June 2018

Starwise Forecast for June 2018

We enter June a few days after the Full Moon on the 29th, waning until the New Moon on the 13th.

1 – We start June with some positive affection and communication aspects. Another of those good ‘Date nights.’

It starts with Mercury in Gemini harmonizing, trining with, Mars in Aquarius. Mercury is about rationally understanding and communicating. Mars is passion and will. Gemini and Aquarius are both air signs, related to the psychological function of thinking. So, a powerful time to understand and say what you need to say, in whatever medium.

Later, Venus in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Scorpio. Venus is the emotional affectionate nature. Jupiter is expansiveness, beneficence, and generosity. Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs, hence related to the psychological function of feeling. So the energy of the day shifts to some watery, emotional, affectionate, confidant expansiveness. Jupiter in Scorpio can perhaps use this to heal some previous sexual, or trust in sexual intimacy, issues with this aspect.

2 – The potential for emotional healing manifesting on the previous day is greatly enhanced and potentially bringing one to even greater levels of compassionate forgiveness and unconditional love, as Venus in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces.

So we have two days of harmony between all three of the emotional Astrological water signs.

5 – The Sun conjuncts Mercury, both being in the Mercury-ruled mentally oriented sign of Gemini. Another good time for mental communications. With the Sun there, you can more fully be conscious of, and own, your own intelligence.

Later in the day, however, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Cancer relates to Motherhood. Capricorn relates to Fatherhood. A Venusian, feminine conflict with the entrenched, Plutonian dominating Patriarchy? Can they work a deal? Within our society, and within ourselves?

6 – The Sun and Mercury, still traveling closely in Gemini, both square Neptune in Pisces. This reminds me of an example I often use when I teach a class on using Astrology for relationship counseling. Gemini can be critical. Pisces can be whiney, and they can trigger each other’s negative tendencies, but so that they can be seen and healed.

With the Sun and Mercury both squaring Neptune in Pisces on this day, the potential for confusion and victimization is heightened, as is the challenge to come to a vulnerability and an understanding of the need for healing.

12 – Mercury moves out of airy Gemini into watery Cancer, until the 28th.

13 – A bit of an active day. First Mercury, newly arrived in Cancer, sextiles, harmonizes with Uranus, newly arrived in Taurus. Cancer cares about needs to protect and nurture. Taurus wants some tangible expression of love or of ‘feeling good’. Here, Mercurial understanding and communication skills can feel open to intuitive, Uranian, unconventional ways of bringing these impulses together.

Later we have the annual Sun/Moon, New Moon, conjunction. The time to align a conscious mental understanding and clarity of what needs to be communicated, and the unconscious understanding and instinctual awareness of what needs to be communicated.

And later, after that, Venus moves from watery Cancer into fiery Leo, until July 9th.

14 – Venus, newly arrived in proud fiery Leo, squares Uranus in solid earthy Taurus. Some Astrological tensions limit and restrict. Some tend to ‘pump up’ and exaggerate. This feels like the latter. Although the rash impulsive, overly idealized, emotional challenges this has the potential to create can also lead to some needed emotional breakthroughs.

15 – Mercury in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury in Cancer is not an easy place for this mentally oriented planet. It is where there can be confused mental thinking, extending from trying to use your thinking to understand your feelings, and your feelings affecting too much your thinking.

Saturn in Capricorn, the sign it rules, is pretty serious about what needs to be done to accomplish its goals, and is going to be very determined at staying focused on what realistically needs to be done to manifest that.

I would say this serious Saturn is going to have a hard time dealing with this blurred thinking. Hopefully, they can learn to go though this with mutual benefit.

18 – Neptune moves retrograde, until November 24th.

19 – Mercury in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Scorpio. That mental/emotional potential ‘mush’ of Mercury in Cancer can receive some positive, Jupiterian expanded view and confidence, especially when employed in pursuit of some deeply held Scorpionic desire.

20 – On the next day the help for Mercury in Cancer continues as he moves into harmony with Neptune in Pisces, lifting him to faith, trust and compassionate healing around what he wants to say.

21 – The Sun moves into the month of Cancer on this day of the Solstice.

Later, Venus in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius. Another potentially ‘pumped up’ tension. Venus in Leo can overly idealize the loved one. Opposing Mars in Aquarius she could fight even harder to maintain that illusion, or finally face the willful, destructive Marian force that leads to its demise.

22 – The Sun in Cancer sextiles, harmonizes with, Uranus in Taurus. More caring, nurturing protective Cancerian, in this case, consciously identified with, energies, seeking Tauruean, tangible, loving expressions, in Uranian, surprise unconventional ways.

23 – See entry for the 15th.

I would say if that difficult Saturnian, Capricornian tension on the mental/emotional confusion of Mercury in Cancer was found to be difficult, on this day, when Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn, he is going to have to really look deeply into it, or face much deeper intractable forces and structures forcing a much greater awareness.

25 – Venus in Leo has been having a hard time so far this month. This time that potential for putting one’s ideal of affection ‘up on a pedestal’ can really get exaggerated, especially if the potential for some hot sex, or deeply held desire, is involved, as she squares Jupiter in Scorpio.

26 – Mars turns retrograde, until August 27th.

27 – A potentized day of the recurring Cancer/Capricorn tensions manifesting this month.

First, we have the Sun in Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn. Kind of the classic home and family versus work and duty theme. The theme continues, however, as right on top of this we have the annual Sun/Moon, Full Moon opposition of the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn.

With the Full Moon energies this Cancer/Capricorn polarity has to reckon with previously unconscious, instinctual, patterns of identification with work and duty. Always a time to accommodate both.

28 – Mercury moves out of watery Cancer into fiery Leo, until September 5th.

30 – Mercury in Leo, which can think the world revolves around him, squares Uranus in Taurus, a potential ‘pumping up’ tension. Mercury may impulsively seek to go for what he thinks he deserves, or have to experience some surprise, unexpected event to show him the error of his ways, or both.

Steffan Vanel