The Great American Eclipse: August 21, 2017

Imagine it is a time in the distant pre-historical past. You are walking across the high dry plains with the bright Sun rising, mid-way to being directly overhead. The golden globe is rapidly heating the air of another hot summer day. Suddenly you notice a curved shadow at the top of the Sun. Then you witness that shadow moving gradually across the face of the Sun, blocking more and more of its light, until you can only see a brilliant diamond ring of light around the dark spherical shadow. This diamond then reduces down to only a deep red glow. That red glow is finally replaced by a filigreed veil of fine whispery threads of light, flowing, glowing around the dark sphere.

In the meantime the brighter stars and planets of the night have appeared in the darkened sky of the day, and the temperature of this summer day has noticeably dropped.

Imagine witnessing this without a rational scientific understanding of why the Sun, the source of all life and warmth on this planet, is suddenly extinguished in this mysterious way. It would be easy to imagine being greatly fearful that the Great Divine Spirit behind all creation had forsaken us.

In listening to accounts of experienced scientific ‘Eclipse Watchers’ it seems that even the scientific rational understanding of a total Solar Eclipse phenomenon is not sufficient to remove the experience of complete overwhelming awe in witnessing one of these events.

This is where Astronomy and Astrology really find themselves in the same boat.

Of course the Astrologers are going to be particularly energized by this kind of celestial event.

I have invested a fair bit of research in preparation for this article, having read the articles of many other Astrologers, purchased previous lecture recordings, etc. I now know way more about Eclipses than I ever knew was possible.

Of course a lot of this information becomes quite technical, which I am trying to keep to a minimum for the purposes of this article.

One technical point, both physically and metaphysically, however, is the fact that the only reason we have an ‘exact’ eclipse of the Sun is because the Sun and the Moon, from our perspective, appear to be the exact same size.

In science this is called ‘The Great Coincidence.’ No other observable planet has this same relationship with one of their moons. This is rather strange when you think about it, that the Moon would be right at 92 million miles away from Earth so as to appear the same size as the Sun.

The Ascended Master Hilarion*, however, whom most of you know I quote quite frequently, has given an explanation of this phenomenon in his introduction to the influence of the Moon in an Astrological chart, where he addresses the age old debate often paraphrased as ‘Nature vs. Nurture’:

The Moon in astrology denotes an area quite distinct from those to which the Sun relates. The Moon is the closest of the astrological bodies to the earth, and as such it denotes those influences and characteristics which are acquired on the earth itself, usually in the early portion of the life pattern. It is interesting that although the Moon is a small celestial body, it appears as large as the Sun due to its closeness. This is symbolically quite apt, for in the makeup of each incarnated individual, it is common to find that the acquired characteristics loom about as large as those which are inborn and filter down from the soul level. Hence the old argument of psychologists as to which has more importance in the make-up of an individual — the inborn nature or the acquired traits — is perfectly balanced in astrology which declares that in the main, both are of major significance.

Elsewhere Hilarion has stated that the Sun in Astrology:

Denotes characteristics which are a predominant feature of the soul or higher self which has projected the conscious personality.

So, in a Solar Eclipse we have the Lunar, more unconscious, instinctual programs of childhood, in their time of greatest darkness and obscurity, extinguishing the conscious, Solar light of the Soul’s essence.

In Astrological circles it is said that an Eclipse has the same intense effect as an outer planet transit. To my mind, the death/rebirth nature of an Eclipse likens it to a Pluto transit.

Indeed there is a vast databank of Eclipses associated with intense Plutonian-like transformations, as in intense cataclysmic natural disasters, as well as socio-political transformations.

As the Sun represents the King of the land in ancient Astrology, an Eclipse was often associated with the potential death or fall from power of the king.

Australians had their own personal experience of this in recent times:

A solar eclipse appeared the day before the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was deposed on September 14, 2015. Australia’s third longest-serving Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, died on the morning of the previous solar eclipse of March 20 that same year. Fraser’s great adversary, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, passed away three days before the prior solar eclipse of October 24, 2014. Eclipses have long been known to change the political order. (found at

Now, the effect of an eclipse on you personally depends on where it lands in your chart, as Astrologer Steven Forrest has said:

Eclipses do not affect everyone equally. You might possibly be immune to this one. Your astrological radio has to be tuned to the station where the broadcast is happening –which in this case is near the end of the sign Leo.

So, if your Sun or other planets are near the end of Leo, or Scorpio, Taurus, or Aquarius, you are going to be affected by a ‘hard aspect’ from this Eclipse on August 21st.

Of course everyone is going to have this eclipse affecting them in some way at this time. Some of us will simply be more ‘dialed in’ than others.

