January 2017

Starwise Forecast for January 2017

Dear Friends, Clients and Subscribers,

Happy New Year Everyone!

January Birthday people: Remember you get 10% discounts on Readings this month.

We enter the New Year with a Rising Moon, until the Full Moon on the 12th.

2 – Venus moves from airy Aquarius into watery Pisces.

3 – Mercury in serious Capricorn sextiles, harmonizes with, emotionally sensitive Venus in Pisces. A good time to say what you really feel, and sound like you mean it.

4 – Mercury retrogrades back into fiery Sagittarius, until the 12th.

6 – The Sun in materially structured, authoritative Capricorn conjuncts ‘Lord of the Underworld’ Pluto, in Capricorn. One could imagine a secret meeting of the New World Order power brokers in whatever conspiracy theory you adhere to.

Or you could look deep into whatever ambitions you have, and the current structures you have in place to manifest those ambitions, and assess what deep level changes may need to be made, as well as what your deepest motives are, and be clear where your hidden fears and insecurities are. Of course this aspect has been building for some days, adding depth to this year’s New Year’s Resolutions you have made.

8 – Mercury stations, stops, and moves direct, ending the period of Mercury retrograde.

10 – The Sun in Capricorn squares Uranus in Aries. Capricorn, self-reliant confidence and adherence to responsibility and tradition, challenged by the Uranian, revolutionary, in Aries, fiery, willful, willingness to throw over the apple cart. Makes me wonder if we’ll have some surprise, shocking pre-inaugural tweets from President-elect Donald Trump.

Later in the day Mars in Pisces sextiles, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn, so there will be the passionate drive to engage in whatever deep level transformations need to occur.

11 – The Sun squares Jupiter in Aries. This could be the morally righteous backlash to whatever outlandish ventures were proposed the day before.

12 – The Sun in Capricorn/Moon in Cancer Full Moon opposition. A challenging but energizing polarity between the conscious Solar identity interested in material, concrete manifestations with self-reliant responsibility, and the Lunar unconscious, instinctual need for Cancerian emotional nurturing, for oneself and for those others receptive to receive that nurturing from you.

A few hours later Mercury moves back into Capricorn.

And then later in the day Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, so the watery, emotional qualities of this day will really be to the fore, whether or not those serious, self-reliant Capricorn energies are ready for it or not. At least Pisces harmoniously sextiles Capricorn, so it should soften the oppositional polarity of the Capricorn/Cancer Full Moon.

19 – The Sun enters the month of Aquarius.

20 – Venus in Pisces sextiles, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. Some emotional sensitivity towards the deep structural transformations taking place, as well as the potential to deepen emotional sensitivities to be able to attune to the deep structural changes that need to take place.

Of course on the day of the US Presidential Inauguration both sides, red and blue, will be doing this same work on themselves.

(I plan to be writing more about the Inauguration Astrological chart for the New Presidency later)

23 – Mercury in Capricorn sextiles, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. A serious mental understanding and/or communication of compassionate spiritual sensitivity is available on this day.

27 – Venus in watery Pisces squares Saturn in fiery Sagittarius. Venus/Saturn squares are always emotionally challenging and restrictive. Venus in Pisces is extra sensitive and vulnerable emotionally. And Saturn in Sagittarius can implement a, perhaps necessarily, stern belief system. With any Pisces aspect, and one like this in particular, we must be careful to not identify with the seemingly unavoidable roles of victim and victimizer, and rise above that dichotomy with healthy recognition and integration of both sides.

Later in the day we have the Sun/Moon New Moon conjunction in Aquarius, aligning the conscious and unconscious with Aquarian humanitarian principles with a new vision and focus.

Five hours later Mars goes from watery Pisces into the sigh, ruled by Mars, fiery Aries, where he is much more comfortable, but a lot more to have to handle.

29 – Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. A mental understanding and communication of the deep level transformations that are taking place, and that need to take place.

This should add a little depth to the lecture I will be giving on this day at the East West Bookstore in Seattle on The New Presidency.

31 – We end the month with Mercury in serious Capricorn squaring revolutionary freedom seeking Uranus in Aries. Beware of irrational, rash communications that are cloaked with a sense of sober responsibility. (Sounds like our new President)

Steffan Vanel