2015-16 Taurus Reports

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Dear Taurus Friends, Clients and Subscribers,

You are the third Astrological Group to have the opportunity to benefit from a new Astrological Service I have been working on: notably downloadable Astrological Yearly Reports.

I am studying, writing and producing these reports and offering them for the nominal fee of $9.95.

We have all seen these kinds of reports being offered on various websites on the Internet. Personally, I have always derided these reports as being incapable of giving any really accurate specific information, especially when compared to the in-depth lengthy Astrological Readings I do on an individual basis.

Those Astrological Sun-Sign reports are looking at a whole month of people, one-twelfth of humanity. At that level it is virtually impossible to say anything beyond a very general level of accurate significance.

Over time I came to realize, however, that I could divide the Taurus month of people, for example, into three sections: the first third of Taurus born between April 20 and 29, the second third of Taurus born between April 30 and May 9, and the third third of Taurus born between May 10 and May 20.

Narrowing it down to 10 days of people, effectively, one-thirty-sixth of humanity, I can confidently make accurate assessments of what influences the planets are likely to bring your way in the year ahead in your evolutionary cycle.

This in no way comes anywhere close to replacing the amount of specific detailed information I can provide in an individual reading. The difference in price between the two, however, is notably reflective of that difference. I do nonetheless feel that what I am offering here is a sincere, useful, and accurate analysis of the influences of your coming year for those of you who prefer the ease and economy of these kinds of on-line reports.

For those of you who decide to try an on-line report but then decide you would prefer something more in-depth, you can deduct the $9.95 fee from that for an individual Astrological Reading with me.

Steffan Vanel

PS: A word about being born on the cusp. If you are born on the cusp between two signs, for example on or next to March 20, April 20, May 21, June 21, July 22, August 23, September 23, October 23, November 22, December 21, January 20, or February 18, you are going to have influences from two Astrological Signs.

In the book Answers, the Ascended Master Hilarion has given an explanation for the significance of being born on the cusp between two signs. Basically, it indicates that the soul has been recently incarnating in a particular sign. It has then been seen that it would be useful to move out of the lessons of that sign. Your Spirit Guides therefore arrange for you to incarnate in the sign next to it. To indicate that it is only a recent change, however, they arrange for you to incarnate on the cusp.

Personally, I think everyone has had every lifetime experience in their history of past lives imaginable, which would enable them to work on the karmic lessons of any of the twelve signs.

And so if you are born on April 20th or May 20th you are going to be drawing on some previous lifetime experience related to being a Taurus in this lifetime, even though your more recent history was to have been incarnating as an Aries, in the case of April 20th, or Gemini in the case of May 20th. (They can move you backwards or forwards).