November 2018

Starwise Forecast for November, 2018

You may remember there were some pretty trying emotional aspects in last month’s forecast. I thought it might be the fallout from the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. Now that seems so far away. This month should also be an interesting and somewhat challenging one, but one with some hope and optimism as well.

We enter November with a Waning Moon until the New Moon on the 7th.

5 – The Sun in Scorpio, a sign of emotional intensity and deep desire will trine, harmonize with, Neptune in Pisces, potentially bringing that emotionally intense, desirous Scorpionic energy to an elevated, altruistic, compassionate, unconditionally loving, even mystical alignment.

6 – Uranus, which is now moving retrograde, will move back into Aries today, until it re-enters Taurus March 6th of next year. So another period of revolutionary feistiness like we’ve had since 2011. Seems fitting for the day of the US election.

7 – The Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Scorpio. A good time to focus on an alignment of the conscious and unconscious energies around that deep Scorpionic searching into the deepest, hidden, emotions, desires and secret motivations.

8 – A momentous day. Jupiter, which has been in Scorpio since October of 2017, will enter the sign it rules, and therefore is much more comfortable with the energies of, Sagittarius. He will remain there until December of next year.

This, also coming just a couple of days after the election here in the U.S., fits the theme. Jupiter’s exuberant, expansive energies will not be so focused on bringing light to bear upon the secret Scorpionic sexual, and other kinds of power manipulations, to light but now Jupiter will be able to charge forward with whatever Sagittarian belief system inspires him to spread his wings and fly. Makes me wonder how it might be if the Democrats take over the Congress.

9 – Venus in idealistically romantic Libra will trine, harmonize with, Mars in humanitarian Aquarius. Power to the people and finding partners you love along the way?

11 – Veteran’s Day here in the U.S. and the Sun in Scorpio will sextile, harmonize with, Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio. Some deep searching and insight into the motivations behind your most profound desires, and a willingness to bring your deepest Scorpionic passions to bear upon the Plutonian transformations of society, yourself and others.

15 – A bit of a Mars day.

Later in the day Mars will go from airy Aquarius into watery Pisces, until January, 2019. But just before he does he will sextile, harmonize with, Uranus in Aries. So the last chance for an airy/fiery harmonious dance between these two actors on the cosmic stage. Martial will and Uranian freedom playing it out in a harmonious dance.

16 – A day of backwards and forwards.

First Venus ends its retrograde motion she has been in since October 5th, stands still and moves direct. During this retrograde period you may have noticed impulses to go back over your old emotional/affectionate patterns. Maybe even reconnecting with past lovers and other kinds of relationships.

Later in the day Mercury will also stand still, but then turn retrograde, until December 6th. Mercury Retrograde is a more common occurrence, but always bears the same advice, that it is a better time to use the Mercurial mental forces to go back over things rather than starting new communications and decisions.

19 – Could be a rather tense day.

Mars in Pisces, a sign not really great for Mars’ energies, tending to resent emotionally stressful people and situations, will square Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is normally a pretty positive planet/sign relationship but nonetheless prone to a bit ‘over-the-top’ fanatical beliefs. Fanatical ‘over-the-top’ beliefs in tension with willful resentment of emotional stresses? hmm..

22 – A significant, potent Full Moon, especially for those celebrating Thanksgiving Day today here in the U.S.

Nonetheless, everyone in the world will be experiencing this annual Sun in Sagittarius opposition Moon in Gemini Full Moon, although it will be only 8 hours after the Sun enters the month of Sagittarius. The Moon and Sun will still be in the first degrees of these signs.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun’s first degree of Sagittarius is:

KEYNOTE: The will to reaffirm the value of the struggle upon which civilization and group-achievements are founded.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon’s first degree of Gemini is:

KEYNOTE: The revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures.

So it seems that there will be a potent polarization between social struggle and unconscious realities. I imagine it could lead to some lively conversations around the Thanksgiving Day table!

24 – A day for dissolving, on all levels.

Neptune, the God or Goddess of the Sea, has been retrograde since June 18th. On this day Neptune will stand still, which always potentizes the energies of a planet, and turns direct.

The best advice when Neptune is bearing upon your life is to trust and surrender. This is advice for all of us on this day, and especially for those of you born around March 5th, June 4th, September 6th, or December 5th. If you want me to look at what it is for you specifically let me know.

25 – A day for enthusiastically standing up for what you believe in. The Sun in Sagittarius will conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius, Sagittarius being the sign of philosophy, religion, your belief system.

26 – Mercury in Sagittarius, which can communicate enthusiastically one’s ideas, but is prone to being a bit too honest, or what I call prone to: ‘foot in mouth disease,’ will square Mars in Pisces, which can resent emotional responsibilities. This could lead to some unfortunate conversations that may, nonetheless, bring things out into the open that need to be brought out.

27 – A good day to follow whatever came out yesterday. A day of optimism as well as some realism.

There will be two Sagittarian conjunctions. First the Sun conjunct Mercury, and later Mercury conjunct Jupiter, effectively a triple Sagittarian conjunction. So some enthusiastic expressions of what you believe to be true.

In between these two conjunctions Saturn will sextile, harmonize with, Mars in Pisces. Mars in Pisces was creating some of the tension yesterday. Today Saturn can provide some beneficial ‘reality check’ on the previously emotionally frustrated Martial will energy, aided with some good ol’ Saturnian discipline and acceptance of responsibility.

30 – We end the month with some emotional tension, or sudden freedom.

Venus in romantic, idealistic Libra will oppose Uranus in fiery, willful Aries. Uranus, especially when in tension, can lead to surprise or impulsive breaks and ruptures. But Uranus is also the planet of freedom from old patterns that have outlived their purpose.

The question is whether it was something that needed to break or was that a mistake because you were too idealistic about it? You will learn and grow from it in any regard. That’s the insightful gift of the Astrological view of things!

Steffan Vanel