January 2016

Dear Friends and Clients,

I apologize for the tardiness of this newsletter. Actually in recent days I wasn’t sure if I would get it together at all.

I have just completed 3 weeks of chemotherapy and radiation for my throat cancer which, so far, I have been handling quite well. I accepted that I just have to surrender and take the anti-nausea drugs for the chemo, and using licorice root extract in glycerin has really kept my throat from burning too bad from the radiation up to now.

My weakened immune system during the chemo, however, has enabled a super intense case of shingles to emerge with incredible nerve pain in my shoulders and upper arms. It was undiagnosed for a week and a half. One night the pain went, on a scale of 1 – 10, to 10, and had me rushing to the hospital emergency room where they gave me a shot of dilaudid, one of the most powerful legal painkillers.

Most of that time I was admittedly frantically trying to figure out how to escape the pain, but when I was finally just sitting in the ER waiting for the doctor to come give me a shot, I sat and did my Vipassana meditation, where you observe sensation without reacting to it or identifying with it as you, and I saw that I was still able, even with that level 10 burning nerve pain, to reach a place of calm, unidentified, equanimous calm observation. So, I have a new yardstick measure of how much pain I can actually handle.

It does make me think how, with my Scorpio Rising, my life always has to make things a little more intense. Actually, what is really pressing upon me is Neptune moving into my 4th House and opposing my Virgo Midheaven, at the same time that Saturn is squaring my Midheaven from my First house. I also have the Pluto/Uranus Square engaging my Neptune/Uranus natal Square. It all is making for for interesting times for sure!

They now have me on morphine and oxycodone, which definitely has me pretty loopy, but I think it has made this month’s forecast a little more imaginative than usual. I hope you enjoy it.

PS: I am taking herbal and nutritional support to fight the shingles virus and help my nerves heal.

My thanks again to all of you who sent personal responses to my recent letters.* My apologies for not yet getting back to you personally but, as you might imagine, recent days have been a bit challenging. I still hope to catch up with you all soon.

Love and Blessings to Everyone in this New Year.

Starwise Forecast for January 2016

We enter January and the year 2016 at the Last Quarter waning Moon until the New Moon on the 9th.

1 – Mercury goes form serious Capricorn into airy, communicative, at times detached Aquarius, but only until it goes retrograde on the 5th and moves temporarily back into Capricorn on the 8th.

3 – Mars goes into Scorpio, one of the signs it rules, until March 6th.

5 – A lot going on this day. First airy, detached Mercury in Aquarius squares passionate, willful Mars in Scorpio. Can be some conflict between what you think is right and what you feels what you really want. Time for a healing dialogue and integration instead of looking for someone you can use to project one end or the other.

Mercury is stopping and turning backwards (retrograde) an hour later, so the mental part of this equation will be feeling particularly focused upon and challenged.

Then Venus in fiery, independent Sagittarius will be squaring the deep, dissolving, fully emotionally surrendered Neptune in Pisces. When the tension involves a slow moving outer planet it is best to really open to and surrender to their perspective.

The Sun will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at the end of the day so there will be an opportunity to go really deep and assess, feel and allow the deep transformations taking place within the functioning structures of our own psyches, our outer life functioning, and those of our societies.

7 – However, the Sun conjuncting Pluto means that soon it will also have to move into a square to Uranus these days. In this engagement with the Pluto/Uranus square, however, the Solar, conscious identity will be imbued with the serious, need to be working correctly, from the Capricornian end of the argument in tension with the Uranian revolutionary, iconoclastic, freedom-seeking end of the conflict.

Having just untied with Pluto this Solar identity may feel more that usually empowered for that battle.

Later in the day Jupiter in Virgo, what would be serving as an ally harmoniously resonating with his optimism in being able to apply all of the practical details to that Capricorn ambition, will himself be stopping and turning backwards (retrograde) later in the day, perhaps weakening the Sun, Solar confidence and position.

8 – Mercury retrogrades back into serious Capricorn.

Venus in Sagittarius receives some potential discipline, focus and ‘reality check’ by conjuncting Saturn.

9 – The Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Capricorn. The Moon will also be conjuncting Pluto just before the New Moon. So with the Sun still close to Pluto as well, this will be a particularly deep Capricornian opportunity to really assess ambitions, structural needs, and capacities of self-reliance, and still feel the way sin which all of that needs to transform, either their modes or motives, or both, and how they need to be dedicated to the needed transformations of the modes and motives of our world.

12 – Venus trines Uranus, feels like an opportunity to feel a lot more lightness and freedom and emotional spontaneity that on these recent days.

13 – The sun in Capricorn comes into harmony with Jupiter in Virgo, so that ambitious, detailed optimism potential between these two should be available. With the Jupiter end mooning retrograde it may entail reassessing the details of previous strategies.

14 – The Sun conjuncts Mercury in Capricorn and later Jupiter trines Mercury. So, having Mercury engaging harmoniously into this Jupiter/Sun alignment should allow some effective understanding and communication of whatever new conclusions have arisen.

17 – That independent, adventurous Venus in Sagittarius will square Jupiter in Virgo, which can get overly involved in the practical details. Time for some healthy dialogue and accommodating integration.

18 – Mars in Scorpio trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. A great opportunity to align, surrender, be dissolved into that Neptunian Piscean Sea of compassionate, mystical surrender of all of your own self-based passions and desires.

20 – The Sun goes from Capricorn into the month of Aquarius.

20 – 22 – Mercury squares Uranus on the 20th and conjuncts Pluto on the 22nd. So first Mercury will have is Capricorn mentality challenged by the feisty, unconventional freedom seeking energies of Uranus in Aries, but then joining that Capricorn mentality with the Pluto end of this Pluto/Uranus conflict. Interesting to see what this brings to our Mercurial mental perspective, understanding and communications. S

23 – Venus goes from fiery Sagittarius into earthy Capricorn.

The Sun/Moon, Full Moon opposition. With the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius this opposition always involves the need to integrate a conscious need to attune to the equality and collective brother/sisterhood of Aquarius and the unconscious need, desire to individually create, or serve as a leader. Here they must learn to engage and serve each other. The Moo will square Mars the next day so that Pars in Scorpio passionate, willful desire will be challenging both ends of this Leo/Aquarius integration. It brings to my imagination how this will be bearing upon the US presidential candidates as they approach the first primary voting on February 2nd.

25 – Mercury stops and moves direct so the communications and technical connections should move more efficiently.

29 – 31 – On the last weekend before the Iowa Primary Mercury, once again, conjuncts Pluto (on the 29th) and squares Uranus on the 31st, so similar to the recent 20th – 22nd engagement, but this time Mercury will be moving direct so perhaps more effective at presenting his arguments but still in over his head dealing with this deep primal conflict between Pluto and Uranus, which would be the case for anyone running for US president in the present state of our world today.

30 – In the middle of all of that, however, we have Venus in Capricorn harmoniously sextiling Neptune in Pisces. Venus in Capricorn can be cool and reserved but potentially quite loyal and dedicated. Here she can comfortably dissolve some of that reserve in the compassionate ocean of the Piscean Sea Goddess Neptune.

*My Cancer Diagnosis/Plea for help, which can be viewed at: https://www.gofundme.com/3pahd4fr