August 2018

Starwise Forecast

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We enter August with a waning Moon until the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 11th.

1 – This first day of August has a bit of ‘punch’ to it. Mars in Aquarius will square Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus is trying to promulgate changes and new freedoms around love and money. Mars in Aquarius is potentially mentally aggressive. With Mars/Uranus there is always the question: Will it be a breakthrough or a breakdown?

6 – Venus goes from Virgo into Libra, a sign that she rules, until September 9th.

In the very same minute as the above the Sun in Leo will square Jupiter in Scorpio. I think it will be helpful to have some Venus in Libra emotional balance to help to deal with what could be a day charged with self-absorbed (Leo) passion (Scorpio)

7 – Uranus turns retrograde, until January 9, 2019. So his disruptive/liberating energies will be going back over things already stirred up.

Later Venus in Libra trines, harmonizes with, Mars in Aquarius. Today that powerful Mars in Aquarius mental energy can work harmoniously towards healing all kinds of relationships.

8 – Mercury is still retrograde but it will move into a conjunction with the Sun in Leo, giving great conscious light to the process of looking back over and understanding ideals that have already been set in motion.

9 – Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. This is tricky. Venus rules Libra and Saturn rules Capricorn, so they are both happy being where they are. Today, however, the Venus/Libran idealization of relationships and the dedicated Saturn/Capricorn focus on work and success may be felt to be at cross purposes, or you may find yourself to be on one side and someone else on the other. A time to seek a compromising integration.

10 – Mercury in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury in Leo can be self-absorbed. Jupiter in Scorpio can be exaggerative passionate. Today they can ‘pump each other up’ and get a bit ‘over the top’. An opportunity to either develop a capacity for renunciation or a time to ‘let it rip,’ whichever is going to serve you best.

11 – The Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction with partial Solar eclipse in Leo. The New Moon in Leo is always a time providing the opportunity to align the conscious and unconscious leadership and creative capacities. With a partial Solar Eclipse a portion of the conscious identification with that is being obscured, allowing more of the unconscious instincts to have conscious access and awareness.

12 – Mars goes from airy Aquarius back into earthy Capricorn, until September 10th.

18 – A good Mercury day. First Mercury in Leo sextiles, harmonizes with, Venus in Libra. Today the mental (Mercury) pride (Leo) can work in a positive way with your affectional (Venus) relationships (Libra).

An hour later Mercury stands still and turns direct, thus ending its retrograde motion.

19 – Jupiter, a relatively slow-moving planet, trines, harmonizes with, Neptune, the 2nd slowest moving planet (following Pluto). The point is this aspect has been developing for some time and will be in effect for some time.

The aspect itself should enhance the capacity to bring Jupiter in Scorpio expansive passion into a positive alignment with Neptune in Pisces compassion and spiritual sensitivity.

22 – The Sun moves into the month of Virgo.

25 – A powerfully harmonious day. The Sun in Virgo will trine, harmonize with, Uranus in Taurus.

Later in the day the Sun will trine Saturn in Capricorn. Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are the three earth signs, so a great day to get some concrete things done, or at least, in motion.

However, this is effectively a ‘grand trine’ between the Sun, Uranus and Saturn in these signs. Having Saturn and Uranus in harmony these days is particularly beneficial as the conformity of Saturn and the non-conformity of Uranus are normally difficult energies to integrate. Today we can harmoniously work with conscious Solar service and details, with new Uranian freedoms around love and money, and Saturnian responsible dedication and commitments.

26 – A bit of an intense day. First we have the Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces, Full Moon opposition, the annual challenge to integrate the Solar conscious Virgo earth energies, with the Lunar subconscious Pisces water energies.

8 hours later Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. The relational idealisms of Venus in Libra may be challenged by deep fated, unconsciously manipulating energies forcing us to feel and recognize those energies but also to be very aware of where our affections come from, whether from love, or fear.

27 –Mars ends its long period of retrograde motion (since June 26) and turns direct.

Later Mercury in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio for the 2nd time this month (see August 10th)

Steffan Vanel