June 2017

Starwise Forecast for June 2017

We enter June with a Rising Moon, until the Full Moon on the 9th.

1 – Venus in Aries trines, harmonizes with, Saturn. Emotional spontaneity but with focus and responsibility.

3 – Venus in Aries conjuncts Uranus in Aries. A pretty dynamic opportunity for new emotional freedom and expression and liberation from old patterns that have outlived their purpose.

4 – The Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. If you are intellectual you may feel that emotionally confused people are frustrating you. If you are more emotional you may feel that mentally critical people are victimizing you. Either way, you can blame it on these two planets being in tension with each other, or you can use the occasion to rise to a higher, non-reactive, level.

6 – Venus goes into a sign it rules, Taurus, until July 5.

Mercury goes into a sign it rules, Gemini, until June 21.

9 – A rather potent day.

First, the Sun in Gemini/Moon in Sagittarius Full Moon opposition. This is the event of the year where the Solar, conscious, intellectual Gemini energy is challenged to integrate with the Lunar, unconscious Sagittarian philosophical and moral instincts.

Then Jupiter stands still and moves direct at 14 degrees of Libra.

Then Venus in Taurus sextiles, harmonizes with, Mars in Cancer. Mars in Cancer can be rather feisty in the home front. This harmony with Venus can bring in some loving sensuality to help.

13 – Two Mercury aspects.

First Mercury in Gemini trines, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Libra, enthusiastic communication which can expand the boundaries of relationships.

Then the Gemini/Pisces critic/victim tension gets activated as Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces.

15 – The Sun in Gemini opposes Saturn. The strong mental, at times scattered or critical, Gemini energy is here opposed by Saturnian authorities, responsibilities, rules and disciplines.

16 – Neptune stands still and turns retrograde, until November 22.

18 – The Sun in Gemini sextiles, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries. After Saturnian restrictions, and Neptunian confusions earlier this month, the Solar, conscious Gemini energy can enjoy this harmonious dance with Uranian spontaneity, freedom and unconventionality.

Although later in the day the restrictions on Gemini communications kicks in again when Mercury in Gemini opposes Saturn, thus tempering the party.

20 – Venus in Taurus sextiles, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. Both of these planets are in signs which they rule, now being in harmony with each other, with Neptune serving as the ‘higher octave’ of Venus there is here the opportunity to raise those normally loving feelings to a higher even more transcendental experience.

Mercury in Gemini sextiles, harmonizes with, Uranus. Mental intuition, and spontaneous freedom in communications.

Then the Solstice occurs as the Sun moves into the month of Cancer.

21 – Mercury goes from Gemini into Cancer, until July 5.

Soon after, Mercury conjuncts the Sun in Cancer. A new conscious, mental engagement with Cancerian emotional needs and concerns.

23 – The sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Cancer. The day of potential alignment of the Solar conscious and Lunar unconscious Cancerian feelings about home, family, community, and/or nation.

24 – Venus in Taurus trines, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto always provides profound insight and transformational potential. Here it can be applied to our individual emotional, affectionate nature.

Later Mars in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra. Tensions with Jupiter tend to expand or exaggerate things. Mars in Cancer can create conflicts in the home and family. Here there is the danger that these conflicts can be expanded or exaggerated.

25 – Mars in Cancer will be feeling better than the day before as he trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. Some Neptunian compassion, empathy and forgiveness can help to heal some of that feisty Mars in Cancer energies.

27 Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter. Again, the Jupiterian propensity to expand or exaggerate. Here it will bear upon a Mercury in Cancer tendency to experience a ‘blurring’ of thoughts and feelings.

Later the challenge by Jupiter will be eased and softened as Mercury in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces.

28 – Mercury in Cancer conjuncts Mars in Cancer. Neither of these planets function at their best in the watery, emotional realm of Cancer. Joining together can aggravate their problems, or pressure them to work though those problems.

29 – Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto demands deep insights and transformation, demands which Mercury in Cancer may not be well equipped to handle. As Hilarion says regarding difficult aspects to Mercury in Cancer: “Negative feelings and emotions will have a way of muddying up the reasoning ability. The main lesson is to separate thought from emotional influences.”

That ‘muddied up’ thinking must be careful when it thinks it is serving that Plutonian demand for transformation, whether of oneself, or others, or of society.

Steffan Vanel