November 2016

Starwise Forecast for November 2016

Dear Friends, Clients and Subscribers,

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We enter November on a Rising Moon, until the Full Moon on the 14th.

1 – A good omen for ‘All Saints Day.’ The Sun in Scorpio will be trining, harmonious with, Neptune in Pisces. That intense Scorpio emotional energy, which can sometimes go the way of guilt or revenge, can comfortably open to Neptune/Pisces healing of one’s wounds, or greater compassion for those who bear them.

2 – Mercury sextiles, harmonizes with, Pluto. Our mental understandings and communications can submit to a deeper scrutiny and can serve as a means to deeper transformation.

4 – Venus in Sagittarius trines, harmonizes with, Uranus in Aries. Sagittarius and Uranus are often about freedom. Aries is often about courage. Venus is our affectional needs and desires. Burst the bonds!

7 – The Sun in Scorpio sextiles, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. With Hillary being a Scorpio this may bode well for a deep knowing and preparation for the results of the upcoming transformation to take place on the following day (Election Day in the U.S.)

8 – There is a lot to say about the Election Day chart, which I will, or have, written about elsewhere. One thing to note is that Mars moves out of hardworking Capricorn into the group consciousness of Aquarius on this day. This can indicate a shift from working hard for your candidate(s) to engaging with the Aquarian mass social reality (for good or ill).

11 – Venus goes from fiery Sagittarius into earthy Capricorn, until December 7.

12 – Mercury goes from watery Scorpio into fiery Sagittarius, until December 2nd.

15 – Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles, harmonizes with, Mars in Aquarius. Some potentially powerful communications, backed by a sense of righteousness exerted upon, or to affect, the greater collective.

18/19 – Mercury in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces. That communication backed by righteousness mentioned above has to here contend with some difficult feelings and vulnerabilities, within oneself or within the populace it is, or has been, exerted upon.

However, on the next day, our Venus in Capricorn earthy emotions harmonize with Neptune, just as Neptune stations and turns direct. So healing can happen.

21 – The Sun goes into the month of Sagittarius.

22 – Mercury in Sagittarius harmonizes with Jupiter in Libra. Mental, morally righteous, understandings and communications harmonize with an expanded awareness of the harmonious benefit of positive relationships.

23 – Mercury in Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius. A good day to make a concrete dedication towards whatever it will take to manifest what you believe in, and wish to communicate to others.

24/25 – The 24th is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. We will have Jupiter in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This has been building for some time, and will last awhile.

Symbolically this represents a conflict between conscious aspirations and unconscious transformations. This could be pretty stressful at Thanksgiving gatherings of those with opposing political sensibilities.

The next day is when we really get to feel it though, as Venus conjuncts the Pluto and squares the Jupiter ends of this Square.

26 – The above may be helped on this day as Mercury in Sagittarius harmonizes with Uranus in Aries. Let Freedom Ring! Or let some long-standing beliefs be changed.

29 – The Sun/Moon New Moon conjunction in Sagittarius. Always a good day to align your conscious and unconscious to your purest ideals and beliefs.

This may be tricky though as we will also have Venus in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries on this day as well, exacerbating emotional beliefs and travel urges with irritated courageous leaps for freedom.

30 – The Sun in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. More challenge for Sagittarian beliefs and righteousness, here by emotional wounds and vulnerabilities, within oneself or others, or by delusionary efforts to escape or blur the rough edges of those wounds and vulnerabilities.

Steffan Vanel