This 29th degree of Leo, where this Eclipse occurs, has become a focal point which Astrologers have been watching and will be watching, especially as transits from the heavenly bodies in the days, weeks, months, even years and decades of years ahead impinge upon that degree.

Now eclipses come in series and various cycles. For example the current series of eclipses this year and next year are in this order chronologically: Leo, Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, Leo, Aquarius, Cancer, Aquarius, and Leo.

Leo and Aquarius are opposite to each other, so clearly, the Leo/Aquarius axis of polarity is being particularly activated in this time period. More about that later.

A Lunar Eclipse is always a Full Moon, with the Earth’s shadow eclipsing the light of the Sun.

A Solar Eclipse is always a New Moon. The New Moon, in itself, is a monthly death/rebirth of the Lunar energies. A Solar Eclipse, as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun from reaching the Earth is, as noted by Steven Forrest: ‘A New Moon on steroids.’ Again, upping the energies of this monthly death/rebirth to a Plutonian-like transformation, involving not only the Lunar unconscious, instinctive energies, but the death/rebirth of the conscious Solar energies at the same time.

The Leo/Aquarius polarities of both the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in this two year time period has extra potency I feel, because we are now moving into the New Age of Aquarius. An Age of true brother/sisterhood, equality, and human group consciousness. So, to my mind, there is a much deeper collective drama, teaching, and lesson being communicated to the world as a whole by this upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in Leo.

The fact that the population enabled to see the exact totality of this death/rebirth of our Sun will be in a band spanning the entire continental United States, for the first time since 1918 (in 1979 it was only visible in the Northwest of the US), is why this is being called ‘The Great American Eclipse.’

In fact, this is the first Total Solar Eclipse since our birth in 1776, which is visible only in the continental United States.

For us Astrologers this has really amped up concerns, predictions, and imaginings of the possible ramifications of this Eclipse, especially for the U.S.

This is something really hard not to do when we see that some of the radio stations dialed in to this event are within the charts of President Donald Trump as well as of the United States itself.

Now this Eclipse is also dialed in to the charts of Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Kim Jon-Un of North Korea, Vladimir Putin, and the charts of Russia, Iran and Israel.

It does seem, however, that the most prominent actor on this stage, presently, is President Donald Trump. Listening to the BBC occasionally in the middle of the night, I get a sense of the global quizzical fascination from observers around the world being fueled by the near daily dramas emitting from our White House.

So let us look at what effects could occur upon our President.

First of all, Donald Trump himself is an ‘Eclipse Baby,’ that is, he was born on the day of a total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse. This in itself is going to make him resonant with the eclipse theme of death and rebirth more than others.

The likely themes of his natal Lunar Eclipse, death/rebirth, involving opposing Solar and Lunar forces, can be understood in looking at what Hilarion has said about his Sun being in the 10th House, and his Moon being in the 4th house.

Sun in the 10th:

Tenth House This portion of a Natus denotes the Satumian concepts of authority, duty and devotion. The tenth is also a parental house, and usually corresponds to that parent who was seen as having the main authority over the native when a child. Because of these general associations, and due to the fact that one’s work in the present world system (the Piscean) is looked on as an arena where authority, duty and responsibility must be dealt with, the tenth sector of a birth chart has come to designate the “career” in conventional astrological texts. But it is much broader than that. The tenth house really denotes the “role in life” which the person elects to play – whether that role is as a housewife, a teacher, a student, a businessperson, or whatever. All of these are stage-parts which the individual acts out for the world, holds up and says “this is me” to the rest of humanity. And yet, many persons do not strongly identify with their “official roles”. They have no career facade behind which they hide their real selves. Such individuals are those who have learned the lesson of truth — simply to be true to oneself, and not pretend to be something which inwardly one is not. This lesson is perfectly summed up in the ancient edict, “man, know thy-self’, and any who are truly familiar with their own inner truth will not be found among those who waste their life energies projecting a false picture to the world.

We have digressed somewhat, but it was desired to take this opportunity to highlight what we see as one of the more deplorable tendencies found in the world today: namely the area of job/career/work. Man should not define himself in terms of what he does, but rather in terms of what he is. And when men come at last to understand the true definition of the human soul, then all of the charades and all of the pretense will melt away like butter in the sun.

For what is that true definition of man’s soul? It is one known to all the great sages of the world, and it is simple to state as well: Each individual is a child of the Love of God, and each is treasured by the Father even as an earth father treasures his own children. No other definition strikes so clearly at the heart of the matter, for none captures so well the essence of man’s relation with his God.

