July 2016

Starwise Forecast for July 2016

Dear Friends and Clients,

We enter July on a Waning Moon, until the New Moon on July 4th, a potent ‘Rebirth Day’ for the U.S.

1 – Venus in Cancer sextiles, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Virgo. Here we can experience a positive expansive boost in communicating specifically what your emotional needs are. This can also be applied to what in your home environment will help to further nurture and support you.

3 – The Sun in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. Here we have the opportunity for even greater emotional and domestic home enhancement towards what feels the most nurturing and comfortable, in trusting in compassion and imagined but unseen worlds.

4 – The Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Cancer. This is a moment where the positive Cancer energies of the last few days can meld into the most potent moment of the year for aligning the conscious and unconscious energies aligned with the emotional mothering, nurturing needs and potentials of the sign Cancer.

Since this is on the birthday of the U.S. it is taking place in the degree of the Zodiac which conjuncts the Sun of the U.S. A poignant birthday indeed.

5 – Mercury in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. Mercury doesn’t function well, mentally, in Cancer, but here is the opportunity to let go of the mental/emotional blur that can come from that and trust more in the non-rational, imaginative, intuitive, and be willing to share and communicate what comes from that.

6 – We continue on a roll of very positive aspects, but it changes dramatically the next day and there could be some early sensing of that on this day.

Nonetheless, on this day Venus in Cancer will trine, harmonize with, Mars in Scorpio. Here that Mars in Scorpio powerful energy (Mars rules Scorpio), but can often be overly attached to the physical level of passion, can align harmoniously with the true emotional needs and capacities of Venus in Cancer.

Later in the day the Sun in Cancer conjuncts Mercury in Cancer. Although Mercury in Cancer can be befuddled, here it will at least be brightened, perhaps clarified, by the Solar conscious awareness.

7 – On this day we have three personal planets making tense, difficult aspects to one end or the other of the on-going Pluto/Uranus Square. So the death/rebirth, freedom/revolution tension defining this decade will have Mercury mental energy in tension with the Plutonian death/rebirth energies, then Venus emotional energies in tension with Uranian freedom/revolution energies, and then the Sun conscious ego energies in tension with the Plutonian death/rebirth energies.

These will complete tense engagements with the Square later in the month, so the mellowness of the early part of July may give way to some ‘great opportunities for growth.’

8/9 – Mercury comes out of the tension of the previous day with a harmonizing sextile to Jupiter. This always engenders an expansive, optimistic, perhaps generous and benevolent quality to our mental understandings and communications. With Jupiter in Virgo there can be a good usage of lots of details.

On the 9th the Sun, representing our conscious Solar identity moves into the same positive aspect with Jupiter.

10 – On this day Mercury trines Mars, so positive understanding/communication of will, passion, ambition and desire.

11 – Mercury in Cancer squares the Uranus in Aries end of the Pluto/Uranus Square. Here that potentially muddled thinking of Mercury in Cancer is likely to get jolted, irritated, or irrationally impulsive in the search for change or freedom.

Later in the day Venus goes from watery Cancer to fiery Leo, until August 6th.

13 – Mercury goes from Cancer into Leo, until the 31st.

16 – The Sun in Cancer squares the Uranus in Aries end of the Pluto/Uranus Square. People could get irrational or impulsive in relation to their emotional needs and security issues.

Later, Mercury conjuncts Venus in Leo. A good day to write and sing your own love song beneath your beloved’s window.

18 – Mercury in Leo trines, harmonizes with, Saturn in Sagittarius. Our mental pride and arrogance can steady itself with this positive Saturnian control and discipline and persevering focus.

19 – The Sun in Cancer/Moon in Capricorn, Full Moon opposition. The peaking of the polarity between a Solar conscious identity moving through emotional needs, nurturing capacities, and searching for safe sanctuaries, challenged by a Lunar unconscious energy which can feel that being too emotional can be a threat to security and survival. As with every Full Moon, a healthy integration is necessary.

This will be in the middle of the Republican Convention.

20 – Venus in Leo trines, harmonizes with, Saturn. Here our, at times, over-idealistic affectional aspirations can benefit from a little Saturnian ‘reality check’ as well as accepting the necessary discipline and focus to concretize those aspirations.

22 – The Sun goes from watery Cancer into fiery, proud Leo. Just in time for the Republican and Democratic conventions.

27 – Mercury in Leo trines, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries. Here our mental understandings and communications can feel highly intuitive and free to express outside the norms of convention in the interest of liberation from patterns, situations that are no longer needed.

29 – On this day, the day after the Democratic Convention, there might be some feistiness. Proud, perhaps arrogant, Mercury in Leo will square potentially overly desire-driven Mars in Scorpio. Maybe those Bernie Sanders supporters will be acting up.

Later, Uranus stands still, adding depth to its revolutionary tendencies, but then goes backwards, retrograde, which could be the winding down of the ‘Bernie Revolution.’

Then Mercury goes from fiery Leo into earthy analytical Virgo, until October 7th.

31 – Venus trines, harmonizes with, Uranus. There should be some feelings of emotional freedom and spontaneity.

Steffan Vanel