Germanwings Flight 4U9525 & Andreas Lubitz

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By Steffan Vanel • Astrologer • Tarot  Reader

March 27, 2015

Interesting to note, the 2015/2016 Astrological reports for Aries, 1, 2, & 3, which I finally completed and uploaded, and are now available for purchase.

Interesting because Aries energy figures prominently in the Astrological view of this horrific event. There were four planets in Aries at the time of the crash, with the on-going Uranus in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn in the middle of that.

The major tension in Andreas Lubitz chart is between Jupiter in Aries and Venus in Capricorn.

And, I was told by a German Astrologer years ago that Germany was an Aries country, which does seem to fit.

Here is what Hilarion says about the sign Aries:

Aries We have said that Aries has an abundance of energy available to it. This energy is, in effect, a kind of reward or gift to the Aries individual resulting from acts of courage in past incarnations, when thoughts of self-interest were set aside in order to come to the aid of another. In a sense, the gift is internal rather than external because the very act of courageously facing danger in order to help another person automatically taps deeply into an inexhaustible source of energy, and the soul gains a permanent link with this source of energy. But with every gift comes a responsibility. In the case of Aries, the responsibility is to learn to handle this increased energy so that it does not harm others or the self through aggressive expression and violent behaviour.

I can look at the Astrological chart for Andreas Lubitz and surmise many karmic factors which could lead him to do what he did. We know his birthdate of December 18, 1987 but his birth time on the website has only a ‘C’ rating of reliability at this time.

Also, as Lubitz was not a public figure, we don’t have a lot of easily accessible biographical details to give insight into what was going on in his life and how those elements reflect his birthchart.

I can share a few elements that we know are accurate based on his birthdate. I will follow, however, with some of my feelings about the deeper collective message or lesson behind this event.

First of all, the Venus/Jupiter Square in Andreas Lubitz’ chart,. He had the Pluto/Uranus square approaching it, and his progressed Sun (the movement of his identity through the chart) was conjuncting the Venus and squaring the Jupiter.

Here is what Hilarion says about Venus in Capricorn:


Venus in this sign, when afflicted, tends to dampen the love nature with a certain coldness or distance. This may not be perceived by the individual as much as by others, due to Saturn’s (ruler of Capricorn) often subconscious influence. The main lesson is to show affection and warmth more. In positive aspect, Venus in Capricorn is dedicated, long-suffering and constant in the affections.

And here is what he says about Jupiter in Aries:


In Aries, ruled by Mars, Jupiter always instills a super-abundance of vital force and energy. In affliction, there can be difficulty in controlling and channeling this energy constructively. In positive aspect, Jupiter here shows good physical stamina, the ability to throw off illness, and a positive “conquering” attitude toward life. Obstacles are not much feared as there is the inner conviction that one can easily steam-roller most blockages in the life-pattern.

‘Difficulty in controlling and channeling this energy constructively.’ I would say so.

Having that Jupiterian ‘super-abundance of vital force’ in tension with the Venusian ‘coldness or distance’ would make it such that he would tend to identify with either the Capricorn emotionally suppressed Venus, and not really own or be comfortable with his energetic Jupiter in Aries. Or he would be the positive, upbeat Jupiter in Aries, but in denial of, or repressing, the cold, restrained Venus in Capricorn emotional energies. It has been revealed that he tried to hide his depression from others and especially the authorities at Lufthansa.

Until we heal and consciously own and integrate these tense Astrological energies within ourselves we will tend to project one end or another onto someone else in our relationships.

Apparently Andreas Lubitz had recently had a difficult break-up with his girlfriend, so that would be one factor in bringing this tension within himself to a head. With this configuration I would suspect that either she was, personality-wise, the stable , but cool, restrained Venus in Capricorn, and got tired of his overly energetic, somewhat bombastic, perhaps non-committal Jupiter in Aries.

Or, conversely, she was the Jupiter in Aries personality type and got tired of his cold, emotionally unavailable, but perhaps controlling Venus in Capricorn, always trying to limit her freedom and expansiveness.

This might well explain some of the personal emotional challenges Lubitz was dealing with. It does not, however, explain as to why he would bring down 149 people with him as he tried to escape this tension. That can only be speculated about at this point.

