September 2016

Starwise Forecast for September 2016

Dear Friends and Clients,

I have been given the go ahead for another trip to China. I expect to be visiting Shanghai, Dali and Shenzhen at the end of October/November.
I will be in Seattle on my way to and after my return from China.

September Birthday people: Remember you get 10% discounts on Readings this month. This month I get to do my own update Tree of Life Reading.

Mercury goes retrograde on August 30th and will be so until September 21st.

September 2016

1 – A propitious start to September 2016. We start on the day of the New Moon. Now the Astrological calendar is cosmic, and the Western/Gregorian calendar is an arbitrary social construct. And yet, on a deeper level, the meta-physical, there are no accidents. I think this New Moon on the first day of the month does bode for an interesting energy this coming month, especially as this New Moon coincides with an eclipse of the Sun.

This will be a Sun/Moon in Virgo conjunction. The eclipse will be an ‘annular’ eclipse, where a narrow ring of the Sun’s light will be visible beyond the dark body of the Moon. This should help to bring some of the ‘crowning’ light of consciousness to bear upon this death/rebirth of what to do with that Virgo analytical, at times critical, energy. As always the Question is: Is this serving Love or Fear?

Later on this same day the newly reborn Solar/Sun consciousness comes into a tense square with Saturn, thus immediately tested as to how we deal with the limiting constraints of authorizes, rules and restrictions.

2 – And of course these days, if you come into a hard aspect with Saturn then quite soon you will come into a hard aspect with Neptune.

Today that Sun in Virgo energy will be challenged by an opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Interesting to see how this rational analytical part of ourselves and our society will accommodate the emotional/spiritual non-rational vulnerability of Neptune. Definitely an interesting start to the month.

Later on this day Mercury in Virgo will conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, so there will definitely be some rational/analytical exuberance to figure out what just happened.

6 – This is generally a mellower week, Astrologically, than the previous one. Next week gets pretty tense again.

On this day that Sun in Virgo energy can enjoy a harmonious trining aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Of course with Pluto things are always going to go deep, but here that analytical Virgo energy can comfortably go through Pluto’s required death/rebirth to more fully understand what transpired recently.

7 – In like manner, we have today Venus in Libra entering into a harmonious sextile to Saturn. Now in an individual’s chart, Venus in Libra (where she will be at this time) Hilarion* says promises an eventual happy marriage or pair-bond relationship. On this day of comfortable alignment with Saturn we can get more real as to what that might look like, or have more focused, responsible Saturnian dedication towards making relationships work harmoniously.

9 – Jupiter goes into Libra. Jupiter and Venus, in Astrological terminology, are the greater and lesser ‘benefics’ i.e. the ‘good fortune’ planets. According to Hilarion, either of these planets in Libra, with harmonious aspects, promise a ‘happy marriage.’ So if you have to get married this year, it would be easier for me to find a good date for your wedding during the next two weeks.

10 – I wouldn’t recommend getting married on this day, however. Today is yet another day of exactitude of the on-going square between Saturn and Neptune, between that which has to be able to be touched to be real, and that which can never be touched, and may or may not be real.

If this is the birthdate of something, however, the event, child, or whatever, has signed on to this ‘great opportunity for growth’ as part of it’s/their curriculum. Healing/integrating this can be quite powerfully useful.

11 – 18 – A somewhat tense week as Venus will square Pluto on the 11th, and reach an opposition to the Uranus end of the Pluto/Uranus Square on the 18th. That idealistically harmonious Venus in Libra will be sorely challenged by deep, hidden, intractable but transformative Plutonian forces and then by rash, impulsive, liberation seeking Uranian forces.

12/13 – Right after the Pluto/Venus tension we have Mercury in rational, analytical Virgo squaring Mars on the 12th, and the Sun in Virgo squares Mars on the 13th. Mars is in idealistic, overly-honest Sagittarius. Is there going to be some kind of Presidential debate around this time? If so: Oh Lordy be!

16 – The Solar/conscious Sun in Virgo energy reaches a kind of polarizing peak as we have, on this day, the Full Moon, Sun Virgo/Moon in Pisces opposition. This year with a death/rebirth Eclipse of the Moon.

This Full Moon always involves the conscious/solar, analytical/rational Virgo energy being challenged to acknowledge and/or accommodate the Lunar unconscious/instinctive emotionally sensitive/vulnerable Pisces energy. This year that Lunar Pisces energy will be going through its own death/rebirth ‘rebooting’ as this occurs through the Lunar Eclipse.

17 – This day after the Full Moon we will have the courage, enthusiasm and new freedom to carry on with whatever we discovered as Mars in Sagittarius makes a harmonious trine with Uranus in Aries.

18 – Venus reaches her opposition with Uranus as mentioned in the entry for 11 – 18. So, the day before we could indulge in Uranus in Aries’ courageous, revolutionary, liberating spirit. Today we have to be careful of his rash, impulsive potential applied to our Venusian emotional/affectional needs and desires.

19 – Venus in Libra’s harmonious idealism gets a more comfortable ‘lift’ from a harmonious sextile to Mars in Sagittarius.

20 – Mercury in Virgo harmoniously trines Pluto in Capricorn. We can use that rational/analytical Virgo energy to look deeply into the necessary transformations of our lives, and we can put our Mercurial, mental/communication skills in service to those transformations.

21 – Mercury stops its retrograde motion and turns direct.

22 – The Autumnal Equinox as the Sun moves into the month of Libra.

23 – Mercury trines Pluto again, as on the 20th, but now he is moving direct and thus moving into new territory.

Later in the day Venus goes into Scorpio, until October 18th.

25 – The Sun in Libra conjuncts Jupiter in Libra. This could be the day to get married. Or at least align to some harmonious ideals around human relations.

26 – Pluto stops its retrograde motion and turns direct.

27 – Mars goes from fiery Sagittarius into earthy Capricorn, until November 8th.

30 – The Sun/Moon in Libra, New Moon Conjunction. So, we begin and end September with two New Moons. When we have two Full Moons in the same month we call the second one a ‘Blue Moon.’ I looked at Wikipedia and it said that the second New Moon in the same month is called a ‘Black Moon.’ And some consider it a particularly powerful time for ceremony.

Again this is a bit arbitrary as humans use all kinds of calendars. Still the Western calendar is now the accepted norm around the world and I would therefore say that this is a month especially primed for New Beginnings!