When the Sun is located in the tenth sector of a Natus, its meaning is that the individual has a strong drive to “project a role” into the world, to achieve something, to make his mark. This tendency is a habit built up in past lives of accomplishment.

Another practical meaning of this placement relates to the parents. Almost without exception, one with the Sun in the tenth will have come under the strong, dominating influence of one of his parents, and this relationship will have been responsible for re-kindling, in this life, the old predilection for worldly success which was assembled in past earth-experiences.

From a lesson point of view, this solar placement shows a need to learn to be true to one’s own inner essence, and not to compromise that truth for the sake of success. The more afflicted is the sun, the more that lesson needs to be learned.

Karmically, the sun in the tenth sector requires the individual to pass through stages of uncertainty and worry in connection with his “role in life”. The degree of affliction to the sun speaks of the seriousness of these episodes. Under great affliction, the Sun here will show one who never seems able to establish the career role he yearns for.

And this is for the Moon in the 4th House:

Fourth House
A fourth-sector Moon is a very powerful significator astrologically, for it points to one whose natural rhythms and desires run in the direction of seclusion, isolation and the domestic routine. However, the life-pattern of this person is arranged by his guides to deny the full realization of such natural yearnings, the denial depending to a large degree on how afflicted the Moon is. The reason for the denial is to prompt the person to venture “out into the world “, and to experience the demands and rewards of the rough-and-tumble existence which the earth plane offers. In a typical case, the individual with the fourth house Moon has spent too many sequestered or sheltered lives in a protective, home-like setting, and has lost his ability to fend for himself in the outside world. In many instances these sequestered incarnations have included lives in a monastery or convent — and although much can be learned and laudable soul-traits can be acquired in such secluded experiences, there is the need to balance that isolation with a period of rugged contact with the grittier side of life that most people experience in an incarnation. We have been speaking of the “lesson” side of this lunar placement.

Karmically, the picture is quite different. The individual with a fourth sector Moon has invariably placed others in positions in which they were exposed before they were ready to the harsher side of earth life. Often this has occurred by ejecting children from a protective home environment, and forcing them to confront the rough realities of the world at an early age. As a result, again depending on the degree of affliction to the fourth-sector Moon, the individual himself usually finds that he has had to undergo a similar experience at a relatively tender age. In the absence of serious affliction (especially from Saturn) the individual may escape such an episode in early life, but will still have to go through some form of (to him) undesirable exposure to the harshness of the world at a later time in his life.

So, in shorthand, here we have someone who wants to be famous and successful, but also always want to go home at night.

In light of the statements by Hilarion regarding a 10th House Sun we can certainly surmise that Donald Trump has experienced, and is now experiencing, some: ‘uncertainty and worry in connection with his “role in life.”

The tensions between these two tendencies, between an outer world role and the desire to retreat into the 4th House of home, family and domestic security, has been really activated for Donald Trump this year as Saturn, presently moving through his 4th House, conjuncted his Moon on December 30, 2016, opposed his Sun January 18 (two days before the Inauguration), opposed his Sun again July 7th, will conjunct the Moon again August 20th (the day before the Eclipse) will conjunct the Moon one last time August 30th, and will oppose the Sun one last time on October 11th.

I am sure there have been, and will be, times when Donald Trump’s Inner Child is saying: “I just want to go home,” or, as has been noted, he will be inclined to take a lot of days off.

And remember, this Sun/Moon opposition in his chart bears the imprint of a total Lunar Eclipse on the day he was born.

This, however, is not the scariest Astrological factor at play in his chart in relation to the August 21st Eclipse. In fact, the Eclipse degree of 29 degrees Leo is going to be in harmonious aspect to both ends of this Sun/Moon opposition, which could help him to greatly heal and integrate these oppositional dichotomies. That beneficial energy, however, might be made available by being removed from the Presidency.

The scarier part of his chart at this time is the fact that the August 21st Eclipse is going to be within one degree of his Ascendant (his self-image), two degrees from his Mars (his will energy) and within one degree of his Progressed Sun (the movement of his identity through the chart).

These factors are what has all of us Astrologers ‘abuzz’ with dire premonitions for our President in the months ahead.

Donald Trump’s Mars being eclipsed, which is technically in his 12th House, but being conjunct his Ascendant, it is easy to recognize its influence being pulled into the 1st House of self-image, involves these two components:

Mars in Leo:

This sign has its greatest problem in arrogance and pride. Mars here, when afflicted, gives a tendency to escalate arrogance into actual dislike or disdain for others. There is a tendency to have a chip on the shoulder, and to be quite antagonistic to those whose interests conflict with one’s own. Often dislikes are taken to others for no apparent reason — merely that “he rubs me the wrong way”.

