I am Charlie & I am the Kouachi Brothers

Spiritual Company Newsletter

By Steffan Vanel • Astrologer • Tarot  Reader

January 10, 2015

Today was supposed to be the day that I was to complete my newsletter: 2015/2014: Looking Ahead and Behind, and to finish uploading a new video to YouTube: Astrological Insights into 2015 and Beyond, but the recent attack in Paris inspired me to look at the Astrological Chart for that event, and the chart for France. That has, in turn, inspired me to share some comments with you.

First of all, I have many friends and subscribers in France and my heart goes out to you in this time of horrible suffering and anger that this has brought into your lives.

However, when someone is obviously coming from a very irrational, dysfunctional, even what one might call insane place, (such as the Islamic Extremism these brothers were imbued with), and lays a heavy trip on me, I do try to remember to make an inquiry along the lines of: “Ok God, I see where this guy is coming from, but nonetheless why is this happening to me? What is the lesson for me to be learning here?”

I find that Astrology is often a great tool to get that inside information, beyond the obvious surface level of things.

This event is resonant with what I had already written in my Astrological ‘Weather Report’ for this year. For example:

A Saturn in Sagittarius Square to Neptune in Pisces, a tension which has already been in effect since October and will continue to build until it peaks in December 2015.

Any tension involving the planet Neptune or the sign Pisces, and here we have both, creates a high propensity for the ‘victim/victimizer’ program.

This time the tension is coming from a Saturnian stern restriction or ‘reality check’ in Sagittarius, a sign related to your ‘belief system’ and your philosophical morals.

(This creates:) …. an inadequate external social consciousness being confronted by the need to move to a deeper spiritual, psychic, non-intellectual level of being and consciousness.

Because the only way out of the victim/victimizer program is the positive side of the planet Neptune, that being: unconditional love, for oneself and for others, total forgiveness for oneself and for others, and total faith, trust and surrender to where there are no victims or victimizers, but just all of us little boys and girls doing the best that we can.

It brings to my mind what Rodney King said during the LA riots that followed the acquittal of the police officers who beat him: “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Rather applicable I would say.

In looking at the Astrology chart for the Charlie Hebdo Massacre one can see clearly both the Saturn/Neptune and the Pluto/Uranus squares. This chart, however, also gives some chilling additional factors. When I look at this chart I can see that something has been born here that France, Europe and the World will be dealing with for a long, long time.

First of all the chart has not only Neptune in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius, but it also has a Pisces Ascendant, thus a Piscean self-image, and a Sagittarian Mid-Heaven, the projected image to the world.

This is what Hilarion* says about these two placements:

Pisces The sign Pisces rising will color the self-image with hues of melancholy and victimization. The person will feel in many ways downtrodden or under the heavy hand of fate. The “sad sack” image attaches to the self-picture and it is extremely hard to make the individual see that life need not be as glum and pessimistic as he makes out. In this case, the rising sign influence is a test: to see if the heaviness can be overcome by positive effort.

Sagittarius This sign on the M.C. at birth will cause the individual to tend to project an image of uprightness, candor and a youthful, adventurous spirit. Many with Sagittarius at the M.C. have Pisces rising, and in such cases the purpose of the positive and buoyant sign on the Midheaven is to act as a counter-weight to the more melancholy and subdued inner picture which Pisces confers.

This tragedy has stimulated everyone’s desire to put forth a brave, Sagittarian, morally righteous face, on all sides. The Pisces self-image of ‘melancholy and victimization,’ and fear of future victimizations, on all sides, is one legacy of what was birthed here.

This was what I noted in my ‘Starwise Forecast’ for the 3rd of January:

3 – A rather intense day. The Sun in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries, thus a conscious engagement with the Astrological ‘zeitgeist’ of this decade.

The conscious solar energies are attuned to the concrete earthy ambitions and structures of Capricorn, having to submit to deep Plutonian investigations into the deeper realities and motives of those ambitions, while being challenged by sudden, impulsive, potentially aggressive (Aries), Uranian energies to liberate those Capricorn structures and ambitions from old patterns that have outlived their purpose.

Obviously this can play out in many different ways, but can be rather contentious, or transformative.

That connection of Solar identity with this Pluto/Uranus tension was still in effect on this day of the massacre and appears in this chart.

The Uranus end of the tension, however, is in the First House of Self-Image, and the Pluto/Sun end of the tension is in the Tenth House of Work, Career, ‘Role’ in the World, thus we have a self-image of aggressive disruption and liberating tension, stimulating a ‘role’ in the world of intense Plutonian, destructive, manipulative, self-reliant, Capricornian authority and control. The challenge of this has also been born, on all sides.

The chart also has two planets in the House of Karma with Former Enemies.

There is, however, an even deeper story here. Saturn is square to not only Neptune, but also to Mars. And the Mars/Neptune tension with Saturn is coming from the House of the Deeper Unconscious, Past Life Memory, and the Family ‘Daemon’ i.e. the unconscious family programs affecting you.

Mars there indicates a Masculine identity, but square to Saturn shows a conflict and struggle with Saturnian authority and control. Neptune there in square aspect shows great suffering and victimization in relation to that Saturnian authoritative control.

This configuration reveals the deeper realities of what has served as the unconscious programs prior to this event, and to the unconscious programs now part of the birth of the new entity of the ‘Charlie Hebdo Massacre.’ Unconscious programs that everyone is now forced to experience and deal with.

I would say that this unconscious suffering has existed on both sides of this conflict.

