Charles & Diana
The Inside Story
An Astrological-Karmic View

Introduction to the 2005 Publication

This book was originally written in 1998-99, but was never published. There had been a deluge of books written about Charles and Diana at that time and I decided to shelve this project. The events of September 11, 2001 launched me into writing: “The Astrological Karma of the USA,” first published under a different title in 2002 and a new updated/expanded version in September of 2004.

I knew that interest in the icon that Diana was would never go away, however, and that someday I would return to this project. The recent announcement of Charles and Camilla to marry has brought the old discussions and sentiments regarding Charles and Diana to the fore again. Friends and clients, knowing the general content of this book, have encouraged me to finally put my own discussion and sentiments out into the public debate.

As I said in the original preface to this book, I knew very little about Diana before her death. As a result of my study, research, and dreams following her death, I felt I came quite close to really knowing her. Revisiting her story in preparation for this current project has made me greatly miss her presence in the world today. I am thinking how she would have put such a human/feminine face towards the suffering in the wake of the Asian Tsunami, the struggle in Sudan, and the War in Iraq. Diana could have inspired the global moral conscience more than any of the current players on the world stage today.

At the same time, I am glad for Charles. He is finally going to have the happy marriage which I predicted Astrologically would be his ultimate due. I pray for him and Camilla and for his sons William and Harry. And I pray for all of us, as we meet and bear the Astrological karma which we have accepted to grow through in this lifetime, individually and collectively. I sense challenging, perhaps difficult times ahead. For that I feel we each need all the help we can get. Astrology is such a tremendous tool for seeing the ‘method to the madness’ of life. My hope is that your understanding of how I have applied Astrological insights to this human story, the madness of which we all know so well, can give us each faith and a greater acceptance of responsibility in our own lives for the greater good of life on this beautiful planet.

Steffan Vanel
March 1, 2005