The major lesson for Mars afflicted in Leo is to be more accepting of others, and to control the feelings of antagonism.

Mars in the First House:

First House When Mars is located in the first house, it is certain that the self-picture is colored by the notions of maleness, assertiveness and athleticism. If afflicted, Mars in the first will bring a strong tendency to conflict with others, to “rub them the wrong way”. The lesson is simply to moderate the assertiveness and aggression to the point where the relationships with others are no longer disrupted by these traits.

These factors are resonant with interpretations found within the canons of traditional Astrology. What no other Astrologer has pointed out, except those few who may be using the Hilarion material, is what Hilarion has said about Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant:

When the sign Leo rises, there will be a tendency for the self-picture to be colored by the notions of elegance, specialness and superiority. A proudness will often be felt internally, even though it usually does not manifest. The reason for giving this Ascendant to an individual is to prompt him to think better of himself than he is in the habit of doing when in incarnation. The rulership by the Sun thus lends to the individual certain bolstering influences in terms of how he sees himself, which are intended to teach him not to underestimate his own worth and not to feel inferior to others. In view of this explanation, it will be understood that those with Leo rising will often find that they are torn between thinking little and thinking a lot of themselves. Through the experience of this inner battle, it is hoped that they will ultimately learn that each person is complete and worthy in his own right, and that none are either superior or inferior.

Now, with all of my clients who have Leo Rising, when I’ve told them that, with Leo Rising, you are not as strong as you look, they all readily admit it. These are people, after all, who are into self-development and are willing to pay me to take a deep honest look into who they really are.

Whereas Donald Trump has stated that he doesn’t like to analyze himself because he might not like what he sees there.

And with that arrogant, aggressive, 1st House Mars in Leo right there on his Ascendant, his response whenever anyone or anything confronts that inner insecurity is to instantly hit back ten times harder, or at least launch a vicious tweet. Being a Gemini, he’s going to be good at quick, edgy, critical communications, although the Saturn oppositions to his Sun mentioned earlier are likely to have a sobering effect there as well.

I would also note that Donald Trump’s continued tendency to divide the world into ‘winners and losers’ is not a good indication that he has learned this Leo Ascendant lesson:

Through the experience of this inner battle, it is hoped that they will ultimately learn that each person is complete and worthy in his own right, and that none are either superior or inferior.

So, this part of Donald Trump’s Astrological curriculum is, with this Eclipse, slated for death and, hopefully, rebirth. Especially as his Progressed Sun, Solar conscious, identity is right there as well.

Also conjunct to Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant at the time of his birth was the fixed star Regulus, one of the four ancient Persian ‘Royal Stars.’ No wonder he thought he wanted to be President. This Regulus, Royal Star will also be one degree from the Eclipse point. Any ancient Astrologer would use that, in itself, to predict the possible death, or fall from power, of the king.

I would like to end this discussion of President Donald Trump with a transcribed conversation between former Secretary of Labor, and now University of California professor, Robert Reich and a former Republican member of Congress.

I found this in an on-line version of The Nation magazine. You can make of it what you want. In light of my previous discussion I find it extremely interesting:

Hill Republicans: Trump is fritzing out

This morning I phoned my friend, a former Republican member of Congress.

Me: What’s going on? Seems like the White House is imploding and Republicans are going down with the ship.

Him (chuckling): We’re officially a banana republic.

Me: Seriously, what are you hearing from your former colleagues on the Hill?

Him: They’re convinced Trump is out of his gourd.

Me: So what are they gonna do about it?

Him: Remember what I told you at the start of this circus? They planned to use Trump’s antics for cover, to get done what they most wanted – big tax cuts, rollbacks of regulations, especially financial. They’d work with Pence behind the scenes and forget the crazy uncle in the attic.

Me: Yeah.

Him: Well, I’m hearing a different story now. Stuff with Sessions is pissing them off. And now Trump’s hired that horse’s ass Scaramucci – a communications director who talks dirty on CNN! Plus Trump’s numbers are in freefall. They think he’s gonna hurt them in ’18 and ’20.

Me: So what’s the plan?

Him: They want him outa there.

Me: Really? Impeachment?

Him: Doubt it, unless Mueller comes up with a smoking gun.

Me: Or if he fires Mueller.

Him: Not gonna happen.

Me: So how do they get him out?

Him: Put someone else up in ’20. Lots of maneuvering already. Pence, obviously. Cruz thinks he has a shot.

Me: But that won’t help them in the midterms. What’s the plan before then?

Him: Lots think he’s fritzing out.

Me: Fritzing out?

