The Reader’s Reader – Short Version

Steffan Vanel: The Reader’s Reader. *

by Martha Quill

“This is the Holy Kabbalistic Tree of Life,” Steffan Vanel says softly as he
lays down the cards. “It is the mystical pattern for all created life. And
these cards represent how your life is working within these patterns at this

Vanel is a slender man with a quiet voice and a wry sense of humor. But his
words pack a whallop. His clients rave about the intensity and power of his
work. “After my first reading with Steffan, I felt as if I’d been struck by
lightning.” said an Atlanta woman. “There was the life of my soul laid out
before me in the cards – my karma, my life lessons. After working with
Steffan, my path became very clear to me.”

Vanel combines Astrology, Kabballah, and Tarot in a three hour reading that
charts the path of a soul through its current lifetime. “The Astrology
chart maps the curriculum a person’s soul has agreed to undertake in this
lifetime. The Tree of Life Reading shows how the soul is doing in working on
the curriculum. It’s like a current exam.” Steffan’s brand of Astrology
incorporates a Jungian approach he learned while studying under Liz Green,
but probably an even greater influence on his work has been the teachings of
the Ascended Master, Hilarion. “I don’t know of other Astrologers who use
this body of work,” says Vanel, “and I can’t understand that. It is the
ultimate source of information in Astrology. I found these books a month
after my divorce and they were a great source of personal growth in my own
life. I have to say, this information nailed me to the cross and took me to
a place inside myself where I could no longer blame life or other people for
my problems. Clients I work with have the same response to this type of
reading. It becomes clear that you are here on the earth for a higher
purpose and that everything that happens to you in your life is your teacher.

Everything in life is about surrendering to those lessons, surrendering to
life and God.”

Vanel will be visiting Atlanta during the month of December from his home in
Eastern Washington State. While he is not traveling the country doing readings,
Vanel stays hermited away in his mountain retreat near the Canadian border where he meditates several hours each day and writes.

He has several writing works in progress. He is working on a book entitled: Masculine and Feminine at the Changing of the Millinium, a book on his reading method and a novel. He has
recently completed a book called The Astrological Karma of the USA which should be available soon. He also teaches writing workshops using the
Tarot as a method for discovering and structuring the stories within his
students’ psyches.

At a recent lecture Vanel gave at the Karin Kabbalah center, one of Vanel’s
clients compared his three-hour reading to six months of therapy. “That
doesn’t even begin to touch the power of his work,” said another, “Six
lifetimes is more like it.”

“Steffan is quite an interesting cat,” says an Atlanta man who recently had
a Tree of Life reading. “He’s coming from a very high place and he gives you
a clear view of your life from that place. He’s soft spoken and easy to talk
to, but I was a bit shaken by him. The magnitude of what he was saying was a
bit overwhelming because I seldom think of my life in such cosmic terms, but
I also knew that everything he was saying was true for me. It changed my

Vanel has been on the mystic’s path since the age of seventeen and has been
working with the Tarot for thirty years. “I remember giving readings on Venice Beach for five or ten dollars a pop and I would say I’ve evolved quite a bit since then.” He has clients in every major city in the US and all across Europe.

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