October 2017

Starwise Forecast for October 2017

We enter October on a Rising Moon, until the Full Moon on the 5th.

1 – We start the month with some energetic transformation with Mars in Virgo trining, harmonizing with, Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is energy and force of all kinds. Virgo is practical details and rational assessment. Here these can be put into positive service to the Plutonian transformation of the Capricorn traditional structures of our society and our individual lives.

3 – Similar to the 1st. Today Venus in Virgo harmonizes with Pluto in Capricorn. So now we can put an emotional, feeling assessment of those details in service to that transformation.

5 – There is a curious and yet powerful parallel resonance happening on this day. First we have Venus conjuncting Mars in Virgo, the two planets which have recently shared being in a transformative engagement with Pluto. Now the emotional affectional energies of Venus engage with the martial ill energies of Mars in the discerning energies of Virgo.

Later in the day, however, we have the annual Sun in Libra/Moon in Aries Full Moon opposition. This always entails a challenge at integrating the Libran Solar conscious identity focused upon relating to a partner and relationships, and the unconscious Lunar Aries energies focused upon individual expression of will.

The curious parallel is that Venus rules Libra and Mars rules Aries. Perhaps having these two planets experiencing a ‘New Moon’ conjunction on the same day as this Full Moon opposition can enhance the healing and integration needed. Perhaps there is even some kind of ‘Sacred Marriage’ energies in the air today.

8 – Venus in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Venus in Virgo can be picky and critical towards those for whom they feel affection. (I know, I have Venus in Virgo) Saturn in Sagittarius is some serious discipline towards one’s belief system (As well as travel opportunities). These planets being in tension can challenge us with some emotional critical view towards dedicated belief systems that seem to limit us. Rather than responding with criticalness we need to assess whether those restraints are necessary and accept them, or realize they are unnecessarily limiting, but nonetheless require respect and understanding.

Later in the day the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Libra, the sign of relationship and diplomacy. This should help to understand and compassionately smooth over conflicts that may have emerged earlier in the day

9 – That Sun/Mercury conjunction in Libra, however, then moves into each of them squaring Pluto in Capricorn on this day. That diplomacy and relatedness compassion may be sorely tested by deep unconscious or seemingly ‘fated’ energies.

10 – Jupiter goes into Scorpio until November of 2018. From now until this day, while Jupiter is in Libra, I feel are the last changes for a ‘high-minded’ diplomacy to have some sway in the world scene (and our individual lives). From this day forward the Jupiterian idealism will be influenced by a much more difficult to control emotional passion and desire.

11 – Mars in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Similar to the 8th. This time it is the energetic willful engagement of Mars, which can get too caught up in Virgoan details, which will feel itself in tension with the restrictive beliefs and structures of Saturn in Sagittarius.

12 – A little easing of tension following the previous days. Mercury in Libra sextiles, harmonizes with, Saturn in Sagittarius. Some Libran charm and diplomacy feeling comfortable with disciplined responsibility in belief systems can help smooth over some tension from the previous days.

14 – Venus goes into Libra, a sign that she rules, until November 7th. I wish I had Venus in Libra, Hilarion*  says that Venus in Libra promises and eventual happy marriage or pair-bond relationship.

15 – Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Mercury in Libra can be too restrained in demonstrations of emotional affection. Uranus in Aries can be overly rash, impulsive and disruptive in the view towards freedom. These energies will be clashing. Which side are you on? The challenge is to understand the stance and shortcomings of the other.

16 – The Sun in Libra sextiles, harmonizes with, Saturn in Sagittarius. An even greater conscious awareness of how the limits, disciplines and structures of society and belief systems can serve to bring a grounded cohesiveness to our relationships. And our ability to compassionately empathize with ‘the other’ can serve those same structures.

17 – Mercury goes from airy Libra into watery Scorpio, until November 5th.

18 – Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio. If you were born with this you may be very successful writing sexy novels or the like. For us and the world we may experience or witness some communications of deeply held passions.

19 – A rather potent day. First the Sun in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Then the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Then we have the annual Sun/Moon New Moon conjunction in Libra.

Normally this Libran New Moon is a great time to focus and clarify the conscious and unconscious intents toward relationships of all kinds. This year, however, this alignment takes place along with this challenging engagement with Uranus in Aries which, to quote from what I said on the 15th, ‘can be overly rash, impulsive and disruptive in the view towards freedom.’

So, this kind of Uranian courageous freedom will need to be taken into account as part of this year’s relationship intention.

22 – Mars goes into Libra, until December 9th. Not a great sign of Mars. He can be rather disruptive and feisty in relationships here.

Later in the day the Sun goes into the month of Scorpio.

24 – Mercury in Scorpio trines, harmonizes with, Neptune in Pisces. That Mercury in Scorpio propensity to be mentally engaged with hidden passions can here align with a higher, loftier altruistic compassionate sensitivity and imaginative possibilities for those mental expressions.

26 – The Sun in Scorpio conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio. Desire can go big. Make sure it’s the best ones you want to pursue.

27 – Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. The harmonious ideal and potential of Venus in Libra affections for partners and others may be hereby challenged by deep unconscious motives, within oneself and others.

Later in the day, however, some Mercury in Scorpio sextiling, harmonizing with, that same Pluto can reward us with some deep probings and understandings of this subterranean agendas.

Steffan Vanel