Him: Going totally bananas. Paranoia. You want to know why he fired Priebus, wants Sessions out, and is now gunning for Tillerson?

Me: He wants to shake things up?

Him (chuckling): No. The way I hear it, he thinks they’ve been plotting against him.

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Twenty fifth amendment! Read it! A Cabinet can get rid of a president who’s nuts. Trump thinks they’ve been preparing a palace coup. So one by one, he’s firing them.

Me: I find it hard to believe they’re plotting against him.

Him: Of course not! It’s ludicrous. Sessions is a loyal lapdog. Tillerson doesn’t know where the bathroom is. That’s my point. Trump is fritzing out. Having manic delusions. He’s actually going nuts.

Me: And?

Him: Well, it’s downright dangerous.

Me: Yeah, but that still doesn’t tell me what Republicans are planning to do about it.

Him: Look. How long do you think it will be before everyone in Washington knows he’s flipping out? I don’t mean just weird. I mean really off his rocker.

Me: I don’t know.

Him: No all that long.

Me: So what are you telling me?

Him: They don’t have to plot against him. It will be obvious to everyone that he’s got to go. That’s where the twenty fifth
amendment really does comes in.

Me: So you think…

Him: Who knows? But he’s losing it fast. My betting is he’s out of office before the midterms. And Pence is president.

This article was originally published on Robert Reich’s blog.

Now I am not using this conversation to validate an Astrological prediction about Donald Trump’s removal as President. I do find it quite interesting in relation to the symbolic Astrological discussion at hand. I also tend to agree with Astrologer Steven Forrest when he says: Astrologers are expected to make predictions. It is the bane of our profession, in my opinion.

What is more interesting for me than just making accurate predictions is understanding and learning the cosmic lessons that our Spiritual Guides are trying to convey through the symbolic language of Astrology, no matter what specific events befall us to facilitate that learning.

To get a sense of what the collective lesson is, especially for us here in the U.S. I want to turn to view the impact of this Eclipse upon the Astrological Birth Chart of the United States of America.

Well, the obvious factor is that this ‘Great American Eclipse’ will be within one degree of exact opposition to the Moon in Aquarius of the United States.

This Aquarian Moon is one of the few planets in the American Astrological make-up which has no difficult aspects on it, natally. As the Moon represents the influence of childhood, I have understood this Moon to represent the Aquarian idealism of humanitarian equality and freedom which was operative in the birth and early life of the United States.

President Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant/Mars in Leo is opposite to this Aquarian idealism. So, he is not the most likely candidate to encourage an Aquarian universal love and unity that can bring us together as one nation of brothers and sisters.

Looking at this Astrological drama, with the Eclipse itself being opposite to the US Moon in Aquarius, I am tempted to summarize it as saying that the forces involved in the likely fall from power of President Donald Trump are likely to create even greater tension on the civil division and discord already threatening our Aquarian humanitarian brotherhood potential.

I feel I already witnessed an example of this as I recently watched a video of radio talk show commentator, Rush Limbaugh, launching a vicious round of attacks against the Republicans in Congress, accusing them of conspiring against Donald Trump’s ability to succeed in implementing his goals and agenda. Clearly ‘firing up the base’ as they say.

In the aftermath of this trauma/drama, however, eventually, I think there is going to emerge some new embrace and embodiment of that Aquarian, humanitarian idealism. Who knows, maybe we will even get to single-payer Medicare for all after all.

The Deeper Collective Teaching

So, the fact remains, the whole world is experiencing this series of Leo and Aquarius eclipses. Each nation, and each of us individually, will be feeling this polarity between the Leo energy of leadership and creative expression, (although potentially arrogant and self-involved), and the Aquarian humanitarian universal group consciousness.

Two of these Leo/Aquarius eclipses are opposite the Pluto in Leo of President Donald Trump. Pluto was in Leo, however, for 17 years, from 1939 to 1957. All of us ‘Baby Boomers’ have Pluto in Leo.

Much can be said about the period when Pluto was in Leo and in the lives of the generation born with Pluto in Leo. The one point I wish to make here is that this has given our generation the karmic lesson of letting go of an expectation or attachment to a great leader to ‘save us,’ whether that was through their actual death (John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King) or their fall from power (Richard Nixon).

Elsewhere in the world one can cite the ‘fall from grace’ of previously revered leaders like Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-tung. These events have hit people in our generation in particular.

One can also sense that a lot of Trump supporters are from our generation, but even on the left, we are feeling bereft of confidence in any Democratic leader currently on the political stage who can save us.

I would say the lesson is to see that no Leo/leader who isn’t in humble service to the greater Aquarian collective need for us to come together as one human family is not going to successfully integrate and bridge the Leo/Aquarius polarity that this coming New Age requires.

