November 2015

Starwise Forecast for November 2015

We enter November with a Waning Moon until the New Moon on the 11th.

For a general view of November there appears to be a series of pretty positive, harmonious aspects leading up to the New Moon, and on after that, until around the 20th. Then some pretty challenging aspects start to kick in, with the Major tense Astrological aspect of this month peaking on November 26th, which happens to be the day after the Full Moon and Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S.

2 – Mercury moves from airy mentally-relational oriented Libra into more emotional, at times sexually related, Scorpio.

Venus conjuncts Mars in Virgo. The planets of affection and of willful action join in this sign of practical idealism, mental analysis, service, attention to details and, at times, criticalness and an over-attention to details.

5 – The Sun in Scorpio sextiles, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. Later, on the 10th, Mercury in Scorpio will move into harmony with Pluto in Capricorn as well.

Here is a quote from Linda Goodman’s ‘Love Signs’ about a Scorpio/Capricorn relationship:

Sometimes the philosophical debates between these two do somewhat resemble a church service on a gloomy Sunday, with inspired Scorpio giving the sermon and practical Capricorn passing the collection plate. Yet they’re both soul-softened by the sound of the choir and the organ, even when they’re singing from different hymnals.

So, the emotionally inspired energies of Scorpio can here be working harmoniously with the concrete, practical transformations that Pluto in Capricorn is trying to facilitate.

6 – Mercury harmonizes with Neptune in Pisces, always a good time to let your mind dream, and imagine, and dissolve into non-rational states, and then emerge with the faith to express what you discovered there.

8 – Venus goes from Virgo into Libra, one of the Astrology Signs she rules, until December 5th. Here is what Hilarion says about someone with Venus in Libra:

Libra, Venus is the ruler of Libra, and even in affliction a deep, sensitive love-nature tends to manifest. Grave afflictions will lead to indecisiveness in choosing a partner, but at worst this will produce a minor delay in affectional fulfillment. Generally, Venus in Libra is an excellent augury of happiness in marriage at some point in life, and it may be taken that this will come as a karmic ‘reward’ for having sacrificed much in a past life due to a deep and (usually) unrequited love felt for another. Almost always this “other” will be the very soul with whom, in the present life, happiness will eventually be found.

10 – Mercury in Scorpio sextiles, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. As mentioned in the entry for November 5th, we have both the Sun and Mercury experiencing these harmonious contacts with Pluto in Capricorn this month.

Here Mercury will give an even more intelligent sermon while Pluto is colleting the donations.

Later in the day the Sun in Scorpio harmonizes with Jupiter in Virgo. So we have the emotionally deep Scorpio planets harmonizing with both of the practical earthy signs of Capricorn and Virgo.

Here that connection is with a Jupiterian confidence and optimism that can provide the detailed plan as to how to manifest those deeply held Scorpio desires.

11 – The Sun/Moon New Moon conjunction in Scorpio. This is a day to deeply attune to and commit to emotional honesty, with a discovery and processing of all of your emotional secrets resulting in a highly purified desire and intention for your life.

12 – Mars goes from Virgo into Libra until early next year. Mars in Libra is not so great. Here is what Hilarion says:

Regardless of aspect, the positioning of Mars in Libra will bring about periods in the life when the person feels cut off from others, almost like an outcast. This is for karmic reasons, for it is always the case with Mars in Libra that the individual, in an earlier incarnation, has caused some other person to be shunned or driven away from society. In the present life, the loneliness that is felt during periods of isolation is setting aside a karmic debt. In addition, Mars in Libra will bring about a tendency to create strife, argument and discord in the marriage. This is usually the fault of the person with Mars in Libra, but sometimes the partner is primarily responsible for the strife.

13 – Another day of harmonious aspects.

First, Venus in Libra harmonizes with Saturn in Sagittarius. Our affectionate life can benefit from, feel more stabilized by, more focused and committed through alignment with a serious Saturnian look at what does truly, realistically serve Sagittarian ideals of honesty and moral integrity.

Later in the day Mercury in Scorpio makes a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in Virgo, foreshadowed by what I wrote in the entry for November 10th.

17 – Sun in Scorpio conjuncts Mercury in Scorpio. Now the mental communications of Mercury can really be enlivened by the conscious identity and being of the Sun in expressing those Scorpionic feelings and desires.

18 – Neptune turns direct. It is always a significant time when a planet stations or stops its apparent movement and changes direction, especially a slow-moving outer planet like Pluto. This is a particularly potent time for the Neptunian energies as she now moves into the culmination of her tense relationship with Saturn on the 26th.

20 – Mercury moves from emotional, at times moody, Scorpio, into open, honest, at times too honest, Sagittarius.

Later in the day Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is the first of the challenging aspects affecting our experience in the latter part of this month.

Venus in Libra, that very harmonious affectionate relational quality I quoted from Hilarion earlier, will be in tension with deep subterranean transformations and pressures working on the core structures of our society and our own psyches. They will have to learn how to work together.

Venus will be engaged with the on-going Pluto/Uranus Square energies until the 23rd when she opposes Uranus.

22 – The Sun goes from Scorpio into the month of Sagittarius.

