June 2016

Starwise Forecast for May 2016

Dear Friends and Clients,

We enter June on a Waning Moon until the New Moon on the 4th.

1 – 4 – At the beginning of June we have a flurry of challenging aspects involving the Sun, Neptune, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter, with the New Moon on the 4th poised to potentize it all.

1 – These challenging aspects begin with the Sun in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces. The conscious, solar ego identity functioning through airy, Gemini intellectual energies may feel confused, vulnerable, even paranoid about the deep, irrational, watery emotional energies of the indefinable Neptune/Pisces Sea around us. It is an opportunity to show how we can let go and trust during such a challenge. Hold on to the faith and love and don’t buy in to the fear and distrust. And, especially, let go of thinking you can rationally figure it all out.

2 – The Gemini/Pisces tensions of the previous day continues, but this time with Venus in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces, so rational vs. irrational emotional responses will start the day.

Later the Sun opposes Saturn so, yes, what is really going on is the Sun and Venus engaging in a tense way with the on-going Saturn/Neptune Square, which is currently a Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Virgo T-square.

Gemini is the sign that makes the T-square into a Grand Cross, so we have quite the early June set-up here. I am wondering how this will affect a prominent Gemini on the world stage right now, Donald Trump. His birthday is on the 14th and the period before your birthday is always a time of letting go.

Back to the Sun in Gemini opposing Saturn while squaring Neptune. Neptune may make things a bit confusing and create a temptation towards escapism, but Saturn will certainly obstruct any such unreal aspirations, and also be forcing us to accept the inability to have everything ‘figured out.’

3 – Venus opposes the Saturn end of the Neptune/Saturn tension so, again, our emotions enter the mix of the day before.

4 – The Sun/Moon in Gemini New Moon conjunction occurs at the end of the day.

First we have the Sun in Gemini squaring the Jupiter in Virgo end of the Neptune/Saturn/Jupiter T-square. Later in the day Venus in Gemini does the same. I have a sense here of a necessary caution to avoid being tempted to ‘leap-off’ into an exaggerative, over-optimistic Jupiterian temptation to use Virgoan facts and details to overcome the confusing challenges of the previous days, when this is really a necessitated opportunity for all of these characters to accept their limitations and learn how to work together with mutual respect.

All the above is extra-pronounced as the Moon, the carrier of the instinctive unconscious, squares Neptune, opposes Saturn, and squares Jupiter before she conjuncts Venus and the Sun for the Gemini New Moon.

The Gemini New Moon is normally the time to align the conscious and unconscious intellectual, communication intent and focus. Making that alignment with the greatest clarity and responsibility is especially the challenge in the aftermath of the last few days and events earlier this day.

6 – The Sun in Gemini conjuncts Venus in Gemini. This should help us to understand and feel good about whatever conclusions were arrived at in the last few days.

9 – Mercury in Taurus opposes retrograding Mars in Scorpio. There can be some greater impetus, accompanied by a greater frustration, to say what you want or desire. An opportunity to look more closely at what you really want or desire.

12 – Venus in Gemini sextiles, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries, and then Mercury goes from earthy Taurus into airy Gemini, a sign it rules. This should create some ‘freed up’ emotional spontaneity and much greater clarity in our ability to understand and express that.

13 – Neptune stands still and adds to the Mars, Saturn and Pluto retrograding motion going on at this time. For Neptune this retrograde, going back over old territory continues until November.

14 – The Sun in Gemini sextiles, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries, similar spontaneous freedom as with Venus on the 12th.

17 – Venus goes from airy Gemini into watery Cancer, until July 12th.

Later in the day the Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces once again becomes exact, enacting a peak moment of this on-going tension between that which you can touch and that which you can never touch.

20 – Wow, we have the Summer Solstice, the Full Moon and Mercury squaring Neptune and opposing Saturn, all on the same day. Some pretty potentized New and Full Moons this month.

The Full Moon is always a time of a challenging and yet illuminating tension between the conscious and unconscious. In this case the tension is between the conscious Gemini rational intellectual identity and the unconscious Sagittarian beliefs and ideals. However, this is occurring in the very last degrees of Sagittarius and Gemini, with the Moon moving in to Capricorn an hour later, and the Sun making the Summer Solstice ingress into Cancer later after that.

So we really have a combined Gemini/Sagittarius and Cancer/Capricorn tensioned Full Moon on the day that the Sun stops its northward motion and starts to head south.

In the midst of all of that Mercury in Gemini opposes Saturn and squares Neptune, so understanding/communicating what you really feel, desire, accept as a responsibility will be demanded, and especially hard to do.

22 – Mercury in Gemini squares Jupiter in Virgo completing Mercury’s engagement with the Saturn/Neptune/Jupiter T-square. This particular tension can ‘amp-up’ an intellectual attempt to use facts and details to support your philosophical aspirations, perhaps in an exaggerated way.

26 – Jupiter in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiterian philosophical aspiration, armed with the Virgoan facts and details harmonizing with the Plutonian need for death/rebirth transformation of the Capricorn defining/ruling structures of our lives.

Later Mercury in Gemini sextiles, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries bringing in a spontaneous freedom in communicating ideas which are ‘outside of the box.’

27 – Venus in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is the ‘higher octave’ of Venus. With both of them in water signs it seems to really pronounce the effect of being able to bring your personal emotional (Venus) into a greater surrender to the transcendental unconditional love of Neptune.

29 – Mercury moves from airy Gemini into watery Cancer until July 14th.

Mars stops its retrograde motion and moves direct.

30 – Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. We end the month perhaps feeling our personal emotional needs for nurturing and security are challenged or threatened by deep untrenchable powers and structures within our society and of our individual psyches. One needs to feel those feelings but respond with renewed emotional desire to reckon with those deep powers and structures.