Barack Obama, who is a Leo, but has Aquarius Rising, was when we had a twinge of hope of the possibility of that integrated Leo/Aquarius polarity to emerge within our collective experience.

Obama wasn’t perfect, but I do feel he was a good man who really would have liked to succeed as a leader who could have served to unite the Red and the Blue, into the Purple.

The rather likely fall, sooner or later, of President Donald Trump, I feel is indicative of the death of an old, outdated mode of belief in all-powerful Leo strong men, arrogant leaders whose power is based on division rather than unity.

One can already notice much greater instances of congressmen uniting ‘across the aisle’ in political response to the current political uncertainty and chaos. Hopefully, that will become stronger, although I’m not sure under a President Mike Pence.

Still, you have to try to keep the faith, and if it is only the Democratic Party that can align to the Aquarian humanitarian ideal, then I say more power to them.

Yesterday, in the midst of writing this article, I went to see: An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, Al Gore’s sequel to ‘An Inconvenient Truth,’ speaking of the dangers of Global Warming, which premiered 10 years ago.

Now Al Gore himself has Leo Rising, as does George W. Bush. Seeing that at the time of the 2000 Presidential Election had me saying ‘Oh great, no matter what the next President of the United States is going to be basically insecure.’

I’m not sure, but I suspect, that if I did an Astrological Reading for Al Gore he would, at this point, admit that he isn’t as strong as he looks.

In this film, however, much of which was filmed in the mode of ‘Cinema Veritas,’ where two filmmakers followed him around for two years, I feel I witnessed someone using Leo ‘Chutzpah’ to indeed speak ‘truth to power,’ in service to perhaps the greatest global humanitarian (Aquarian) threat facing the human race at this time.

There were many poignant moments in this film. What I wish to note in this article was the footage of behind the scenes events during the Paris Climate Conference, discovering that Al Gore had, on the spot, convinced a Solar Energy company in Silicon Valley to give their proprietary technology for free to India to succeed in convincing India to change from being the only holdout to the global agreement which had already been determined, to being willing to sign on to the deal very shortly before the deadline/end of the conference.

Of course the film also had to present the dismal news of President Donald Trump’s decision to oppose that great global (Aquarian) agreement.

In the film, or the video taped question and answer interview screened following the film, however, there was the hopeful news that enough US State Governors had promised to meet their carbon reduction goals in spite of Trump’s withdrawal, to have made it such that the U.S. is still on track to meet its carbon reduction goals anyway.

Gore also voiced his having had the immediate worry that, following Trump’s announcement, the other nations would use that as an excuse to drop out of the agreement as well. He was heartened, as should we all, by the fact that not one other nation has chosen to drop out of the agreement thus far.

Ironically, the Leo self-involved arrogance of Donald Trump could actually be serving as a catalyst to bring the Global Aquarian Human family together.

The tension with our Aquarian Moon means the same thing could be happening here.

I would say that it is no accident that this movie is being distributed during this time of the eclipse. Indeed, speaking truth to power.

I do have faith, myself, and I do encourage others to keep faith, that the New Aquarian Age is coming. The corporations are not going to stop it. The Secret Government is not going to stop it. The Illuminati are not going to stop it. Even the Reptilian Aliens are not going to stop it.

Hilarion speaks in detail about what is going on and why, and the best perspective to take towards it. Sharing that information is how I have been ending my current lecture that I have been traveling around presenting: ‘The Method to the Madness: Astrological insights into the United States, President Donald Trump, and the Inauguration of January, 2017.’

As this article is already rather long I am not going to launch into yet another discussion. I will, however, be making a recording of this lecture available on the Web soon, I hope.

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One word of caution:Between the Full Moon taking place on Monday the 7th and the Eclipse on the 21st is a period of letting things go, before the death/rebirth of the Solar Eclipse. So try to not start any new major projects until after the 21st.

My love and blessings to you all,

My Cards Were Right – I Was Wrong: What does it all mean?

Dear Friends, Clients and Subscribers,

I am actually in China now, and quite busy. I have had some requests, however, to share some thoughts about the recent election results, so I have carved out some time to do so.

I must say, watching the election from here in Dali, a small idyllic city way away in Western China, has made what just happened back in the U.S. seem even more surrealistic.

Obviously, the ‘rigid holding pattern’ my cards had predicted for Hillary Clinton’s feelings the day after the election, and the ‘love’ they predicted for Donald Trump’s feelings, were not amenable to the spin my personal political bias was trying to put on them. I was also uncomfortable being virtually the only Astrologer predicting a Trump win, especially with all of the polls indicating a Clinton victory.

