Nations: Introduction

Introduction to the EBook Edition of Nations

Hilarion Book: NationsThis book was transmitted from the Ascended Master Hilarion through the mediumship of Maurice B. Cooke. The first edition in 1979 gave a pronouncement regarding the karmic lessons and potential destiny for each of 11 nations. A new edition came out in 1984 with pronouncements regarding 25 nations.

Hilarion refers to the current period of Earth history as the ‘Time of the Nations.’ One can recognize that, within recorded history, this is the longest period in which individual nations have been able to exist without being swallowed by some new empire. This has allowed specific group karma to emerge among the souls who incarnate in a particular nation.

To some, the information in this book may seem somewhat dated. For example, in 1979 and 1984 the world was still entrenched in the Cold War between the Eastern and Western blocks, and Hilarion’s comments may be seen as more relevant to that time frame.

Some of the more dire predictions have, as yet, failed to come true or have manifested in a lessened form. In the Epilogue to this book Hilarion explains how any future prediction is a probability in the present but can always be changed because we have free will. Hilarion explains how, in fact, the best prophet is the false prophet, he whose prophecy has failed to come true. This is because by giving their prophecy they have encouraged individuals to make the necessary changes such that that prophecy no longer needs to take place.

I have traveled, personally, to many of these nations described herein, carrying with me the information in this book in my consciousness, and it has been fascinating to discover the blatant and subtle ways in which Hilarion’s statements have borne out in my own experiences and observations.

In some nations I have sensed how the karmic predictions of Hilarion have lightened. In others they seemed to have darkened. In every nation, however, Hilarion’s insights have shown me kernels of understanding and resonance with the soul and lessons of that nation and the individuals incarnating within it.

For this and all of the insights presented in the Hilarion series of books channeled by Maurice. B. Cooke I am eternally grateful and pray that your own soul may find upliftment, insight and inspiration here as well.


Steffan G. Vanel


Introduction to the EBook Edition of Nations by Steffan Vanel
Introduction by M.B. Cooke
Prologue by Hilarion
Nations (original prologue)
ITALY has lost her soul
CHINA has lost her greatness
RUSSIA has lost her passion
IRAN has lost her sanity
SWITZERLAND has lost her honor
AUSTRIA has lost her past
FRANCE has lost her perceptions
GERMANY has lost her unity
SOUTH AFRICA has lost her compassion
INDIA has lost her mysticism
BRAZIL has lost her greatness of vision
POLAND has lost her nerve
ISRAEL has lost her Master
MEXICO has lost her imagination
DENMARK has lost her morality
HONG KONG has lost her light
JAPAN has lost her last chance
TIBET has lost her body
BELGIUM has lost her anchor
AUSTRALIA has lost her leadership
SCOTLAND has lost her charm
IRELAND has lost her integrity
ENGLAND has lost her majesty
CANADA has lost her mission
AMERICA has lost her generosity
NORTH AMERICA has lost its roots
The Cities of the Earth

Steffan Vanel