March 2016

Starwise Forecast for March 2016

Dear Friends and Clients,

March 19th is International Astrology Day so honor the gift of Astrology (and Astrologers) in whatever way feels good to you.

We enter March at the Last Quarter of the Waning Moon, until the New Moon on the 8th.

2 – Venus in Aquarius sextiles, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries. A good day for affectional freedom and spontaneity.

4/5 – A curious Astrological configuration. On the 4th Mercury, in the last degree of Aquarius, squares Mars in the last degree of Scorpio. Aquarius/Scorpio tension like this can involve mental (Aquarius)/emotional (Scorpio) conflict.

However, on the next day, Mercury goes from airy Aquarius into emotional Pisces. And four hours later Mars goes from emotional Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius.

So these two planets will still be in tension with each other as they shift through these four signs, creating quite a mix of Astrological energies and influences as they do this.

The theme of Pisces (emotional)/ Sagittarius (fiery, willful) tension gets aggravated later in the day on the 5th as the Sun in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius, likely to bring these unsettled energies so some kind of confrontative conclusion.

6 – Happily, on this next day, the Sun in Pisces sextiles, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. This should provide deep insights into whatever emotional woundings have occurred and the capacity to see and embrace whatever profound psychological/structural transformations should be implemented as a result of that new understanding and insight.

8 – A pretty potent day.

The day starts with a Sun in Pisces/Jupiter in Virgo opposition. This can entail an emotional vulnerability at odds with an exaggerated belief in rational practicality. Or it can lead to an exaggerated practical engagement as an answer to emotional pain, sorrow or vulnerability. Obviously a healthy integration of these energies at hand is the order of the day.

Later in the day the Moon in Pisces will oppose the Jupiter in Virgo, but only one hour before she conjuncts the Sun in a Sun/Moon in Pisces New Moon.

Now, as if that wasn’t enough, this New Moon will also entail an eclipse of the Sun. So, all of the above will also be given the opportunity, or an insistence upon, a complete ‘rebooting,’ death/rebirth of, in this case, those conscious Piscean emotional vulnerabilities. This will take place, however, in an environment where the rational practicalities in a Jupiterian (exuberant, exaggerative) sense must be reckoned with, with the possibility again of seeing those practicalities as the threat, as the fanatical ‘answer to it all’ or, hopefully, a healthy integration that honors the respectful need for both. It is an opportunity to ‘double down’ in owning consciously and unconsciously (Sun and Moon) the need to embrace and be comfortable with those Piscean, emotional sensitivities in the face of those rational practicalities.

10 – Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Think, write, communicate, learn something profoundly imaginative, compassionate, healing, or spiritual.

12 – The Pisces theme of the month deepens as Venus goes from airy Aquarius into watery, emotional Pisces, until April 6th.

14 – Mercury in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn in Sagittarius will create seriousness upon belief systems and a discipline of exaggerative, youthful enthusiasm and wanderlust. Mercury in Pisces makes one prone to negative emotional states (worry, sadness etc.) affecting your capacity for rational thought.

Here Mercury will view Saturn as the ‘enemy,’ as an excuse for the mental/emotional challenges. Or, potentially, accept Saturn, difficult as that may be, as the necessary ‘reality check’ and need to ‘get a grip’ that can lead to a much healthier, respectful relationship between the two.

An hour later, however, Venus in Pisces will square Mars in Sagittarius, so there is a danger that the above mentioned challenging theme could, feasibly, really be blown out of all proportion, which could also be the necessary catharsis to bring everything out.

Later in the day Mercury in Pisces will sextile, harmonize with, Pluto in Capricorn. Similar to what I said on the 6th, this should provide some welcome insight, introspection and capacity to accept/implement profound changes in the aftermath of the previous proceedings on this day.

15 – Mercury in Pisces opposes Jupiter in Virgo, more of the Virgo/Pisces rational/emotional challenges which have been configuring tis month.

16 – Jupiter in Virgo trines, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is a personal planet, but one of the slower moving ones. This harmonious dance between Jupiter and Pluto in these earthy signs is one of the positive themes of this year.

Looking at this coming to a focus at this time, which should provide positive Jupiterian enthusiasm and confidence towards a knowing of what Virgoan practical analytical details will best serve the needs of the profound Plutonian transformations witch one deems necessary, following the more challenging rational/emotional Astrological configurations earlier in the month, lead me to think that by this date, at least most, of the craziness of the political primaries here in the U.S. will have reached some degree of resolution. And therefore each side will be able to benefit from this positive Jupiter/Pluto aspect to know and implement their ‘plans of engagement.’

My apologies, as always, to my non-US subscribers. Although I do listen to the BBC and can sense how the prospect of a President Donald Trump is likely as bizarre, threatening, crazy for you as it is for us.