What does it all mean?

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

There is so much one can say. We definitely have uncertain times ahead of us. But it seems clear to me the Trump victory is a ‘sign of the times,’ i.e. reflective of the Saturn/Neptune squares of this past year. One can see how people who feel themselves victims (Neptune) feel resentment towards the establishment (Saturn) and are inspired to dissolve (Neptune) that Saturnian status quo structure and put in place their own authoritative strong man (Saturn).

One can see parallels of this around the world: in the British ‘Brexit’ from the authority of the E.U., the rise of various right-wing groups in Europe and specific ‘strong men’ in Eastern Europe and the Philippines.

The dynamic I see involved here is resonant with a travel blog I wrote some years ago from Nepal. Some of you may have read it. The insights that I had shared came from conversations I had had with my Himalayan trekking guide, Yadev. Yadev was a really nice guy and we became good friends during the 10 days of our trek together. At one point I asked him how he felt about the future of Nepal. With a despondent reaction he said “Oh it will go down. There is so much corruption in the government.’ This is, certainly a common refrain in third world nations. But then he surprised me by saying ‘But the people, they expect you to be corrupt. They want you to be corrupt. Even me, if I was a politician, I would be corrupt.’ Now the last part really kind of shocked me because I knew Yadev to be a guy I could trust to be honest, considerate and above board.

The insight that came to me was this: In most tribal societies, untouched by the sentiments of civic duty and social contracts among equal citizens, when they were looking for a tribal leader to help protect them from the other tribes, they were not looking for a civic-minded diplomatic type with a slogan like ‘Stronger Together. ‘ No, they wanted the meanest, bad-ass, self-involved ‘’Alpha’ male. And they were quite willing to overlook some of their personal unpleasantnesses in doing so. It is this archaic ‘tribal spirit’ searching for an alpha male, which was willing to overlook all of the perhaps immoral or unethical components of Donald Trump.

Now as to the sources of this sense of victimhood in the U.S. I’ve listened to a very interesting interview with an Atlantic Magazine journalist, James Fallows, who just spent three years flying his own small plane to small cities around the U.S. In his ‘on the ground’ assessments he really counters many of the reasons being cited for Trump’s popularity. For example, the myth that we are losing manufacturing jobs to Mexico, China and Japan. He said that might have been the case in the early 1990’s. Now, however, most of our (and their) manufacturing jobs are being lost to automation. He saw, however, that most communities have already adapted and moved on with new forms of young start-ups and entrepreneurs. He cited an article to the effect that all Republican congressmen believe the economy is getting worse, except in their own district.

He also made reference to Erie, Pennsylvania, which had a huge Trump rally. Erie is known as one of several ‘gateway’ cities serving as a receptive base for landing and integrating refugee immigrants. With this year’s rhetoric you would think there would likely be a large amount of fear, distrust and resentment towards the Syrian families brought to live there. In interviews with the families and the population at large he actually found none of that.

Seventy percent of the exit polls in this election had people stating that they favored a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

So what explains the discontent? Besides the Neptunian illusion, confusion, and victimhood affecting our Saturnian grasp of reality, I have one last Astrological explanation, and a last sociological, political explanation.

The sociological, political explanation was coined by an author in the phrase ‘The Majoritarian Backlash.’

This author put forth the observation that the previous and present (but dwindling) majority rule of this nation, basically the white race, and in particular, white men, have seen, and can see, the on-going erosion of their privileged position as the dominant force in the political and social culture of the USA, and there is a collective resentment about that decline.

Clearly this is a follow-up to the theme I presented in my last article about the reason for the collective resentment of Hillary Clinton. I would say that it shouldn’t have taken a political genius to see that, after forcing these white males to stretch and try to accommodate a Black President, about the worst thing you could do was to try to shove a female President on them, especially a female as flawed as Hillary Clinton. Hence, the Majoritarian Backlash.

I believe it is this discontent percolating in the collective psyche of this group that made them ready to get fired up about trade, immigration and terrorism when these weren’t really ‘hot button’ issues previously. It’s not too difficult to see the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ as code for ‘Make America White (and Male dominated) Again.’

This is parallel to the fears in Britain’s own ‘Majoritarian Backlash’ fueling Brexit. And, just as there has been a certain amount of ‘Brexit Remorse’ following the results of their election, I wonder if there isn’t some ‘Trump Remorse’ today, after having pulled the lever in protest, thinking that Hillary would win anyway.