He did have a Pluto/Mars conjunction and the Moon, all in Scorpio, leading to deep, intense, potentially destructive hidden energies.

If we work with the chart based on the, as yet, unofficially confirmed birth time of 10:31 am, this Scorpio line-up falls in his Ninth House, the house of philosophy, travel, religion and belief system. So some dark, intense hidden beliefs could have festered there.

Andreas Lubitz also had four planets, including his Sun, in Sagittarius the sign which rules the Ninth House and a sign that can be morally righteous, open and honest, or a bit fanatical.

In the 10:31 am chart all of these Sagittarian planets and a 5th one, Neptune, fall in the Eleventh House which Hilarion has renamed the house of former enemies. Here is what Hilarion says about the Sun in the Eleventh House:

Eleventh House

The eleventh sector of a birth chart is largely misunderstood among astrologers at present. It is thought to govern friends and acquaintances, while in reality it is the house of enemies. The true house of friendship is of course the seventh, since it pertains to the one who is so close to the native that the latter is prepared to link up in some way with that person. The eleventh house, however, points to those who, in past lives, have been cast in the role of adversaries. In the present life, such former adversaries often are drawn by negative Karmic bonds into associations of one kind or another with the native, and it can happen that a friendship of a sort is struck up. However, it is wise for the individual with heavy eleventh-house influence to be mindful of the background to any of his associations which seem to be designated by eleventh-sector planets. For, knowing that such souls once were adversaries, it is possible to conduct oneself in such a way as to overcome the old frictions, and to bridge any lingering animosity with cords of true affection. For love alone is capable of dissolving the bonds of rivalry and dislike that tie together two souls at odds with each other. And the design of each person’s eleventh house is a gift for his understanding — a signpost that can help him set his feet squarely on the path to spiritual achievement, by learning to do as Christ Himself advised when He said, “Love thine enemies”.

Interestingly, the chart for the take off of the flight from Barcelona has three planets in this Eleventh House, and the chart for the crash has three planets in the Eleventh House, and….all three of these charts have the planet Uranus, the planet of accidents and sudden ruptures, in this Eleventh House of karma with former enemies.

This leads to my sense of the perhaps larger, collective message here. Those of you who have been reading my newsletters have surely noted how I always try to see the larger message behind these tragic events thrust upon the collective psyche of nations and the world.

When I first heard of a crash of a flight between Spain and Germany it immediately resonated with my awareness that there is a fair bit of tension going on between Germany and the EU nations which are in especially difficult economic straits right now. This is most obvious with Greece and their newly elected Syriza anti-austerity party, but the rise of the similarly motivated ‘Podemos’ (We can) party in Spain, which seems poised to also assume some degree of political power in Spain and take on the largely German-led imposition of austerity measures there is a similar seething tension between Spain and Germany.

Interesting to note, in the early 1950s Germany was billions of dollars in debt for which they requested leniency so as to be able to restart their economy. The debt was moved into 30-year loans to aid their recovery, as the US invested into the Marshall Plan to help Europe rebuild.

Is there something in the collective German Psyche, however, which is under attack here? It was mostly Germans on that plane but there were 49 Spaniards as well. Is there something in the collective German Psyche which is so capable of cutting off from their own emotional reality and the emotions of others that would enable them to create a death machine that murdered 12 million people under Hitler, force severe austerity measures on a struggling country like Greece with 26% unemployment (among youth 50%), or produce the likes of an Andreas Lubitz whose emotional/psychological dysfunction could lead him to destroy 149 people along with himself without being really aware or caring?

Now there are also a lot of great things I love about Germany and in my forthcoming book: ‘To Europa with Love’ I will share those things. And I certainly don’t feel that everyone in Germany is in any way capable of doing what Andreas Lubitz did.

But I also see a large dichotomy between the dark and light sides of Germany, something I will explore in greater detail in my book.

If Germany is an Aries nation, then they have had, are now having, or will soon have the Uranus/Pluto Square bearing down upon them. It seems to me that this event is some deep level ‘wake-up call’ for them on a profound psychological level.

Curiously, the flight took off from Barcelona, and the nearest town in the French Alps to the crash site is named Barcelonnette. Something seems to be afoot here.


Steffan Vanel

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