February 2016

Dear Friends and Clients,

I am sorry that this month’s forecast is so late this time. The fact is I just recently completed my last chemo and radiation treatments. These last days I have been so weak I haven’t had any extra energy except to get through the essentials of my day-to-day existence.

Today I was feeling a bit better and figured I could at least write the forecast for the remaining days of this month.

A bit later I will post an update of my blog about my medical journey for those who might be interested. I can say now that even though it has been really challenging, I have had a very positive prognosis.

Starwise Forecast for February 2016

February 8 – Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Aquarius. This is the day of the year to align your conscious and instinctual unconscious attunements to the good of the Greater Whole, to the human brother/sisterhood of society.

It seems appropriate for the last day of campaigning before the New Hampshire Primary in New Hampshire.

Elsewhere in the world, this is the day of the Chinese New Year, moving from the Year of the Goat into the Year of the Monkey.

9 – Venus in Capricorn trines, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Capricorn. Earthy, practical detail oriented signs but here enlivened by emotional, affectional Venus and optimistic, generous self-confident Jupiter, giving some sense of the joy of getting some things done, or getting closer to the real.

13 – Mercury goes from serious Capricorn into airy, thinking-oriented Aquarius, until March 22nd.

Mars in Scorpio sextiles, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Virgo. Here the ambition of Mars, let loose in the passion of the sign it rules, can feel additional lift and exuberance from Jupiter but also with some detailed Virgoan plans as to how to accomplish those desires.

16 – Venus goes from serious Capricorn into airy Aquarius until March 12th.

18 – The Sun goes into the month of Pisces.

22 – The Sun in Pisces/Moon in Virgo Full Moon opposition. This polarizing Full Moon event entails the tension between, and challenge to integrate the conscious attunement to emotional sensitivities, vulnerabilities and needs for compassion and the unconscious, instinctual attunement to practical details and the moral strictures of conduct and behavior.

25 – Mercury in Aquarius sextiles, harmonizes with, Saturn in Sagittarius. A good time to harmoniously unite Aquarian ideals of brotherhood with Sagittarian ideals of righteousness, through the vehicles of Mercurial speech and communication and Saturnian commitment and discipline.

26 – Positive Mercurial speech and communication opportunities continue as Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Uranus in Aries, this time bringing in that highly intuitive, liberation seeking Uranian energies, empowered by Aries dynamism.

28 – The Sun in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Since Neptune rules Pisces we could sense how this conscious Solar alignment with the deep oceanic emotional mystical potentials of this once this year occurrence creates a great time for us as individuals, or as societies to open up to and plunge into all of that potential. This can be through a myriad of Piscean/Neptunian themes of healing, compassion, spirituality, imagination, fantasy, music, art, and anything that enhances transcendental states of consciousness, surrender, and dissolving into Oneness.

29 – Venus in Aquarius sextiles, harmonizes with, Saturn in Sagittarius. Similar to Mercury sextiles Saturn on the 25th. Here it is our Venusian emotional capacities which can benefit from the Saturnian focus and discipline.

Steffan Vanel