’ is receiving a major focus of attention right now. This is in relation to his Progressed Sun. The Progressed Sun is where you move the Sun one degree for every year of your life. It is the most useful indicator of the movement of your identity through your Astrological chart.

Since age 38 Donald Trump’s Progressed Sun has been moving through his Twelfth House, house of the deeper unconscious and past life memory. A few years ago it conjuncted his arrogant, aggressive Mars in Leo and this has been where the focus of his identity has been in recent years.

On July 25th, however, four days after the Republican Convention, Donald Trump’s Progressed Sun will conjunct his proud (but compensating for insecurity) Leo Ascendant, and will move into his First House of Self-image, for the next 29 years.

Now, whether that proud, arrogant but insecure self-image will be brought to Donald’s awareness by having to face even more consciously the reality and responsibility of potentially serving as the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth through winning the nomination; or will have that awareness brought to him by having the space to feel the relief that that insecure self behind the Leo Rising arrogance would be feeling in the aftermath of losing the nomination, ….which of those scenarios will be at play, remains to be seen.

Whether he wins the nomination depends on what the Republicans do, and what it says about them. And whether he wins the Presidency following a capture of the nomination depends upon us, and what it says about us. That is the partially the topic of the next part of this article.

Endnote: Obviously the paragraphs above were written before Trump won the nomination, no longer being at the risk of a contested convention. The alignment of his Progressed Sun with his Ascendant at that time, however, still leads me to feel that there is likely to be some uncomfortable drama for Mr. Trump at that convention.

(Part 2)
What does it say about us?
And: What is ahead?