Nature of Reality: Introduction

Introduction to the EBook Edition of The Nature of Reality

The Nature of RealityThis book, first published in 1979, with five subsequent reprints, is now making its appearance in electronic form.

The information contained in this publication was received from a source known as Hilarion. Hilarion is known, through sources like Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society and the Arcane School of Annie Besant, as one of the Ascended Masters. He is known as the Master of the Fifth Ray, the Green Ray of science, communication and the rational mind.

There are many sources on the planet today who claim to be channeling information from Hilarion. The information contained within this book, and the eleven additional books in this series, were channeled through the mediumship of Maurice B. Cooke in Ontario, Canada.

I am not going to hereby pass judgment upon other purported channels of Hilarion. All I can say is that since I first experienced this body of information coming through Mr. Cooke, back in 1981, I have felt that I have been granted access to some of the most valuable information on the planet today.

I have been using the Astrological information contained in the Hilarion/Cooke publication: Astrology Plus, for many years in my private practice as an Astrologer. This is information which presents specific Astrological/Karmic pronouncements which I have never heard from any other source in 30 plus years of studying Astrology. And yet, the information given by Hilarion has always borne out as accurate with client after client in my many years of practice.

Bolstered by such a body of personal verification, in addition to my intuitive resonance with the veracity of the other information received from Hilarion by Mr. Cooke, I am deeply honored to be given the responsibility to produce and introduce these EBook editions of the Hilarion/Cooke series of books.

This first book contains three parts. Part One is called; The Real World, where Hilarion addresses and explains various phenomena of this material universe through such topics as space, light, matter, magnetism etc.

As Hilarion is the Master of the Ray of Science and the Concrete Mind, he is able to transmit much more grounded, concrete, factual detail than one finds in much of the other channeled material currently available.

For example, in the Hilarion/Cooke book: Einstein Doesn’t Work Here Anymore, a treatise on New Age physics, Hilarion has given information which is not now in the hands of the scientific community, but is experimentally verifiable. I believe this was done with the purposeful intention of impressing those of that scientific, rational mindset.

In Part Two entitled: Man, Hilarion addresses several subjects such as Destiny, Karma, Predestination, Faith etc., as well as the different esoteric sciences such as Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Card Reading etc. explaining how they each work and their best usage.

Without a doubt, the most impressive, controversial, even shocking portion of this book is the final section: The Tribulation. Here Hilarion portrays the details and underlying reasons for a period of major trial and transformation soon to take pace on this planet.

Before reading this material back in 1980, I was already familiar with various prophesies which all seem to be converging in this time period, whether the prophecies of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Hopi and Mayan prophesies, or the Biblical Book of Revelations.

In Hilarion’s explanation of this period of trial and tribulation he has given an immense amount of specific details regarding the historical, global and universal realities at play in this major evolutionary event.

One will see, admittedly, that many of the events Hilarion predicted have not yet taken place, especially in the time frame in which they were originally predicted. In the Epilogue to the 1985 edition of this book, and the Postscript to the 1990 edition, Hilarion explains how future predictions are always probabilities based on conditions in the present, but can always be changed because we have free will. It is, in fact, known esoterically that the best prophet is the false prophet, he whose prophecy has failed to come true. This is because, by giving his prophecy, he has encouraged people to change in such a way that that prophecy no longer needs to take place.

The understanding given herein, however, is that some degree of major change and transformation must take place as the Earth, herself a conscious being, is ready to enter her next phase of evolution. If she were to do that now, however, many people on the planet would find those higher frequency energies extremely uncomfortable or they would use them in very negative and destructive ways.

In Hilarion’s pronouncements there is the awareness that the Tribulation is not a punishment, as in a more fundamentalist view, but a final encouragement for people to change their darker ways.

