December 2016

Starwise Forecast for December 2016

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We enter December on a Rising Moon, until the Full Moon on the 13th.

1 – Mars in Aquarius trines, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Libra. The planets of will and philosophical aspiration harmonizing in the airy mental signs of humanitarian collectivity and idealization of partnership.

2 – Mercury goes from fiery Sagittarius into earthy Capricorn.

3 – 6 – Mars, on a bit of a roll, harmonizes with both practical conventional Saturn, on the 3rd, and liberating unconventional Uranus on the 6th.

7 – Venus goes from earthy Capricorn into airy Aquarius

9 – 11 – The Sun in Sagittarius now enters into some pretty harmonious engagements. First by sextiling Jupiter in Libra on the 9th. Jupiter ruling Sagittarius, this should create some pretty positive, optimistic, expansive faith, especially in partnership with others.

On the 10th the Sun in youthful, adventurous, Sagittarius does submit to a conjunction with Saturn, which is bound to incur a bit of a sobering ‘reality check’ but also some opportunity for dedicated focus and responsibility.

Earlier on the 10th Mercury in Capricorn harmonizes with Neptune in Pisces, so that, at times, series mental energy can be softened with compassion, imagination and faith.

The Sun, on the 11th, moves into a harmonizing fiery trine with Uranus in Aries, finishing off the weekend with some surprise, new enthusiastic freedoms, or ‘out of the box’ perspectives.

13 – The Sun/Moon, Full Moon opposition, between the conscious Solar Sagittarian energies and the unconscious Lunar Gemini energies. Beliefs that need to accept the need for clear communications, and rational understandings that need to let themselves be broadened into a wider perspective and belief.

19 – Mars goes from airy Aquarius into watery Pisces.
Mercury also goes retrograde.

21 – The Winter Solstice, entry of the Sun into the month of Capricorn.

24/25 – Some pretty positive energies for those who celebrate Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Saturn reaches the moment of an exact harmonizing trine with Uranus. These are planets normally difficult to integrate, with Saturn being the conventional and Uranus the unconventional. Here, having them in harmony, we can ‘go between worlds’, perhaps finding Saturnian practical ways that can serve to manifest, to implement Uranian unconventional perspectives that will be amenable to the conventional mainstream.

On the 25th we have a trio of lovely Venus aspects. Venus will harmonize with Jupiter, then Uranus, and then Saturn. So Venusian, emotional energies feeling a Jupiterian uplift and optimistic confidence, a Uranian new spontaneity and freedom, abut also a Saturnian loyalty, responsibility and dedication.

26 – On this day Jupiter in Libra will move into an exact opposition to Uranus in Aries. The key phrase for Libra is: ‘I seek myself through what I unite.’ The key phrase for Aries is: ‘I seek myself through myself.’ Now one isn’t better than the other, but they are opposite approaches to life. Jupiter in tension in Libra can make that uniting impulse a bit fanatic. Uranus in tension in Aries can make the self-oriented impulse a bit erratic and crazy. Or maybe it will just be a great time to get things out into the open and deal with it.

A helpful element is that later in the day Mercury in Capricorn will harmonize with Neptune in Pisces. Mercury is moving backwards so this same aspect occurred earlier on the 10th. But, again, there is serious mental energy that has access to compassion, forgiveness and faith, or some new imaginative way to express or access that.

27/28 – The Sun in Capricorn harmonizes with Mars in Pisces. Mars in Pisces is not easy. Here is what Hilarion* says about having it natally in your chart:

Pisces In this sign — ruled by Neptune which saps the energy and substance of everything it touches — Mars is very badly placed, regardless of aspect. There is a tendency to find that emotional “scenes” are totally exhausting, as is any necessity to deal with emotionally-polarized people. There will always be some difficulty with the feet (ruled by Pisces) and this flaw in the physical body will be for the purpose of drawing the attention down to the earth and the practical considerations. In a past life, this individual has neglected the earth-related necessities for what he considered higher pursuits and, as a result, certain souls entrusted to the care of the individual suffered in some way. Hence, it will be necessary in the present life for this individual to expend energy in a very practical way, usually in the “care and feeding” of others (children for example). Of course, numerous persons without this placement have to care for others, but in the case of Mars in Pisces, it will be more difficult and there will be some tendency to resent the fact that these responsibilities take so much of one’s time and energy.

Having hardworking, ambitious Sun in Capricorn in positive aspect to Mars in Pisces can help to ‘rise to the occasion’ of those emotional responsibilities.

On the 28th the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn, adding to the serious, responsible, dedicated Capricorn energy, and then Mercury harmonizes with that problematic Mars in Pisces.

Later in the day we have the Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Capricorn. So we start the day with a quite interesting prelude to the annual Capricorn New Moon alignment of the conscious and unconscious energies around what concrete goals you really want to accomplish in the year ahead.

29 – Uranus will stand still and then move direct. So its energies and relationships with other planets will now be moving us into entirely new directions.

30/31 – On the 30th the ambitious, responsible Sun in Capricorn will harmonize with the spiritual, compassionate healing Neptune in Pisces. But on New Year’s Eve that challenging Mars in Pisces, as mentioned earlier, will conjunct Neptune. So some deep vulnerability and feelings around having to care for others when it is hard to do so. Perhaps like Hillary Clinton supporters having to care for Donald Trump supporters, and Donald Trump supporters having to care for Hillary Clinton supporters.


Steffan Vanel