September 2018

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We enter September with a Waning Moon until the New Moon on the 9th.

3 – Labor Day in the U.S.. Mercury in Leo will harmonize, sextile, with Venus in Gemini. Great for inspired, heartfelt, romantic, poetic expressions.

5 – Mercury goes into Virgo, until the 21st.

6 – Saturn, which has been retrograde since April 17th, turns direct, so more solid practical engagements with new territory are possible.

7 – This day starts off great, but turns challenging at the same time.

First Mercury harmonizes with Uranus and five hours later harmonizes with Saturn, basically a ‘Grand Trine’ of Mercurial communication capabilities with harmoniously available Uranian unconventional, intuitive, spontaneities, and then with conventional Saturnian, practical, realistic manifestations and engagements.

But then, six hours after that, the Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces, so a background of rational, detailed, analytical capabilities being challenged with the ability to trust and surrender, but not to where you let the emotional seas run all over your rationality.

8 – Venus in Libra, a sign which she rules, squares Mars in Capricorn, a sign where he is exalted. Two good things, but at seeming odds with each other. The idealized love and partnering capabilities, and the incredibly hard-working and ambitious capabilities of this kind of Mars, will need to learn how to compromise and accommodate each other.

9 – Venus goes from airy Libra into watery Scorpio, until Halloween, October 31st.

Then we have the annual Sun/Moon, New Moon conjunction in Virgo, the time to really align consciously and unconsciously with assessments of what details, elements of service, critical judgments, and discernments need assessing, and then dedicating to the Highest Good.

10 – Mars goes from earthy Capricorn into airy Aquarius, until November 15th.

11 – The Sun in Virgo sextiles, harmonizes with, Jupiter in Scorpio. A good harmony between precise discernments and exuberant passions and desires.

Three hours later the Sun in Virgo trines, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. So those precise discernments can comfortably submit to profound introspective motivational assessments, thus becoming more capable of using those motivationally clarified practical discernments to more effectively enact great change and transformation.

12 – Jupiter in Scorpio harmonizes with, sextiles, Pluto in Capricorn. Following on from the positive Sun/Pluto aspect of the day before, this brings in that exuberant, passionate Jupiter in Scorpio energy to these needed transformations.

Later, Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. This could tempt one to impulsively indulge in one’s passions and desires, or provide the opportunity to suddenly liberate oneself from constraints around them.

And then later after that Venus in Scorpio harmonizes with, sextiles, Saturn Capricorn. So following the previous impulsive/liberating Uranian energy this could provide some more disciplined responsibility toward those passions/desires.

13 – Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. These planets are both strong, in signs they rule, but at odds with each other. A time to give up and surrender any tendencies to over-rely on your analytical, rational mind, and in doing so, allow some irrational, psychic, higher emotional sensitivities to inform and inspire your rational awareness’s.

15 – Mercury in Virgo trines, harmonizes with, Pluto in Capricorn. The strong rational, analytical capabilities of Virgo can engage harmoniously with the needed Plutonian transformations of our lives and societies.

16 – Mercury, continuing on the harmony from the day before, sextiles, harmonizes with, Jupiter. So, additional inspired confidence and expansiveness can enhance our understandings and expressions/communications.

18 – Mars in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. This can be pretty rebellious among groups seeking economic changes.

20 – The Sun in Virgo conjuncts Mercury in Virgo. An excellent time to analyze, and assess the details and intricacies of what you need to stand behind and openly, coherently, express.

21 – Mercury goes into Libra, until October 9th.

22 – The Fall Equinox, the Sun goes into the month of Libra.

23 – Mercury in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. Your understanding of partnership can be challenged by practical responsibilities or you can be forced to acknowledge, accept and incorporate them into your ideals. Later, Mercury harmonizes with, trines, Mars in Aquarius. So mental ideals of partnering can feel empowered by willful ambitions in service to the collective.

24 – The annual Sun in Libra/Moon in Aries, Full Moon opposition. Aries/Libra tension is always between the: ‘I Seek Myself through what I Unite’ way of focusing, and the: ’I Seek Myself through my Self’ way of focusing. Today it is the Solar conscious uniting energy being asked to accept and integrate with the Lunar unconscious self-identifications that needs to take place.

25 – The Sun in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn. Earlier the Moon in Aries squared Saturn, so effectively, what we have here in these two days is a ‘T-Square’ of tension between the Sun in Libra, the Moon in Aries, and Saturn in Capricorn. So both the partnering/uniting and the self-discovery and expression need to submit to realistic disciplines and assessments of what is going to concretely ‘work’, and what constraints are necessary to serve that purpose.

27 – The Sun in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius. Conscious diplomacies and partnering ideals can feel harmoniously empowered and engaged in service to the needs of the greater whole.

30 – Pluto goes direct, which means it stops its apparent retrograde backward motion, stands still or ‘stations,’ and then starts to move forward or ‘direct.’

The day that a planet stations always potentizes the energy of that planet at that time. Pluto is already the most ‘potent’ of the planets, so this could be a pretty intense time period for all of us, especially if you have anything in your Astrological Natal chart around 18 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Libra or Cancer.

If you want me to assess this for you I’m happy to do just a 30-minute check-in on this particular aspect and how it is likely to affect you. ($65/fee)

With Pluto, regardless of the area of your life or psyche where he is operating, it is always about allowing something to die in order for something to be born. And in that process having to be willing to become very aware of how this brings recognition of where you are coming from love and faith, and where you are coming from fear and lack of faith.

Steffan Vanel