Photo of Twin PinesSteffan is available for consultations by phone or Skype. He is also occasionally available for in-person readings in Seattle, Oregon and Atlanta. He also travels to other locations. You may look at his public schedule.

To be notified if he comes to your area, send him an email.

Readings by Steffan


“I’ve had a lot of great readings in my life, but of them all, yours was definitely the best!”  – G.N., psychotherapist, Portland, OR.

“Thank you so so much again for the reading. It was so incredibly helpful and insightful and I think it really, really helped me in a deep and profound way.”
– J.C. Atlanta, Georgia

“As usual you have a knack for getting deep into my soul, rather than skate the surface as most do. You know I am very capable of putting up a good front, except with you. Thanks.” – C.O. Oakland, California

“Again I say, with heartfelt gratitude, my reading/meditation sessions helped bring my path into clearer focus. Upon reviewing the material, so much self-awareness has leapt from my sub-conscious to my conscious and I am finally feeling in alignment with Spirit, Heart, Soul & Mind. And, of course, now all these opportunities are opening up in front of me because I have truly committed to the core of Who I am. Anyway, my experience with the reading/meditation was an amazing thing and I just can’t thank you enough. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!” – J.H. Seattle, Washington

Steffan is available for the following consultations:

 The Pentacross Reading
The Celtic Cross Reading
The Tree of Life Reading
The Astrology Reading
The Astrology/Tree of Life Reading Combination
The Astrology/Tree of Life Update Reading

Readings are recorded and may be emailed for free,
or placed on CDs and mailed for $10 U.S. or $15 international.

The Pentacross Reading: 30 minutes: $55

This Tarot reading shows where you are now, where you have been in the past, what your challenge or blockage is, what can help you, and where you seem to be heading in the next phase of your life.

In the latter part of the reading Steffan will look at whatever specific questions or decisions you are trying to make. Steffan is particularly good at helping people gain satisfying insight into their choices available to them in difficult decisions in their lives.

Being a Libra, an Astrological Sign which is very good at seeing both sides of every question, thus making it difficult to make decisions, Steffan says he himself has come to really appreciate the help and guidance he has received from the Tarot in his own life. In this regard, he often quotes the passage in the Bible, where it says: “Ask, and ye shall receive.”

The Celtic Cross Reading: 60 minutes, $100

This reading gives additional information about yourself. It shows the past, the recent past, present and future, but it also shows your conscious and unconscious energies, your experience of yourself, the effect or influence of people and other outside factors in your life upon you, your hopes or fears, and the possible outcome of the cycle of events.

Additionally, in all of Steffan’s readings he will look at whatever specific questions or decisions you are trying to make in the latter part of the reading. Steffan feels that all of his readings are good, each one just shows more of what is going on behind your questions.

The Tree of Life Reading: Two Hours, $175

This is the deepest Tarot reading that Steffan can do. Although he will look at specific questions and decisions at the end of this reading as well, the Tree of Life Reading is a much deeper psychological/spiritual reading. Based on the Holy Kabbalistic Tree of Life, it is a profound and comprehensive map of yourself, from the way in which you present yourself to the world, to your actual experience of the Divine at the top of your head face-to-face so to speak. Clients have said that this reading is like “Six months of therapy and two hours.”

This reading shows your archetypal unconscious Masculine and Feminine energies (and how those are affecting your relationship experiences), your inner experience of your own inner beauty and goodness, the quality of your Higher Will and your ability to know what you should or shouldn’t do with your will. And, it shows your inner heart aspiration towards the Higher, towards the Divine.

At the personality level it shows the mental and emotional aspects of your personality. It shows the way that you see yoursel i.e. your egoic self-image, and how you present yourself and interact with the outer world.

Steffan uses this reading as a basis for a deep spiritual and psychological counseling session to help you to really know and understand yourself, so that you know where you were coming from as you make the choices and decisions that manifest the experiences and future of your life.

The Astrology Reading:
Two Hours, $250

Steffan uses two schools of Astrology. One is a psychological approach. He considers himself blessed to have studied for a time with the noted Astrologer and author, Liz Greene, who is both an Astrologer and a Jungian Psychological Analyst.

The other approach is a Karmic Astrological perspective, where Steffan uses the birth chart to see the specific lessons and experiences your soul has agreed to work on and grow through in this lifetime. This information is largely derived from information which was channeled from the Ascended Master Hilarion. In this information, Steffan has learned many many things which he has never heard before after more than 25 years of studying Astrology.

In this Astrological Reading, Steffan will also look at the Astrological transits affecting you in the past year and in the year ahead. Additionally he will look at your Progressed Sun from birth to age 90, one of the best ways to see the timing of movement and change in your life experience.

The Astrology/Tree of Life Reading Combination
Three Hours, $345

This combined Astrology/Tarot reading is Steffan’s specialty. He often calls this reading the ‘Full meal deal.’ He says that this reading is, honestly, the best that he can do for someone. Steffan feels that with Astrology by itself you can see the lessons that this person has agreed to work on and grow through in this lifetime. And in looking at the transits he can see what influences are especially affecting you now. With Astrology alone, however, you can’t see what is going on inside of you or how you are doing after having worked on those lessons for these many years already. That is what he says he can see in the cards.

His latest analogy for how this reading operates is that the Astrology Chart shows the ‘curriculum’ that you have signed up for in this lifetime. The transits are your ‘current exams.’ And the Tree of Life Reading reveals your ‘report cards.’

Astrology/Tree of Life update for existing clients: 2 hours: $225

This reading is for former clients who have already had the 3-hour ‘full meal deal’ Astrology/Tree of Life combination reading.

This reading would be an update of your Astrological Transits, what he likes to call your ‘current exams,’ and a new Tree of Life Tarot Reading i.e. your ‘report cards.’

If you have a record of or the recording from the old Tree of Life reading then he can compare your current Tree of Life with the one from before. This is a great way to see clearly what kinds of psychological/spiritual changes have taken place within you.

Of course he will also look at your specific questions/decisions.