Steffan Vanel
Steffan Vanel

Steffan Vanel was born in Akron, Ohio on September 25, 1951 at 11:51 AM. He was raised in Massachusetts and Georgia and has lived many places, from NYC to Hawaii in the US, and for several years in Europe.

When asked how he became involved in the ‘mystical arts’ he says that he sometimes thinks it started when his Italian mother and grandmother brought him into Boston when he was nine years old to have Gypsy tea leaf readers read his fortune.

Steffan was involved in the counterculture revolution in the 1960’s. He went to the Woodstock Rock Festival two weeks before it started. After attending Boston University for two years he moved to San Francisco. He says: “After two years at university I realized that there were some things I really wanted to know. I looked around and saw that there was nobody there who knew what I wanted to know. I wanted to know what is really going on here. What is it really all about? It seemed that everybody at the University knew their polished little piece of it, but nobody knew the big picture. I felt that I had to leave to find out.

After some time in San Francisco where Steffan had his first Tarot card reading and decided immediately to buy his own deck, Steffan moved to Hawaii for four years during which time he deepened his metaphysical studies and spiritual practices.

Since that time Steffan has traveled extensively always learning and studying. He has studied the Kabbalah, the system of knowledge which provides the key to the deeper wisdom of the Tarot, from many different teachers. His favorite teacher writes under the name Zev Ben Shimon Halevi.

Steffan studied Psychological Astrology during week long seminars in the Swiss Alps with noted Astrologer/ author and Jungian Analyst, Liz Greene. He also did research at the Jungian Institute in Kusnacht, Switzerland.

His strongest Astrological influence, however, is undoubtedly the information channeled from the Ascended Master Hilarion through the mediumship of Maurice Cooke in Ontario, Canada. This is very much a Karmic Astrology, using the Astrology Chart to see the lessons and experiences the soul has agreed to work on and grow through in this lifetime.

With the variety of his studies and influences Steffan sometimes sees himself as a therapist and sometimes as a kind of priest or spiritual minister. He himself feels that these roles should be integrated, that psychological and spiritual issues are not separate issues.

His own life has had to bear its painful lessons and karma, but he was once told that he was made to have a lot of experiences so that he would have sources of empathy for his clients. He says that if he didn’t have a fairly strong spiritual faith, a faith that there is a God or a Higher Reality behind life, a faith that there is a reason why things happen, no matter how seemingly painful or difficult, he wouldn’t be able to do the work that he does, or he would have to numb himself from the emotional depth of what people are experiencing. It is this faith and capacity to see and understand and communicate what are the lessons one is meant to learn in their lives which has made him such a wise and compassionate counselor.

Steffan is a longtime student of Vipassana Buddhist Meditation as well as an apprentice of North and South American indigenous shamanic practices, and he still stays connected to his Catholic roots, although he prefers to visit churches when there is no one there.

Steffan lives in the mountains of Northeastern Washington State where, among other things, he is working on various literary projects. He still travels extensively giving readings, lectures and workshops. To be contacted if Steffan should visit your area you may email him your contact information.

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