The Saturn end of this tension is in the House of Philosophy and Religion, of which Hilarion says:

Ninth House When Saturn is located in the ninth house, the meaning pertains to the area of philosophy. Saturn is not at ease in the ninth, since the ringed planet is attuned essentially to worldly things whereas the ninth house is that of speculative philosophy, spiritual insight and intuition. This placement usually suggests that the individual has a tendency to develop a self-based philosophy of life, limited to that which can be objectively known and experienced. Often spiritual and “other-worldly” ideas are given short shrift as being incapable of hard demonstration. The task for the person with this Saturn placement is to broaden his perspective on life, and to develop some concept of the purpose of existence.

I can easily relate this to what I would describe as the French Secular Attitude. In fact the chart for the current political entity of modern France also has Saturn in this same House of Philosophy and Religion indicating the limits in belief.

Commentators have pointed out the difference between the American Revolution and the French Revolution. The American Revolution had a major focus involving the establishment of freedom of religion. Whereas the French Revolution had a major focus involving the establishment of freedom from religion.

It is easy to see how the Muslim community in France, of which the Kouachi brothers are a product, have had to live with a suffering of their own religious values and vulnerabilities, and their ability to use their Mars-will to do something about it has been repressed by this Saturnian secularism, until…

Here is what Hilarion says about a Mars/Saturn tension:

Saturn in aspect to Mars is not the terrible thing that some astrologers pretend. Mars is energy and any close Saturn aspect will tend to sit on the energies and cap them up from time to time. However, the outer circumstances of the life — even with the square or opposition — do not usually reflect the dire events that one might be led to expect from a perusal of the available astrological texts. The secret here is the balancing-off of the restrictive tendency of Saturn against the expansive, not to say explosive tendency of Mars. If the individual can learn to find the mid-point between these principles, balance in the life pattern is possible. If he cannot, then wild swings between over-repressive and overly energetic states can be expected. Typically such a person finds himself under the cold, limiting hand of Saturn for extended periods, and when he cannot bear the frustration any longer, breaks free and shoots the martian energy in all directions, usually in a destructive way. This pattern is extremely broad and can be recognized in many different departments of life: love, job, health, etc. For this reason, specifics cannot be given.

I would venture to say, however, that the French have also had the deep, spiritual, mystical legacy of their nation, which I truly love and admire, as evidenced in the esoteric knowledge embodied in the Gothic cathedrals, repressed and restricted into the unconscious by their secularization.

One could surmise that the intense Saturnization/Secularization of France is also as a result of a legacy of years of religious wars, as well as the historical Saturnian/Catholic power destroying the esoteric mystical French traditions through the massacre of the Cathars in the Southwest of France, and King Philip’s execution of the Knights Templars.

One way to never suffer for your beliefs ever again, however, is to not have any.

I believe, however, the Muslim community has served as a convenient projection in France of this deep unconscious suffering.

I do also believe in keeping a sense of humor and for no one to take themselves too seriously. And I believe, to a point, in the use of satire in society. My favorite news program is ‘The Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart. I am sympathetic to the bumper sticker that says: ‘Dear Jesus, Please save me from your followers,’ and to the cartoon in Charlie Hebdo that has Mohammed saying: ‘It is so difficult to be loved by such idiots.’

But publicly portraying Mohammed naked in pornographic poses with his genitalia exposed is something I can only imagine happening in France.

I have Muslim friends in France as well, and I know they are well aware of the double standards that exist there, for there are laws in France about displaying Nazi symbols and what you can say about the Holocaust, but portraying their sacred prophet in a pornographic pose with genitalia exposed….

It is true that all the European nations with large Muslim populations are experiencing socio-political tensions now. When they held the anti-immigrant marches in Germany recently, however, there were equally large anti-anti-immigrant marches.

And the Cathedral in Cologne dimmed their lights in protest of those anti-immigrant marches.

I fear that when the Right Wing Marie Le Pen, whose father once stated that a Jewish critic ‘should be the next one put into the ovens,’ cashes in on the current fear and hatred unleashed now with her National Front marches, there may be no counter-marches, or dimming of the lights of Notre Dame…

I do ask forgiveness of my French friends and readers. I love France, and previously thought I wanted to live there the rest of my life. I am not saying these things about you out of lack of compassion for the horrific event this has been for you. I say them out of fear of what lies ahead for you in the wake of this event.

There is no doubt that this ‘Charlie Hebdo Massacre Chart’ is very intense and there are very intense Astrological transits hitting your own birthchart now and in the years ahead. Tomorrow I will pray that the solidarity march which will be taking place in Paris will help to soften and heal everyone with love and compassionate forgiveness and dissolve the ‘victim/victimizer’ program.

I wish to put forward a vision of 13th Century Toledo, Spain where a cosmopolitan respect and harmony allowed churches, mosques, and synagogues to co-exist and even cross-fertilize.

I am, however, going to end this newsletter with Hilarion’s pronouncement for the lesson and possible destiny of France taken from the book channeled from him called: Nations:

FRANCE has lost her perceptions.
Once she swayed the world with the eloquence of her language, the
clarity of her thought, and the lucid writings of her philosophers.

All this has vanished now. France is like an aging scholar whose
faculties have dimmed, struggling to grasp again the ideas and concepts that once were mastered so easily. The complexities of the
modern world are beyond her understanding. The great rhythms of
civilization, once the very pulsebeat of this country, ‘now are stilled.

France is in a period of confusion and searching. She seeks the intellectual anchor she once had, but knows it is lost forever. If this
country can learn the great lesson that faces it today, France can stand among the victors in the day of battle that is looming. The lesson is this: that it is not the intellect but the heart which raises up the spirit from the level of the material world. If the lesson is not learned, then the cold intellectual persuasions of atheism will be her undoing, and she will be led down to her destruction.

This noble country can yet be saved, by prayer. She must not make
the mistake that has snared so many other nations. The world stands
to lose much if the greatness of France should perish.

May We All Blessed Be,

Steffan Vanel