July 2017

Starwise Forecast for July 2017

We enter July with a Rising Moon, until the Full Moon on the 8th.

2 – Mars in Caner opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn is about the deep transformation of the structures of our lives (economic, governmental, psychological) from 2008 to 2025).

Mars in Cancer can get pretty ‘feisty’ in the domestic/home front.

Here Mars will be pitted against that deep Plutonian structural change. Will he submit willingly to the deeper needs and reality, or fight kicking and screaming?

4 The US birthday will have Venus moving from earthy Taurus into airy Gemini, until the 31st.

Also, Mercury in Cancer (prone to emotional ‘muddying’ of rational thought) will move into a square with Uranus in Aries (prone to impulsive aggressivity in the cause of freedom). Not a good time for political arguments at the family barbecue, or maybe it is. You decide, but beware.

5 – Mercury goes into Leo until the 25th.

The Sun in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. Some potential compassionate healing of the events of the day before.

Two hours later, however, the Sun in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra. So be careful that someone doesn’t take that earlier soft compassion and then feel to use that (in a Libra/lawyer fashion) to expand your beliefs/agenda, which is actually overbearing, but full of rationalized, emotionally energized validations.

7 – Mercury in Leo sextiles, harmonizes with, Venus in Gemini. Much more flowing, easy communication of creative ideas and the feelings around them

8/9 – On the 8th we have the Sun in Cancer/Moon in Capricorn Full Moon opposition. This is always the occasion for a conscious/Solar attunement to home, family, clan, nation, to be challenged by the Lunar/unconscious instinctual attunements to more practical needs, and material fears of potential suffering. Obviously they both need to be honored and work together.

A couple hours later the Moon conjuncts the deep Pluto in Capricorn transformational energy referred to on the 2nd. On the 9th, the Sun opposes that same Pluto in Capricorn transformational energy. So the Cancer/Capricorn Full Moon energy will have an added Plutonian intensity to it, probably resonant with deep issues going on in the larger collective.

14 – Mercury in Leo sextiles, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Libra. A good time for proud expression of expansive vision with, nonetheless, a Libran diplomatic harmony.

17 – A potentially emotionally stressful day.

Venus in Gemini, attracted to intelligent people but prone to trying to be in two relationships at the same time, will square Neptune in Pisces, prone to illusions in love and tests of faith and victimhood.

Later Mars in Cancer, again a propensity for domestic ‘feistiness’ will square Uranus in Aries, prone to impulsive/aggressive ‘freedom’ urges.

18 – Venus in Gemini trines, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Libra. So that emotional attraction to intelligence can have an optimistic, confidence inducing boost with a view to diplomacy and harmonious relationships.

19 – Mercury in Leo trines, harmonizes with, Saturn in Sagittarius. Some of that proud, creative expression can willingly accept Saturnian commitment and discipline and actually manifest something concretely.

20 – Mars goes from watery Cancer into fiery Leo, until September 5.

Later, the Sun in Cancer, a conscious identity with the emotional needs of home, family, clan and/or nation will be challenged by, or suddenly impulsively reactive to, a square to a Uranus in Aries propensity for aggressive acting in the cause of liberation from old patterns that have outlived their purpose.

22 – The Sun goes into the month of Leo.

23 – The Sun/Moon conjunction in Leo New Moon. This is what Hilarion* says about being born with your Sun in Leo:

The Leo individual is one who, in a past incarnation, showed the trait of leadership and guidance for those who without such help would have perished. From this action comes another gift: in this case, a tap into a spiritual source of initiative and leadership qualities, which is always available to the soul, and can be manifested in the personality, filters permitting. But the task which comes with the gift is to express the guidance and leadership without allowing the self to assume too great an importance. These energies are easily misdirected into aggrandizement and pride of self, and constant effort is called for by the Leo personality to avoid these negative traits. The best way to keep the pride and self-centered tendencies from manifesting is to cultivate kindness and consideration for others. But even the kind ones can become enmeshed in a habitual tendency to view life as a kind of play in which they are the principal actor around whom everything revolves. This tendency is again due to the abundance of the energy which is being tapped at the higher level, which comes down as a clear picture of the individual leading others, i.e. at the head of, or in some way above the mass of those who are being led. The best way to deal with the Leo energy is to find an outlet where others are being served at the same time as they are being led or directed. This is why a teaching role is one of the best ways to manifest the Leo nature.
On this New Moon we have this opportunity to align and commit, conscious and unconscious, energies of leadership and service, with a promise of humility.

24 – Venus in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. Duties and responsibilities may force a limitation or ‘reality check’ upon our more flirtatious emotional fancies.

Mercury in Leo trines, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries. Spontaneous, free, liberating understandings and expressions of your own creative, teaching visions.

25 – Mercury moves from fiery Leo into earthy Virgo, until August 31.

26 – The Sun in Leo conjuncts Mars in Leo. For this I would suggest re-reading the entry for the Leo New Moon on the 23rd. Today this Leo alignment is not so much about a Solar/Lunar, conscious/unconscious alignment, but a connection of that solar Leo energy with that martial Leo energy, potentially very powerful, confident energy, albeit an even greater propensity for acting so with pride and arrogance.

30 – Venus in Gemini sextiles, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries, emotional spontaneity, new freedoms, perhaps surprises, that liberate from old emotional patterns that have outlived their purpose can happen now.

31 – Venus goes from airy Gemini into watery Cancer, until August 25.

Next month is the big, visible across the US, Solar eclipse. I will share with you some thoughts about that in next month’s Starwise Forecast.

Steffan Vanel