A certain parallel has also been made between what just happened in the U.S. and what happened in post-1916 Weimar Republic Germany. That was a time when cosmopolitan Germans in the metropolitan centers were creating some of the most liberal forms of social democracy. They, however, experienced a backlash in the form of the Nazis, whose early support came largely from provincial, rural areas. Although it has also been pointed out that we must remember that populism is not fascism, at least in the early stages.

Now, I know that Hillary actually won the popular vote and clearly there are flaws in our system. But I don’t begrudge the existence of the Electoral College. If we had only a popular vote the candidates and their campaigning and advertising efforts would be focused entirely on the population centers of New York, California, Illinois and Texas. The rest of the nation would be basically irrelevant.

Now, I will end with an Astrological explanation derived from the U.S. chart. This is in reference to our Mars in the Seventh House, the house of relationships, giving rise to an experience of likely conflict and aggression in relationships and a tendency to ‘rush into battle’ when opposed, being square to our natal Neptune, making that Mars subject to illusion, confusion, delusion, victimhood and martyrdom.

USA Chart
USA Chart

I have written about this extensively in my book, and in subsequent articles over the years. For example, when Pluto was conjuncting the Neptune and squaring Mars we were in the delusionary military engagement of Vietnam. When I saw Pluto moving towards a square to Neptune and an opposition to Mars starting in 2003, I predicted the likely emergence of a similarly Vietnam-like manifestation. That of course was the War in Iraq.

When Pluto was activating this during the 1960’s it became characterized by the phrase ‘Hawks (Mars) and Doves (Neptune). Now, I was certainly a dove at the time and remain largely so today. But, as I said in my book, if I were counseling an individual with this same difficult aspect in their chart, I would say: ‘You need to heal and integrate this tension.’ This perspective has led me to feel that, karmically, the U.S. has to do the same. We obviously can’t just do Mars; send in the military, with no Neptune, i.e. no compassion or sensitivity to the reality of the people we are dealing with. But, by the same token, I am of the belief that we can’t just do Neptune without acknowledging there are occasionally times for an appropriate expression of Mars. The trick is to have it truly integrated and not either/or.

George W. Bush was obviously way too Mars. Obama has really tried to bring in Neptune and dissolve and melt away from those Martial wars started by George W., but, by my own assessment, as much as I appreciate and stand behind many of the efforts of Barack Obama, I do think he was too Neptune. I believe he should have stayed much more engaged with what we had created in Iraq, at least diplomatically, if not militarily having left some stabilizing troops there. Instead of disengaging virtually entirely and giving Prime Minister Maliki full sway at suppressing Sunni Muslims thus creating a more fertile ground for ISIS.

And, perhaps Obama could have done more to support moderate Syrians when there were still some around that could be distinguished from the Islamists.

Hillary actually seems to be, to my taste, a little too much on the Hawkish side of things, but she would have been a continuing effort to work on balance and integration of this. However, an animus-possessed woman in a pantsuit was just not Mars enough for Trump supporters hungry for a real martial alpha male warrior.

I think we saw the same phenomenon in the loss of Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan. My Kabbalah teacher, who always spoke of the balancing integration of the Tree of Life, said that because of this eternal back and forth movement of the pendulum, societies will always have a certain amount of ebb and flow between the conservative and liberal view points.

As to my liberal, progressive comrades, it is obvious that when we have a Republican President we do get much more seriously engaged. When we have a Democratic President we tend to just whine and criticize, or spin self-indulgent cocoons of conspiracy theories such that it doesn’t matter whom you vote for.

This is another factor as to why Hillary lost. Neither Hillary nor Trump received as many votes as Mitt Romney did when he lost the election in 2012. Lots of Democrats didn’t vote.

In an interview before the election with one of our great progressive champions, Noam Chomsky, he said any vote not made for Hillary is a vote for Trump. That this is just arithmetic. You can say you are going to vote your conscience but you can’t cancel the factual reality of arithmetic. And the danger of a Trump Presidency is such that you don’t really have a conscience if you don’t vote for Hillary but are just indulging in your own personal feelings.

As I have said in the past, the Sagittarian Ascendant of the U.S., giving rise to a tendency towards ‘seeing oneself as upright, honest and morally strong, whether true or not,’ is not limited to the Right Wing. We are all, in the U.S., prone to that kind of self-righteous ‘know-it-all ness.’

That Sagittarian self-image was getting hit pretty hard this past year. Next year it appears to be worse. And, as I said in my last article, the inauguration chart is also pretty challenging. More about those things later.

In the meantime, may we pray that there can be as much openings as possible in the consciousness and conscience of Donald Trump, and enough truly inspired strength and vision in those who oppose him, to mitigate as much as possible the potential harm that could happen to our society and the individuals within it, and to our fragile planet.

Steffan Vanel