23 – Venus in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. On the 20th affectionate, relational Venus in Libra was in tension with Pluto in Capricorn. Today, as predicted, she reaches this challenging opposition to Uranus in Aries. Now the challenge is between the relational, affectionate energies of Venus in Libra, and the liberating, revolutionary, albeit impulsive and accident-prone, Uranus in the sign Aries, sign of individual identity, will, and action, and not necessarily interested in relationships.

They will have to learn how to accommodate each other.

24 – 29 – Now we really get pulled into the dramatic ending of this month.

24/25 – Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius, while Mars in Libra sextiles Saturn on the 24th, and Mercury on the 25th.

So the mental communications and honesty of Mercury in Sagittarius will have to submit to the Saturnian restrictions of authority and responsibility, which will have a focusing, clarifying effect upon that feisty Mars in Libra energy.

But, on the 25th Mercury moves into a square to Neptune in Pisces, and so that honesty, disciplined as it temporarily may be, will be challenged, dissolved, confused, or surrendered to a Neptunian Goddess of the Sea, Piscean, watery, emotional vulnerability and sensitivity.

The 25th is a also the day of the Sun in Sagittarius/Moon in Gemini Full Moon opposition, which is always a time of being challenged to integrate conscious idealism and the mental activity and potential criticalness and unfocussed energies of Gemini in the Lunar unconscious.

26 – But this is the BIG DAY!

Since Saturn went into Sagittarius earlier in the year, and more especially, since its re-entry into Sagittarius on September 18th it has been effecting a building tension, a square, with Neptune in Pisces.

This tension becomes exact on this day.

Difficult aspects between Saturn and Neptune are always challenging. Saturn represents everything you can touch. Neptune represents everything you can’t touch.

Here there is the Saturn in Sagittarius effecting responsible discipline and commitment to our belief systems, which may involve getting real with the unrealistic aspirations of that.

Neptune rules Pisces and for the 14 or so years that she is moving through that sign there will be an even greater collective and personal potential for both the positive and difficult qualities of Neptune and Pisces.

The positive keywords being along the lines of: compassion, healing forgiveness, imaginative creativity, mystical states of consciousness effecting spiritual surrender and an experience of one-ness with all.

The negative keywords are along the lines of confusion, illusion, delusion, escapism, victimhood and martyrdom.

Sagittarius and Pisces, even though they are square to each other, they both have a certain affinity for each other. Jupiter the ruling planet of Sagittarius used to be the ruler of Pisces, before the discovery of Neptune.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces have a high regard, interest, and attunement to the larger picture, the Greater Whole.

The blunt honesty of Sagittarius can be overly hurtful to the over-sensitive Pisces. And the Pisces capacity to blur the rough edges of truth out of a need for peace or to avoid what seems unnecessary pain and conflict can be extremely frustrating and draining to the Sagittarius.

That is the Sagittarian/Piscean dynamic. Here the energies of these two signs are being activated by Saturn in the Sagittarian energy field and Neptune in the Piscean energy field.

I have already been observing this tension as it is aspecting some key points in my own chart**. I have also been observing this tension playing out in the greater collective expressions within my own nation, other nations, and the global collective.

The conflict, or shall we say debate, is between what is the realistic responsibility and what is delusion. What is true sensitivity and compassion and what is a cold limited uncompassionate belief system or behavior.

This is currently being played out here in the U.S. by
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. By Donald Trump and the other Republican candidates. And, most certainly, by the Republican view of the way forward, and the Democratic view.

But this conflict is also evident by the challenges and conflicts arising over the immigration crisis in Europe. One can also cite the staunch, albeit confusing conflict between Putin’s Russia and the West.

Obviously there are no easy answers to any of these conflicts but there certainly is an unavoidable engagement going on.

I think this tension has also resulted in the election of an anti-corruption former television comedian as President of Guatemala, and the end of a conservative dynasty in Canada. Although in Poland it resulted in a strong turn towards a conservative government.

This peaking tension on Thanksgiving Day is likely to create some over-honesty and hurt feelings around the family dinner table that day, but at least things will be brought out.

Now the new, previously mentioned, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has already expressed his intention to over-turn the previous Canadian Conservative Governments commitment, or lack thereof, to dealing with the effects of climate change.

The new Premier of China, Xi Jinping, has also expressed a new willingness to engage with the dangers of climate change.

Well, on the day before the beginning of the next global climate change conference in Paris on November 30th, the Sun in Sagittarius will conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces.

You know, on that day when all of the policies and decisions have been fully prepared and finalized, every individual involved in that process will be challenged by the tension between the real and the factual, and the truly sensitive, vulnerable, surrendered and compassionate. The conflict between the conscious sense of rational commitment and the unconscious reality of the deeper vulnerabilities to ultimate global possibilities of life on this planet.

As I said, there are no easy answers to any of these conflicts, but I can recognize the Astrological signature to these phenomenon.

We should remember that the ideal of Saturn and Neptune, positively integrated, is to arrive at a place where you can have your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

The danger is that, failing that, you just keep moving in the fog.

Good Luck & Blessings on your way!
Steffan Vanel

** Special Note

When there is a major outer planet aspect occurring, as there is this month, it is always a good time to have an Astrology Reading, or an Astrological Update Reading, to see how that configuration will be affecting, triggering things in your own personal Astrological chart.

I am home in my cabin in the mountains now, so I am a little more available for phone or Skype readings than I am when I am on one of my road trips.

Hope to talk to some of you soon!