The fact is, if you knew what I knew about Donald Trump’s Astrology chart, you would see that it is more bizarre, threatening and crazy than you thought.

For those of you who are interested my analysis of Donald Trump’s chart is something I hope to be providing for you soon.

19 – The Sun goes from Pisces into the month of Aries, always at this time of the Spring Equinox.

20 – Palm Sunday for Catholics. Venus conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Not necessary to go to church, but you might well consider something of that transcendental (Neptune), emotional (Venus), Piscean (vulnerable, compassionate, healing) potential on this day.

21 – Mercury goes from watery Pisces into fiery Aries until April 6th.

23 – Another potent day.

First Jupiter in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius. These are the two slowest-moving of the personal planets, hence another theme at play for a good portion of this year. This one however, involves tension. Even without being square to each other, these two planets are not easy to integrate. Jupiter is expansion, Saturn in contraction. Jupiter is faith, optimism and confidence Saturn is discipline, restraint and commitment. When these planets are conjunct or in harmonious aspect to each other there is a greater chance or likelihood of a healthy, mutually beneficial integration.

When they are in tension with each other, as in this Square, there is a greater likelihood of Jupiter being seen as fanatically over-confident, or Saturn being seen as dictatorial. Of course it is just a greater challenge, or impetus, to find that healthy, mutually beneficial integration.

That, however, is just the start of this day. Later we have the Sun in Aries/Moon in Libra, Full Moon opposition. This always entails a challenge at integrating the dichotomy between the needs for independent personal will, (Aries) and the needs for harmonious relationship (Libra). In this case it is the conscious, Solar, Aries identity being challenged by the unconscious, Lunar, Libran identity.

There is an added intensity to this engagement as it occurs with an eclipse of the Moon, facilitating a need/opportunity for ‘rebooting,’ death/rebirth of that unconscious, instinctual need for relationship.

Later in the day the Sun will conjunct Mercury in Aries, so some powerful impetus to communicate what you know needs to happen.

24 – Mercury in Aries trines, harmonizes with, Mars in Sagittarius. Positive, fiery, Mercurial mental/communicative enthusiasm with a righteous cause.

25 – A rather tense day.

First, Saturn stands still and then turns retrograde until August 13th.

Then Venus in Pisces enters into a ‘T-square’ of tension with the on-going Jupiter/Saturn Square.

First she opposes Jupiter in Virgo and then she squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Virgo and Sagittarius energies are always challenging for the watery, emotional energies of Pisces. Here it is our Venusian affectionate nature in the Pisces realm, doubling the effect of this challenge with Virgo. Venus/Pisces can feel Virgo energy as too rational/critical. And Sagittarian energy can be felt by Venus/Piscesl as too non-committal and idealistically self-righteious.

The thing is, the Virgo and Sagittarian energies are also challenging each other in this time period, with the expansive, potentially overly-confident fanatical Jupiter in the practical detailed Virgo camp, and the restrictive disciplinary authority of Saturn in the Sagittarian camp.

Today we, again, have a Venus/Pisces tense emotional engagement with this on-going Jupiter in Virgo vs. Saturn in Sagittarius Square.

The fact that Saturn is standing still as this happens, which always gives more depth and intensity to the effect of that planet, should really command the need for a stern Saturnian ‘reality check’ in regards to all of this.

Then in the next few months, as Saturn moves backwards as viewed from the earth, he will encourage us to continue to look seriously at where previous structural conclusions in our lives need to be re-considered. Either to renew the commitments, or to cut them loose.

26 – A little more upbeat day than the day before. The Sun in Aries will get a boost of courage by entering into a trining, harmonious relationship, with Mars in Sagittarius.

An hour later Venus in Pisces receives some harmonious, deep introspection and connection to comfort with transformation, in oneself and others, by sextiling harmoniously with Pluto.

29 – Mercury in Aries trines, harmonizes with, Saturn in Sagittarius.

Mercury has a challenging engagement coming up in the next couple of days so it is best to take this opportunity today to benefit form Saturn’s stabilizing, grounding, steadfastness and commitment to what you think, say or communicate.

30 – 31 – The challenging engagement for Mercury mentioned earlier is Mercury moving into the Pluto/Uranus Square. On the 30th Mercury squares Pluto, which would tend to confront the Mercury in Aries tendency towards communicative impulsiveness with the deep, hidden, manipulative, fateful/unavoidable realities of your own psyche and/or of life and society.

On the 31st, however, Mercury in Aries conjuncts, joins with, the revolutionary, freedom-seeking Uranus, also in Aries.

So, we could end the month with the desire to ‘Rage against the Machine!’ Do whatever helps you do find a deep steady anchor as you do.


Steffan Vanel