Elsewhere Hilarion refers to the Tribulation as the ‘Birth Pangs’ of the New Age. I have used this analogy often, saying that the Earth is going into a New Birth, a birth that cannot be stopped. On the way to that birth, however, we must go through some labor pain. Whether that labor is going to last two hours, or 24 hours, or born breech, or with a life-threatening umbilical cord wrapped around the neck is up to us, depending upon our karmic needs and consciousness.

Clearly aspects of the Tribulation are already taking place in certain areas of the world today and, as is evident in Hilarion’s pronouncements in the book: Nations, the Tribulation scenario will play out quite differently in different sectors of the planet.

When I find myself speaking to others about Hilarion’s presentation of the Tribulation, I usually conclude with one of Hilarion’s statements to the effect that there are three main groups of humanity on the planet right now; Those who are of the Light, who know how life could be if we were willing to live in peace and have faith in something beyond our own ego, who Hilarion says need have no fear. They can have faith that they will be guided to be wherever they need to be, and when, and with who, and all they need to do is to be willing to serve in whatever way they are capable.

There is another group which is almost hopelessly lost in darkness. Almost nothing can be done to reach them. And then there is a very large middle group that can go either way. It is this middle group they, the Ascended Masters, Spiritual Guides etc., are most concerned about.

At the time Hilarion dictated the above statements he said that, due to the efforts of light-workers, more souls were being brought into the Light than were being lost into the darkness, but we only have so much time….

Steffan G. Vanel

Author of: The Astrological Karma of the USA

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Truly an amazing book,

Robin Landry (Seatac, WA United States)

I have all of the Hilarion books by Toronto psychic Maurice B. Cooke and I’ve read them all at least 3 times. They’re short, this particular one a little over 100 pages, but so packed with information without one word being wasted, that they are truly amazing books.

The Nature of Reality has 40 chapter divided into 2 parts. Part one is titled The Real World, and has such subjects as space, light, matter, magnetism and ends with The Mind of God. Some chapters only give one page of information, but that’s all it takes. I reread this book while in college and copied pages to give to my astronomy professor. He confirmed that what I brought into him, a section on gravity, light and matter, were true facts. Needless to say, I didn’t tell him that the information came from a channeled source.

Part two is called: Man. It contains chapters starting with destiny, karma, predestination, ending with The Revelations. Here’s an exert from The Revelations: “The purpose of the Tribulation is to give wayward and degenerate mankind a last, desperate chance to make the right choice in response to external events, and to turn finally toward the light of spiritual understanding. Those who do not turn at sometime during the seven-year term of trial will never be given another chance to do so. They will be confined to a restricted region of darkness and despair until the end of the physical cycle of the Earth, and at that time they will be allowed to dissipate into nothingness in the manner described earlier in this book.” page 57

“The Earth had to be prepared to to receive and to support the physical bodies of all these souls simultaneously . . . With the help of advanced soul groups from outside the solar system, a large part of the atmosphere of Venus was transferred to the Earth and was allowed to condense and settle on the surface of the Earth. Much of this atmosphere, rich in gaseous hydrocarbons, was distributed in the lands now surrounding the State of Israel so that in the final part of the Tribulation the nations of the world would fight amongst each other for ownership of the oil deposits. Other fractions from the Venusian atmosphere light enough to remain gaseous at the Earth’s atmospheric pressure, were forcefully inserted into rock strata beneath the surface to serve as the great reservoirs of natural gas . . .” page 59.

The book goes on to talk about an asteroid that will fall into the Pacific ocean. Also, we will pass through a debris field that will send space junk raining down on us as causing a heaven raining with shooting stars. This debris will cause fires across the earth (not by water but by fire, so says the Bible).

The book goes on to talk about the dangers of ouija boards, yet how other types of divination do work where angels from the other side help give us the answers to our lives.

One of the most amazing books I’ve ever read. It’s like reading Revelations in the Bible in clear and easy-to-understand modern language. BTW, the book was written in 1979 so some of the prophecy has had a chance to unfold. With the Hilarion books you could skip most of the new age books out there. Get these books while you can. I can’t recommend them highly enough.