January 2018

Starwise Forecast

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Looks like it starts out pretty intensely.

1 – Wow! We enter January and the year 2018 on the day of the annual Sun/Moon Full Opposition. And it is one of two ‘super moons’ this month, when the Moon is closest to the Earth in its annual orbit.

The Sun is still in the sign of Capricorn. The opposing Moon will be in Cancer. I am writing this forecast before completing my article about 2018 as a whole, but I know, for various reasons, the sign Capricorn will figure prominently in that article.

In fact Capricorn figures in the major Astrological event of these next few years with a conjunction of three outer planets in 2020, all in Capricorn.

However, I will have already written and sent this information out to you, hopefully, before you have received this forecast, or it will be coming soon.

That being said, I can’t help noting here that this Full Moon opposition will have the Sun of the United States Chart, at 13 degrees Cancer in its crosshairs. It seems that the U.S. is being continually selected by the celestial messaging service to play out the global archetypal drama for the world at this time.

USA Chart
USA Chart

A Sun in Capricorn opposite Moon in Cancer in itself is always a polarizing challenge between conscious, Solar, Capricorn consciousness oriented towards things like tradition, career, structure, authority, dedication and discipline: being challenged by Lunar, instinctive, unconscious Cancerian consciousness oriented towards family, sanctuary, emotional bonding and nurturing.

Getting them to accommodate each other, integrating and learning to work together, becomes the order of the day.

2/3 – The Sun in Capricorn harmonizes with, sextiles, Neptune in Pisces on the 2nd. On the 3rd Venus in Capricorn will sextile Neptune.

Some days later the Sun and Venus will join together.

These harmonies on the 2nd and 3rd should help to bring our conscious and emotional Capricorn energies of responsibility and structure and material ambition into a greater appreciation for, and ability to embrace, some Neptunian spirituality, compassion and mystical, loving artistic expressions and consciousness.

Later in the day on the 2nd, Uranus stops moving backwards and moves direct, so its revolutionary, liberating, unconventional energies will become more overtly available and expressible.

6 – Right after Uranus turns direct in Aries on the 2nd it has a positive trining, aspect with Mercury in Sagittarius on this day. A great time for thinking ‘outside of the box’ and communicating with enthusiasm what might help others to ‘think outside of the box.’

Later Mars in Scorpio conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio. Both of these placements are prone to over-emphasize the physical aspect of love. Joining up like this could create some pretty major ‘desire’ energy in some form or another. Be sure to dedicate those desires and passions to the Highest Good.

8/9 – A very potent couple of days. The Sun in Capricorn and Venus in Capricorn will both harmonize, sextile, with Jupiter in Scorpio and later the Sun and Venus will conjunct each other.

In between, Mars in Scorpio will harmonize with Pluto in Capricorn, with Mars having just conjuncted Jupiter in Scorpio on the 6th.

And on the 9th, Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, then the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, then Venus sextiles, harmonizes with, Mars in Scorpio and then, lastly, the Sun in Capricorn sextiles, harmonizes with, Mars in Scorpio.

So all five of these planetary players will be working with bringing harmonious energies and relationships between Scorpionic emotional desires and Capricornian ambitions and authoritative structures.

The fact that Pluto is so involved here brings its powerful, intense transformative, death/rebirth energies to bear upon all of these relationships.

Should be interesting!

10 – Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn. So the focus on Capricornian type themes continues to be emphasized. Mercury in Capricorn can be particularly mentally serious. As Saturn rules Capricorn this is a good time to understand/communicate his authoritative focus and discipline and responsible ambitions.

13/14 – We move abruptly out of all of this harmonious, Scorpio/Capricorn energies into a square between Venus in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries on the 13th, and the Sun in Capricorn squaring Uranus on the 14th. Should be some surprise ‘upsetting of the apple cart’ to all of that Capricornian responsible focus and discipline.

Sometimes we need some surprise, revolutionary freedoms/changes to keep a flexible perspective.

15 – In the background with the before mentioned aspects we have a slow-building, longer lasting peak of a harmonizing sextile between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn on this day.

So the peak of an even deeper level of harmony between the Scorpio passion and desire, and Capricorn discipline and responsible ambition.

16 – The annual Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Capricorn. This is always a potential for alignment of the Solar conscious and Lunar unconscious Capricorn energies which I’ve already referred to so many times in this month’s forecast I am not going to repeat the Capricorn keywords.

This year’s Capricorn New Moon, however, has some extra Capricorn emphasis on it as earlier in the day, the Moon will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and four hours after the New Moon the Moon will conjunct Venus in Capricorn.

So additional emotional transformative/introspective energies applied to this year’s annual event.

I was just thinking; if all of these Capricornian transformation of material structures of security and of authoritative hierarchies aspects were appearing in the calendar for January, 2000, starting the day after the so-called ‘Y2K’ event, I would have been tempted to say it indicated the rebuilding of the material and social world, with the global recognition that the ‘back to the lander hippies’ (myself included) actually had it right.

This year I’m not sure what it all means. We have other ‘wild cards’ at play these days. With the big Capricorn alignment in 2020 on the horizon, somehow, this month with all of this Capricorn activity seems to be an early preview of coming attractions. Of course I will be paying attention and sharing my ‘2 cents’ of opinion as things unfold.

17 -Venus goes from earthy Capricorn into airy Aquarius until February 11th. So perhaps some emotional ‘lightening up’ and detaching from some of the Capricornian seriousness.

19 – Mercury in Capricorn sextiles, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. Some more water harmony with serious earthy mental energy. This time with Pisces, spiritual, compassionate energies involved.

Later in the day the Sun moves from Capricorn into the month of Aquarius.

24/25 – Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn on the 24th and sextiles, harmonizes, with Jupiter in Scorpio on the 25th.

I mentioned on the 15th the peak of a long-standing harmony between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. On this day we have some serious Mercury in Capricorn mental, communicative engagement upon this Pluto/Jupiter harmony.

26 – Mars goes from watery Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius, until March 18th.

27 – Some more Capricorn/Aries tension. This time between that seriously minded Mercury in Capricorn and that long-standing revolutionary, unconventional, surprise, fiery, willful, Uranus in Aries energies, as they square each other.

31 – The month started with a potent Full Moon ‘Super’ Moon. Today we end the month with another Full Moon ‘Super’ Moon. Being the second Full Moon in a particular month also makes it a ‘Blue Moon.’ And, to top it off there will be a death/rebirthing Lunar Eclipse.

This Full Moon opposition will be between the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius, the annual polarization between the Solar, conscious humanitarian, collective group consciousness of Aquarius, and the unconscious Lunar, leader-focused, self-creative expression of Leo energies.

Basically the challenge is to find the proper balance between the ability to lead and allow your individual being to express and inspire; and one’s ability to benefit from the acceptance of everyone as part of the greater whole, providing that Aquarian unconditional love and brother/sisterhood.

Since it is the Leo Moon energies that are being ‘eclipsed’ this would be the side of the equation which is slated for the death/rebirthing.

It does make me think of our not-so-fearless leader and his rather ‘faking it’ Leo Ascendant self image. But everyone will have the challenge to face, heal and integrate this polarity within themselves.

Steffan Vanel