March 2018

The Parkland High School Shooting

The Parkland High School shooting took place the day before the Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse was in Aquarius, conjunct to the Moon in Aquarius in the Astrological Birthchart of the United States. The ‘Great American Eclipse’ of last summer was opposite to that Moon in Aquarius, making this a ‘bookend’ event, of a focus upon our need to really come together as one human Aquarian family. Something we have done in times in the past but are sorely lacking now. The Parkland shooting and the reactions to it reveal this difficulty and confront us with the need to allow something to die and be reborn, the symbolic request of an Eclipse.

I am working on a lengthier article about the U.S. which should be finished later today.

Starwise Forecast for March 2018

We enter March on the day of a Full Moon.

1 – First Venus trines, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Scorpio. That intense, passionate Jupiter in Scorpio energy, today, can be inspired to work in harmony with true emotional sensitivity and compassion.

Then the Full Moon hits and hour later. This will be the annual Sun in Pisces opposite Moon in Virgo Full Moon. This always involves a polarization between the Solar, conscious, watery, emotional Pisces energies, and the more earthy, analytical, practical, rational Virgo energies functioning in the Lunar, instinctual unconscious. The Full Moon always activates and brings life to both, but always challenges us to accept and integrate these two fields of energy.

2 – Mercury in Pisces trines, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Scorpio. Mercury in Pisces, by itself, can be rather depressed or worried about things, with feelings having too much effect on the rational functioning capability. Today, however, it can feel a ‘lift’ from this harmonious engagement with the planet of optimism and enthusiasm.

4 – A really big Pisces day. First Neptune, the planet which rules Pisces and is currently moving through Pisces, will be conjuncted by the Sun in Pisces. A great time to open the conscious identity to the watery, Neptunian depths of the sea of emotional feeling, compassion, imagination, and non-rational consciousness.

Later Mercury in Pisces conjuncts Venus A time to understand and communicate Venusian, Piscean, feelings, emotions and sensitivities.

In light of the above, if one were to gamble using Astrology, it would be a good bet that the movie: ‘The Shape of Water’ will do quite well at the Academy Awards tonight.

5 – Mercury goes into Aries, until May 13. So, following whatever gets revealed or expressed during the Pisces party the day before this will have some powerful, energetic, fiery Aries mental energy to say or write something about it.

6 – Venus goes into Aries, until the 30th. Following on Mercury going into Aries the day before, we can now put some emotional ‘oomph’ into it.

8 – Jupiter in Scorpio turns retrograde until July 10th. Perhaps not so many new revelations of sexual and financial mis-doings, but a period of integrating, processing the results of the previous revelations for a while.

10 – Mercury in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury in Aries can create mental, communication tendencies that are very energetic but difficult to control or focus Today those energies will be challenged by some grounded, disciplined, reality checks.

11 – The Sun in Pisces sextiles, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. This could effect some deep structural change in ourselves or our society (Pluto in Capricorn) inspired by a conscious, compassionate sensitivity (Sun in Pisces).

13 – First Venus in Aries will square Saturn, so our emotional enthusiasms could be challenged by someone’s ‘reality.’

Later, however, the Sun in Pisces trines Jupiter in Scorpio, so more of that positive Pisces/Jupiter in Scorpio optimistic, but deep, compassion and sensitivity.

17 – St. Patrick’s Day falls on the New Moon, Sun/Moon conjunction in Pisces. This is always a good time to let your self really, really feel, consciously and with the instinctual unconscious so those non-rational feelings can have a conscious acceptance and motivating potential. Be careful to not lift too many ‘pints’ in your efforts sot get there.

Later in the day Mars goes into earthy Capricorn, until May 15th. That should help to ‘sober us up’ and get some work done.

19 – Mercury conjuncts Venus in Aries. A good time to really say or write what you really feel. Actually it will be hard not to.

20 – The Vernal Equinox as the Sun enters the month of Aries. It is also ‘International Astrology Day’ as noted above.

22 – Mercury goes retrograde until April 15th.

23 – Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. Our emotional impulses may be challenged by deep structural forces that one may have to accept that one can do nothing about, or one may be challenged to engage in transformation of deep structural forces but in a way which is not so emotionally impulsive, or both.

24 – The Sun in Aries squares Mars in Capricorn. Similar to yesterday, today it’s more the Solar conscious willful Aries energies in tension with the earthy, hardworking Mars in Capricorn energies. With Mars ruling Aries, however, there is a greater temptation to overdo the will and the ambition. Maybe you can use it, but be careful of burnout or causing yourself or others harm.

28 – Venus conjuncts Uranus in Aries. After having that emotionally impulsive Venus in Aries energies in tension with those Capricorn planets, here she can enjoy some new freedom by joining up with the planet that just loves any kind of impulsiveness.

29 – The Sun in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. During this month of Aries we have had Mercury, Venus, and now the Sun being forced to submit their Aries courage and enthusiasm to very grounded, hard-working, disciplined Saturn in Capricorn ‘reality checks,’ Which can help those Aries energies learn a bit of focus, discipline and responsibility. Or it is time to use that Aries courage and enthusiasm to engage with and bring new life and transformation into those Saturnian, authoritative, traditional, conventional belief systems of what must or must not be done and how, especially with this the Solar, Conscious identity.

The trick is to know when each option is being called for. It is usually a combination of the two.

30 – Venus goes into earthy Taurus, until April 24th.

31 – As happened in January, we started the month on the day of the Full Moon, and we leave the month on the day of the Full Moon, the second one being therefore a so-called ‘Blue Moon.’’

Today is the annual Sun in Aries/Moon in Libra Full Moon opposition always a polarizing challenge to accept and integrate the Solar conscious Aries energies of fiery, willful, individual expression, with the Lunar, unconscious/instinctual needs and desires for Libran partnerships, harmony and diplomacy. Of course, one again, a healthy integration of the two is always the ideal.’

Steffan Vanel