May 2015

Starwise Forecast for May 2015

Sorry this is a bit late. I am currently traveling in China where the internet connection to my newsletter service website is not working very well. So my newsletters may be a bit spotty over the next couple of months.

Here in China, however, I have been feeling a distant but land-based resonance with the suffering in Nepal. A quick look at the earthquake chart shows Pluto, planet of death/rebirth in the 6th House, house of the way you spend your day, square to Uranus in the 9th House, house of faith and belief system. Obviously a devastating test of their faith. May our prayers, and donations, help our brothers and sisters over there.

I am working on finishing up the Taurus 2015/16 Astrology Reports and, provided I can connect to my newsletter service, I will be announcing their availability soon.

We enter May with a rising Moon until the Full Moon on the 3rd.

3 – Earlier in the day we have Mercury in Gemini opposing Saturn in Sagittarius, so some Saturnian restrictions and limitations, perhaps necessary but confronting discipline on mental, thinking, communications.

Later in the day there is the Sun in Taurus/Moon in Scorpio Full Moon opposition. This involves conscious Solar energies in the earthy but affectional Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, in tension with the unconscious Lunar energies in the watery, but Mars-ruled passions and desires of Scorpio.

4 – The Sun in Taurus squares Jupiter in Leo. Here the proud, confident, occasionally arrogant and exaggerative of love affairs Jupiter in Leo can overly ‘pump-up’ the earthy/materialistic desires/needs of the Sun in Taurus. Be careful of extravagance!

6 – The Sun in Taurus trines, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn, so some deeper insight into true Taurean motives and desires following the extravagance of the previous two days.

7 – Venus goes from airy, mental Gemini into watery, emotional Cancer, until June 6th.

9 – Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Mercury likes being in Gemini, and Neptune likes being in Pisces. But this strong Mercurial mental energy squaring this strong Neptunian spiritual/emotional energy can bring out the worst in each. Mercury in Gemini can be critical or unfocused, and Neptune can be out of touch with reality or identify with the victim or martyr.

11 – Mars goes from earthy Taurus into airy, mental Gemini, until June 25th.

15 – Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. Mars in Gemini is a very powerful, potentially aggressive mental, communicative energy. Saturn is authority, discipline, and responsibility. In Sagittarius Saturn will bring this somewhat heavy focus into the area of ideals and belief systems. This aspect can tend to make us feel that others stubborn belief systems are limiting what we want to say or think. This may be the case but it is always good to think seriously about what you want to say or think.

16 – Venus in Cancer trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. This is a great day to open your heart to love and compassion, especially for your intimate family members.

18 – Mercury goes retrograde until June 12th.

21 – 25 – This is the rather tense period of this month.

On the 21st the Sun goes from earthy Taurus into the month of airy Gemini.

But later in the day Venus in watery emotional Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn and then on the 25th she squares the Uranus in Aries end of the on-going Pluto /Uranus Square. Emotional needs and issues feeling controlled and dominated by hidden but unavoidable manipulating forces with Venus/Pluto, then feeling challenged by erratic, liberation seeking forces in others, or oneself, when she squares Uranus.

Along with that we have the Sun in Gemini in opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, resonating with the themes mentioned on the 3rd and 15th.

And, on the 25th we have not only the Venus square Uranus but also Mars in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces, resonating with the themes mentioned on the 9th.

So, both mental and emotional challenges, tensions in this time period. Remember to choose love and not fear, breathe deeply, and meditate.

27 – Mercury conjuncts Mars in Gemini. Two powerfully mental configurations joining up. You will want to say, think or write your piece.

29 – 31 – That strong mental focus of the 27th will be challenged. These three days we have Mercury in Gemini squaring Neptune in Pisces again, as we did on the 9th. But then the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Gemini on the 30th, and the following day the Sun squares Neptune as well. So, again, some powerful mental alignment with the Sun/Mercury in Gemini, but with both pretty much simultaneously being challenged by the emotional, mystical qualities of Neptune in Pisces.

Be sure of what you say before you say it, and know whether your fears are valid or imagined. Be careful of the victim/victimizer program.

Steffan Vanel