February 2018

I was up at 4:30 am to watch the Lunar Eclipse this morning. It was eerily awesome, setting over in the western sky, with coyote’s howling in the distance here up in the snowy mountains.

3 – In the morning, Mercury in Aquarius sextiles, harmonizes with, Mars in Sagittarius. Mercury is mental understanding and communication. Mars is passion, drive and will power. Aquarius and Sagittarius are both high-minded, expansive, and generally altruistic signs. This would be a great day to say and/or write something in service to your favorite cause.

Later in the evening Venus in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Scorpio. Venus in Aquarius can be emotionally detached. Jupiter in Scorpio can be overly passionate. Watch for a tendency to identify with one and project the other on someone else.

6 – Venus in Aquarius harmonizes with, sextiles, Uranus, the planet which rules Aquarius. Here that cool, detached Venus in Aquarius can experience some feeling of spontaneity and freedom in her expression.

10 – Venus goes into Pisces, until March 7th.

The Sun in Aquarius squares Jupiter in Scorpio. More Aquarius/Scorpio tension. The Sun in Aquarius is not as cool as Venus in Aquarius but it can be better at loving everyone than someone. Here those universal Aquarian energies can either be tempted to get overly ‘pumped-up by Jupiterian enthusiasm with Scorpionic, passionate drive, or it can find itself challenged by those with Scorpionic, passionate drives.

13 – Yet another bit of Aquarius/Scorpio tension. This time it is Mercury in Aquarius squaring the Jupiter in Scorpio. So now the cool, but ‘higher-minded’ thinking and communications of Mercury in Aquarius will either be overly ‘pumped-up’ by enthusiastic, Jupiterian, Scorpionic passions, or confronted thereby by those with those passions, or both.

Later in the day the Sun in Aquarius harmonizes with, sextiles, the Aquarius-ruling planet Uranus. So the universal love and high-mindedness of Aquarius should win the day in the end, perhaps in a surprising/liberating way.

15 – The Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Aquarius with a partial Solar Eclipse. A partial Solar Eclipse may only be a ‘bite out of a cookie’ but it does put extra symbolic death/rebirth energy onto this annual alignment of Solar/conscious and Lunar/Instinctive-unconscious Aquarian energies. Aquarius being the sign of Universal love and brother/sisterhood.

On this same day Mercury in Aquarius harmonizes with, sextiles, Uranus. This should greatly add to the understanding and new freedoms in communicating the Aquarian ideals. Although this aspect occurs six hours before the Eclipse.

Two hours after the Eclipse, however, we have Venus in Pisces harmonizing with Saturn in Capricorn. Venus in Pisces can benefit from some grounded ‘reality as it is’, practically ambitious, Saturn in Capricorn energies. And Saturn in Capricorn can benefit from some Venus in Pisces compassion and sensitivity.

17 – Mars in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. Mars in Sagittarius passion and drive in pursuit of his beliefs and ideals might find itself motivated by feelings of victimization, or find that he pursuit of those ideals causes others to feel victimized, or both.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury in Aquarius an hour later, which should help ‘clear the air’ with some high-minded clarity and communication.

Later that night, however, the mental, thinking planet Mercury goes into the watery emotional sign Pisces, until March 5th.

18 – On this day the Sun goes into the month of Pisces.

21 – Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. A great day to open your heart.

Later in the day Mercury in Pisces harmonizes with, sextiles, Saturn in Capricorn. Again, lending some solid, grounding Saturn/Capricorn energies to the otherwise emotionally-challenged mental state of Mercury in Pisces.

25 – Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Sagittarius. Venus in Pisces can be overly carried away by their emotions. Mars in Sagittarius can be overly enthusiastic in pursuit of his ideals. Here they are likely to trigger each other, hopefully, to each learn their lessons and integrate.

The Pisces energy gets ‘ramped up,’ however, as Mercury in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Either the best time to write the most inspired poetry you heave ever written, or to confusedly think you have done so.

It will be a good time to dissolve and surrender your thoughts fears and worries in non-rational ways.

Later the Sun in Pisces harmonizes with, sextiles, Saturn in Capricorn, so there should be some steady realistic assessment to the earlier Piscean watery feelings and expressions.as well as the ability to determine the best way to practically manifest the best parts of those Piscean watery feelings and expressions.

27 – Venus in Pisces harmonizes with, sextiles, Pluto in Capricorn. Now the Piscean feelings and expression can find a ‘rudder of focusing alignment’ by resonating with the deep, structural transformations in the ‘zeitgeist’ of our time.

28 – Mercury in Pisces squares Mars in Sagittarius. Similar to the Venus/Mars square on the 25th. Today it is the emotional Piscean energies as they affect our Mercurial thoughts and communications which will be challenged by a Martial drive towards his Sagittarian ideals.

Five hours later, however, Mercury in Pisces harmonizes with, sextiles, Pluto in Capricorn. So the worries affecting our thinking, after being excessively irritated, internally or externally, by Mars in Sagittarius, can benefit by trusting or being willing to surrender to, a harmonious alignment with the deep Plutonian transformations of the Capricornian structures of our society and of our own psyches.

Steffan Vanel