April 2015

Starwise Astrological Forecast

(All specific times given are for Eastern Time)

Dear Friends and Clients,

We enter April with a rising Moon until the Full Moon on the 4th.

Days of Month

1 – The most intense day I have ever seen. Just kidding, APRIL FOOLS!

2 – Mercury in Aries trines, harmonizes with, Saturn in Sagittarius. A good time to ground and focus your communications with the energetic energies that these two fire signs will make available.

Later the Sun in Aries will trine Jupiter in Leo. More positive fire sign energies working together. Here the courage and willful dynamism of Aries can use the Jupiterian optimism, faith and confidences of Jupiter.

4, 5, 6 – A pretty potent period of time. The 4th is the Full Moon, Sun in Aries/Moon in Libra opposition. And there is a Lunar Eclipse. And the Moon will square Pluto two hours later and oppose Uranus three hours later than the Full Moon Eclipse.

On the 5th the Sun will square Pluto and on the 6th conjunct Uranus.

What does all of that mean? God only knows. The Aries/Libra Full Moon is always about a challenging need to embrace, heal, and integrate our needs to consciously express our individual aims and ambitions and mission, in balance with our unconscious, instinctual need for relationships and partnerships.

With a Lunar Eclipse it is those unconscious partnerships feelings and instincts that will be ‘rebooting’ or going through a kind of death/rebirth.

With both of these Solar/Lunar conscious/unconscious energies hooking up with the Pluto/Uranus Square we have an ‘upping the ante’ on this process, or a connection somehow of these personal challenges with the larger archetypal challenges or ‘zeitgeist’ of our times.

Uranus will add its liberating freedom loving character to the Aries end of things, while with Pluto in Capricorn, the deep manipulating structures of society and/or our individual psyches will be in tension with both the Sun and Moon Conscious/unconscious, Aries/Libra.

This could lead to individuals with personal planets affected by this feeling drawn to play some kind of part in this larger collective drama and transformation. Something like this was happening with Andreas Lubitz as I mentioned in my previous newsletter about the German Wings flight tragedy. But it doesn’t have to be a bad kind of transformation like that. It could be something good.

This does all make for a rather intense Easter Weekend though.

6 – Also happening on the 6th is Mercury in Aries trining Jupiter in Leo so there will at least be some optimistic enthusiasm to talk about what’s coming up.

7,8 – Then the Aries engagement with the Pluto/Uranus square continues with Mercury squaring Pluto on the 7th so some mentally impulsive Mercury in Aries energy having to confront deep, hidden, manipulative Plutonian energies, right as Mercury gets an extra boost of liberating revolutionary Aries enthusiasm by conjuncting Uranus on the 8th. Again the personal confronting the larger collective, this time in a Mercurial mental, thinking, communicating manner.

Jupiter also stops moving backwards and goes direct on this day, so his optimistic, enthusiastic, beneficent energies are more available once again.

10 – Sun in Aries conjuncts Mercury in Aries. A great day to speak the truth of who you are. I’ll be giving a lecture in Hong Kong on this night. Should be good!

11 – Venus goes from earthy Taurus into airy, mental Gemini until May 8th.

12 – Mars in Taurus sextiles, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. Here we can put intense passion to succeed or fulfill desire into alignment with the potential for spiritual upliftment by devoting its ambitions to a Higher Love. Or allowing that Higher Love to use that personal ambitious energy. Either way, it is a good time for creative, imaginative expression.

14 – Mercury goes from fiery Aries into earthy Taurus, until May 1st.

15 – Tax day in the U.S. Venus in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. Emotional/mental tension could be triggered by authorities/responsibilities. Probably not good to wait until this day to file your taxes.

16 – Pluto goes retrograde, starts to move backwards as viewed from the Earth, until September 25th. (My birthday, should be interesting)

17 – Mars in Taurus squares Jupiter in Leo. Here that ambitious, earthy Mars in Taurus energy will be engaging with proud Jupiter in Leo energy with tension which could challenge us to not go into the negative expressions of these two planets: Martial aggression and Jupiterian exaggerated over-confidence.

18 – The Sun/Moon in Aries New Moon conjunction. This is the day of year to align your conscious and unconscious energies with your own individual being, courage and expression which is not dependent on other humans. Aries is the Emperor Card in the Tarot, an initiation of Spiritual Empowerment.

19 – A mixed-Neptune day.

First Mercury in Taurus sextiles, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces, so mental understandings or communications of Neptunian spirituality or compassionate love can flow.

Three hours later, however, Venus in airy Gemini squares Neptune in watery Pisces, which could be a surprise emotional challenge following the uplift earlier in the day. With Neptune it’s always about trust and surrender.

20 – The Sun goes from Aries into the month of Taurus.

I should be uploading the Taurus 2015/2016 reports around now.

21, 22 – The 21st starts out a bit tense but harmony comes later.

First Mercury in Taurus squares Jupiter in Leo. Similar to the Mars in Taurus square on the 17th. Here it is more in relation to the mental, communicative realm.

Later Mars in Taurus will move into a harmonizing trine to Pluto. That earthy, martial drive and ambition may feel that it can really make some deep structural changes of oneself or the world around you, or both.

On the 22nd Mercury, Pluto and Mars all hook-up again, with some Venusian harmony in the middle.

First Mercury follows Mars in trining Pluto, and later in the day Mercury conjuncts Mars, so basically these two days we have a Mercurial mental energy joining with a Martial willful energy together feeling comfortable working with the death/rebirth planet Pluto.

All three of these planets are in Earth signs and the 22nd happens to be Earth Day. So not only a good day to make concrete transformations, expressions in your own life, but also a good day to tune in to the Earth Mother herself, on a deep, deep level, and see what that inspires you to do.

In the middle of this Pluto/Mars/Mercury earthy stuff we have Venus in Gemini harmoniously sextiling Jupiter in Leo. So here that mental/emotional mix of Venus in Gemini finds comfortable, boosting support from proud, expansive Jupiter in Leo, and vice versa.

26 – Venus continues a harmonious streak by sextiling Uranus in Aries, with further fiery willful support for her Venus in Gemini mental/emotional mix. Here it is with the potential of Uranian freedom, surprise and unconventionality.

29 – The Sun in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Hilarion* say s that someone who is Taurus is someone who in previous lives has developed a quality of love at a very high level. Their challenge is to be able to give that love unconditionally, other wise it may turn back towards themselves, thereby focusing on their senses or an over-valuing of money and possessions.

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and thus, this is a great day to find the joy of infusing earthy desires with the Real Love.

30 – Mercury geos from earthy Taurus into airy Gemini, ruled by Mercury, until July 9th.


Steffan Vanel

* Astrology Plus by Hilarion, the book which I am always quoting from and has been out of print for some time, is now available download as an EBook on Amazon.