August 2015

Starwise Forecast for August 2015

We enter August on the day after the ‘Blue Moon’ Full Moon on July 31st.

2 – Saturn goes direct, finishing its retrograde motion which it started on March 15th. The day that a planet changes motion is always a strong or ‘pivotal’ moment as the planet is literally pivoting from one direction to another.

Here we are moving out of a period of Saturn encouraging us to go over and re-assess the commitments and responsibilities of our lives.

Now Saturn will be moving forward towards implementing new structures, commitments and responsibilities.

Later in the day Mercury trines, harmonizes with, Uranus. This always gives a heightened intuition to the mental nature, as well as an opening to the unusual or unconventional. Being in the fire signs of Leo and Aries there is added enthusiasm and of course courageousness seeking Uranian freedom.

3 – 7 – Jupiter squares Saturn. Jupiter is at the end of Leo and will soon go into Virgo. Saturn as at the end of Scorpio and will soon go into Sagittarius.

Before they do they will engage in this Leo/Scorpio tension. Jupiter is about expansion. Saturn contraction.

Jupiter in Leo can be fiery proud, even arrogant, albeit enthusiastically creative and romantic, but can also be exaggerative in those endeavors.

Saturn in Scorpio will create restraints and limits on passions, especially sexual passions.

On this day these two energies challenge each other. The task, as always, to find the Happy Medium.

While this is going on between Jupiter and Saturn, Venus, which is retrograde now and thus going back over old emotional stuff, will conjunct Jupiter on the 4th and square Saturn on the 5th.

So there will be extra personal emotional engagement with the themes I presented in the Jupiter/Saturn Square.

As Venus is retrograde, however, we may be looking at this need for balance between expansion and contraction in relation to previous relationships, desires, aspirations as a way for changing those patterns.

However, on the 6th Mercury will conjunct Venus and then Square Saturn. On the 7th Mercury will conjunct exuberance of Mercury in Leo into this engagement.

This happens just before Mercury goes into Virgo, also on the 7th.

On the 6th Mars in Cancer will trine, harmonize with, Saturn. This should provide some comforting steady discipline and focus on all the passions involved.

8 – On this day Mars goes into Leo until September 25th.

11 – Jupiter moves from Leo into Virgo. Here is what Hilarion says about Jupiter in Virgo:

In Virgo, ruled by Mercury, Jupiter donates the ability to write, especially short pieces, essays, stories, etc. The concentration powers are not well enough developed to tackle longer works, this problem being due to the fact that Jupiter is not well-placed in Virgo (being the ancient ruler of the opposite sign, Pisces). In affliction, these writing abilities are blocked to an extent depending upon the degree of affliction. In practical terms, the blockage is due to the mind being ceaselessly occupied with unimportant activities that waste energy: excessive planning, endless circular analysis of and going back over situations that have already happened, and so forth.

12 – Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Virgo/Pisces tensions will tend to bring up science vs. religion polarities. In this case the rational analytical, at times critical, energies of Mercury in Virgo opposed to the Neptunian God/Goddess of the Sea in the watery sign of Pisces, which Neptune rules. Must search for that happy medium of mutual recognitions, or fall prey to some confused or fearful intellectual mutterings.

13/14 – The Sun in Leo trines Uranus in Aries. A great time to express yourself and be free. Let your ‘inner leader’ speak his/her piece to the group.

This happens just as the Sun conjuncts the Moon on the 14th creating the New Moon in Leo, always a time for setting new intentions for personal creativities and expressions.

15 – The Sun conjuncts Venus in Leo adding to all of this fun Leo energy.

At least Mercury in Virgo will also be trining Pluto in Capricorn providing some earthy energies in the midst of all of the fire. There could also be some deep introspective pondering and analysis available here.

19 – Venus in Leo trines Uranus in Aries, more fiery freedom with some idealized emotional aspirations.

21 – The Sun, at the end of Leo, squares Saturn at the end of Scorpio. A similar challenge as occurred on the 3rd. This time with the solar conscious Leo energy replacing Jupiter.

23 – The Sun goes into the month of Virgo.

26 – Mercury in Virgo harmonizes with Saturn and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Virgo.

Positive Virgo analytical discipline in the first case, and positive Virgo Analytical confidence and expansive expression in the second.

27 – Mercury goes from Virgo into Libra until November 2nd.

29 – 31 –The Sun in Virgo/Moon in Pisces Full Moon opposition on the 29th. Virgo/Pisces: the science vs. relation debate. Here the conscious Solar analytical Virgo energies are challenged to accept, embrace, and integrate the Lunar unconscious emotional Pisces energies.

This theme gets extra deep concern as the Sun also opposes Neptune in Pisces on the 31st, and therefore a more profound ‘test of faith’ and surrender.

Steffan Vanel